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Michael Irvin gets emotional during witness account of hotel incident

Michael Irvin working for NFL Network

Feb 3, 2019; Atlanta, GA, USA; Michael Irvin at NFL Network laughs before Super Bowl LIII between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Irvin and his attorneys held a press conference on Wednesday to address the allegation the Dallas Cowboys legend faced last month, and Irvin became emotional at one point during a witness’s account of what happened.

A female employee at a Marriott hotel in Phoenix accused Irvin of misconduct during an interaction the two had on the evening of Sunday, Feb. 5. The misconduct allegation got back to Irvin’s employer, NFL Network, which removed him from their TV coverage during Super Bowl week.

Irvin has denied any wrongdoing. On Wednesday, two witnesses who saw the exchange between the Hall of Fame wide receiver and an unidentified woman vouched for Irvin. Irvin began crying as one witness described a “super friendly” interaction between Irvin and the woman that included “lots of laughter.”

Irvin did not take questions but did address reporters. He said he feels fortunate he agreed to take a photo with Bryn Davis and another witness, Phil Watkins, because there would be no one to defend him otherwise.

“This is what I struggle with,” Irvin said. “You try to be an ambassador. I understand God has blessed me and given me a (forum) to try to touch people and try to raise people and try to lift people up. I’ve always tried to be good with people. I’m struggling now (wondering) should I not talk to people, what do I do? I know I didn’t do anything wrong and I was trying to do everything right.”

Irvin filed a defamation lawsuit against the woman and Marriott International on Feb. 16. Irvin’s attorney was granted a motion demanding hotel video of the interaction be released to Irvin. The name of Irvin’s accuser, as well as any other hotel employee who may have complained about Irvin, must be revealed. The hotel also was ordered to release the names of NFL employees who were told of the complaint.

Immediately after the allegation was made, Irvin said his interaction with the woman lasted less than a minute and was a “friendly conversation.” He claimed to be baffled by the accusation.

Irvin said he went to his room alone after the interaction and feel asleep.

A former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Irvin has been with NFL Network since 2009.

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