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#pounditThursday, May 23, 2024

40-year-old Michael Vick still runs a ridiculous 40-yard dash

Michael Vick 40 yard dash

Michael Vick’s 40-yard dash time at the 2001 NFL Combine is still the stuff of legend. 20 years later, his current time isn’t much less impressive for different reasons.

As part of NFL Network’s “Run Rich Run” charity edition, Vick, now 40 years old, ran the 40 again. As shown on the broadcast, he managed a 4.72 — only about four-tenths of a second more than the 4.33 he ran 20 years ago.

The kicker? Vick was openly disappointed with his time. He blamed his hamstring for slowing him down and promised to train harder for next year.

Just for reference, even now, Vick is still faster than a good number of NFL quarterbacks. For instance, 13 quarterbacks ran the 40 at the 2020 combine, and Vick’s time bests seven of them. Of course, all of those guys were in the early 20s and likely prepared extensively for the drills, while Vick is a 40-year-old who hasn’t played in the NFL since 2015.

Just to demonstrate it a bit further, Justin Fields ran the fastest 40 time by any quarterback in 15 years this year, but only beat present-day Vick by about three-tenths of a second. In 2020, Jalen Hurts paced the NFL Combine field at 4.59, only .13 seconds faster than Vick now. In other words, Vick is still in amazing shape.

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