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#pounditWednesday, April 24, 2024

NFL sends clear message about future of ‘tush push’ play

Roger Goodell at the podium

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell speaks with the media. Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles have consistently broken the spirit of opposing defenses with the effectiveness of their quarterback sneak play, and it sounds like they will be free to continue doing that in 2024 and beyond.

During an appearance on “PFT Live” Thursday, NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent said the league is not looking to implement any rule that would ban the so-called “tush push” play. Vincent said the NFL Competition Committee did not even discuss the play during meetings at the NFL Scouting Combine this week because there is consensus that a ban is not needed.

“Don’t punish a team that strategically does it well,” Vincent said.

Vincent added that the general sentiment within the league is that the Eagles deserve credit for finding a short-yardage play that works so well for them. He called the success rate Jalen Hurts and company have had with the play “just amazing.”

There will likely still be a discussion about the “tush push” play at some point during the offseason, as teams will have an opportunity to voice their concerns. However, it is safe to conclude that the play is not going anywhere since the Competition Committee did not even bother to discuss it.

The Eagles have been virtually unstoppable with the “tush push,” which is why the play is known to many as the “Brotherly Shove.” Critics of the play believe it is more like a rugby scrum than a football play. There have also been some possible safety concerns raised.

Other teams have tried to execute the same sneak play, but they have had significantly less success. The Eagles have made it clear that they take great pride in that, and Vincent feels they have every right to.

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