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#pounditSunday, July 21, 2024

Peyton Manning makes hilarious remark about father Archie

Peyton Manning

ESPN’s decision to have Peyton and Eli Manning commentate on “Monday Night Football” keeps paying off, as the pair continue to deliver television gold.

The Manning brothers were joined by guest Jon Stewart for the first quarter of Monday’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Giants. Stewart repeatedly bemoaned the state of the Giants, and at one point asked both Mannings if father Archie could “make more Mannings” for the team.

Peyton’s response was absolutely priceless.

It gets better. Later in the broadcast, Peyton got a text from his father, who said his phone “lit up” after Peyton made the remark.

The Manning telecast continues to deliver great viral moments on a weekly basis. Plus, that’s some quick wit from Peyton to drop that line so quickly.

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