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#pounditWednesday, July 24, 2024

Shannon Sharpe wants harsh penalties for Brady, Belichick, Patriots over deflategate

Bill Belichick Tom Brady

On Wednesday, the results of the independent investigation by Ted Wells into the deflation of footballs used by the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game were released.

Among the highlights are the conclusion locker room attendant (Jim McNally) and one of the equipment assistants (John Jastremski) deliberately let air out of the footballs after their inspection by the referee. The report also states Tom Brady was “atleast generally aware” of the actions of McNally and Jastremski. Based on the investigation, Patriots ownership, Bill Belichick, and other members of the coaching staff were apparently not aware of any wrongdoing.

After the findings of Wells were made public, reactions started to pour in from around the NFL. Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe is included in the group who weighed in with their opinions and suggested harsh penalties for Brady, Belichick, and the Patriots.

The court of public opinion has already ruled against the Patriots and did so almost as soon as the news initially broke. “Spygate” won’t soon be forgotten and is the reason many will always label the Patriots as cheaters. For those who feel that way, the findings by Ted Wells will serve as confirmation. Now, we will have to wait to see if any punishment will be handed down by the league.

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