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#pounditMonday, May 20, 2024

Steve Smith has great response to Michael Irvin shade

Steve Smith

Steve Smith had a great response to some indirect shade thrown at him on Thursday by Michael Irvin.

Irvin was talking about the Baltimore Ravens’ strong showing in Week 1 and how some of their receivers had played. The NFL Network analyst said that Joe Flacco has been lacking weapons and hasn’t had a quality receiver since Anquan Boldin. Smith, who played with Flacco in Baltimore from 2014-2016, took that comment personally.

“You telling me they ain’t have a wide receiver since Anquan? Anquan wasn’t the only baller on there. I understand that you have the rings, but I passed you statistically years ago,” Smith said to Irvin.

Irvin defended his credentials by flaunting his three Super Bowl rings.

“I concur and I agree with your rings,” said Smith. “But at the same time ain’t no route that I couldn’t run that you hoped you could run. I got a doctorate in route-running. You got an associate’s degree!”

Despite the barbs, the entire exchange actually seemed to be friendly and in good nature. Irvin even qualified his remarks by noting that Smith, who missed 11 games over three seasons in Baltimore, got hurt there.

The Ravens have brought in and/or drafted receivers, but their passing game has been lacking for a while. Maybe that will all change now, which Irvin seems to think will be the case.

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