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#pounditMonday, January 30, 2023

Troy Aikman ripped Cardinals over ’embarrassing’ effort

Troy Aikman did not hold back when watching a pathetic display from the Arizona Cardinals late in their 38-10 loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Monday night in Mexico City.

The Cardinals were down 31-10 against the 49ers in the fourth quarter. San Francisco had the ball at the Arizona 32 and ran a bootleg left. Jimmy Garoppolo threw a pass to George Kittle, who was wide open. Kittle took the pass and raced down the left sideline, breaking a tackle at the 13.

As he approached the goal line, Kittle was bracing for contact and lowering his right shoulder, but the hit never came. Antonio Hamilton just gave up rather than try to tackle Kittle.

“This is embarrassing for the Arizona Cardinals. At the end of this play … Antonio Hamilton doesn’t come up after all the tackles he made last week and even try to make an attempt on George Kittle. They’re a losing football team, and they’re playing like one on that play,” Aikman said while calling the game for ESPN.

This kind of comment is exactly what makes Aikman good. He often tells the truth and doesn’t hold back. The Cardinals acted on that play like they had given up. It was evident to everyone watching, and they deserved to be called out for it.

The Cardinals are now 4-7, and they’re a losing team for the exact reason Aikman pointed out.

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