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#pounditTuesday, June 18, 2024

Vic Fangio snubs Adam Gase on postgame handshake after Broncos win

Vic Fangio

Vic Fangio snubbed Adam Gase on a postgame handshake after his Denver Broncos beat the New York Jets 37-28 on Thursday night.

Broncos quarterback Brett Rypien took a knee with three seconds left to run out the clock on the team’s win. Fangio ran onto the field and directed his players to make an exit without sticking around for pleasantries.

So why didn’t Fangio shake hands with Gase? There is speculation that Fangio did not like the way the end of the game went down.

The Broncos had a 4th-and-18 with 13 seconds left and the Jets jumped offsides. They punished Rypien with a big hit on the play. Then on the next play, it was 4th-and-13 and Steve McClendon nailed Rypien with a huge hit. The hit resulted in a roughing the passer penalty.

Between the timeouts called in the final minute and big hits on Rypien, Fangio may have been upset with the way Gase handled the end of the game.

This is the first postgame handshake issue we have had this season. Last year, there was an issue between two NFC North coaches.

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