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#pounditSaturday, March 2, 2024

Video: Joe Buck makes great allusion to infamous Artie Lange interview

Joe Buck laughs

Joe Buck on Monday night made a great allusion to his infamous interview with Artie Lange.

Buck was interviewing ABC talk show host Jimmy Kimmel during halftime of the “Monday Night Football” game between the Giants and Cowboys. Kimmel threw Buck a funny line, asking him “is it true the reason you quit Fox is because Terry smelled like old corn cobs?”

Buck started laughing and then admitted he was having flashbacks to another show he hosted in New York.

The other show he hosted in New York was the short-lived “Joe Buck Live.”

Buck hosted a live talk show for HBO in 2009 that lasted three episodes. In the show’s debut episode, Buck was joined by guests Paul Rudd, Jason Sudeikis and comedian Lange. Lange was instructed to go nuts and liven things up if the segment started to get too boring. He did just that and effectively took over the show, turning it into a roast of Buck. He also facetiously but presciently predicted that the show wouldn’t reach its fourth episode; he was right.

The interview with Kimmel didn’t quite go down that path, but the corn cobs line was pretty funny.

Also, Lange was great in that interview. And if you haven’t seen his movie “Beer League,” you should. It’s underrated but a classic.

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