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#pounditMonday, May 20, 2024

Video of hockey fight of the year goes viral

Matt Rempe and Nicolas Deslauriers fight

The hockey fight of the year appears to be in the books.

Tempers flared early during Saturday night’s game between the rival New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers. Just three minutes into the contest, Rangers center Matt Rempe and Flyers forward Nicolas Deslauriers dropped the gloves and squared up. They then proceeded to trade blows for nearly a full minute.

Both Rempe and Deslauriers landed several punches that would typically end a hockey fight, but they just kept going. You can see the video below:

While Deslauriers eventually took Rempe down, I think everyone would be comfortable calling that a draw. You just don’t see very many fights like that on the ice anymore.

The Rangers defeated the Flyers 2-1, but that fight was easily the highlight of the night.

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