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#pounditWednesday, May 29, 2024

Video: Michael Irvin did not hold back in ‘First Take’ debut

Michael Irvin First Take

Michael Irvin will be joining ESPN’s “First Take” every Monday to debate with Stephen A. Smith, and the Hall of Famer is clearly excited for the opportunity.

Irvin, who has appeared on “First Take” a few times in past years, seemed more than ready for his debut as an in-studio host for the popular show. He and Smith debated a number of topics on Monday, and both looked like they were going to pop a blood vessel at times. One particularly heated argument centered on how important offensive lineman Zack Martin is to the Dallas Cowboys.

That wasn’t even Irvin at his most animated. The former Cowboys receiver was more fired up while stating a case for Tom Brady being the best athlete of all time over Michael Jordan.

There was also a funny — if not somewhat awkward — moment when Jerry Jones called into the show. The Cowboys owner said he is so fond of Smith because Smith always has “pretty women around him.” You could tell Stephen A. didn’t see it coming.

Irvin clearly knows why Smith wanted him as a partner on “First Take.” If you look at some of the reasons Smith wanted Max Kellerman off the show, you can already see how Irvin is trying to play a much more animated role than Smith’s last co-host did.

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