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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Ex-MMA fighter among those seeking control of Charles Manson’s estate

At least three people are fighting for control of late murderer and cult leader Charles Manson’s estate, and one of those people is a former mixed martial artist who claims to be Manson’s grandson.

According to court documents obtained by news.com.au in Australia, 41-year-old Jason Freeman — who last fought in a Strikforce MMA event in 2011 — is the son of the late Charles Manson Jr. and grandson of Manson and his first wife, Rosalie Willis. Freeman believes he is the rightful heir to Manson’s estate, which includes valuable memorabilia, potential royalties from songs Manson wrote that were used by The Beach Boys and Guns N’ Roses, and the power to license and profit from future biographies and documentaries about Manson.

Freeman’s claim is being contested by at least two people. One is Matt Lentz, a musician from Los Angeles who goes by the name Matthew Roberts. Lentz was adopted as a newborn in Illinois, and he claims to have a will that was signed by Manson in 2017 naming memorabilia collector Ben Gurecki as executor and Lentz as beneficiary. Lentz is also seeking a DNA test of Manson’s remains that he believes will show he is related to Manson and Freeman is not.

The third person seeking control of Manson’s estate is a longtime pen pal named Michael Channels, who says Manson wanted him to be the executor and heir to his estate and not his children. Manson also has a son named Michael Brunner, but it is believed that Brunner severed his ties with his biological father and wants nothing to do with his estate.

Freeman was 6-4 in his MMA career with one no contest. He fought under the nickname “Charlie Manson III.” Freeman’s father, Charles Manson Jr., committed suicide in 1993.

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