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#pounditThursday, June 13, 2024

Carli Lloyd still has interest in becoming NFL kicker

Carli Lloyd

It’s been just shy of a year since Carli Lloyd’s World Cup heroics gave rise to the possibility of her kicking in the NFL, but time hasn’t dulled her desire to give it a try.

Lloyd recently told Yahoo Sports that she’s still focusing on her soccer career for the moment, but still believes she could learn the ins and outs of kicking in the NFL and was “not ruling it out.”

Lloyd’s problem may be timing. She still wants to take part in the Olympics, which have been pushed back to 2021. By that point, she’ll be 39 years old. That’s not too old to be an NFL kicker, but it’s not easy to get started at that age.

We’ve seen that Lloyd can definitely kick in a practice situation. It would be fun to see if she can pull it off during more competitive action.

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