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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Diosa Canales Will Pose Nude if Venezuela Wins Copa America

I don’t know what it is about soccer, but it seems to bring out the crazy side of fans. We’ve seen fans attack managers on the field, go streaking during games, and my personal favorite, bring a dead body to a game. Those were all pretty crazy and humorous, but not much will be better received than the actions of Diosa Canales.

Canales, an actress, singer, and model announced on her twitter account Sunday (as shared by Sports Feeder 1) that she will pose nude if her Venezuelan team wins Copa America. Canales recently held a strip tease through twitter that had over 30,000 viewers. She’s apparently looking to break that mark.

Venezuela played a scoreless draw with Brazil Sunday and has upcoming games with Ecuador and Paraguay. Seems like they have a pretty decent shot of making it happen. And if they don’t win it all, I’m sure Canales will bare her goodies before too long. A few NSFW pictures of Canales below.


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