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Aaron Rodgers has reportedly been following the TB12 Method

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is 37 years old, which was once viewed as an extremely advanced age for an NFL quarterback. Thanks to players like Tom Brady and Drew Brees, that is no longer the case. Rodgers was named NFL MVP last season and could still play several more years, and he may be leaning on Brady’s approach in order to do that.

Albert Breer of The MMQB spoke about Rodgers’ contract situation with the Green Bay Packers during an appearance on “The Rich Eisen Show” this week. He said he had a conversation with Rodgers two years ago and asked the star quarterback if he is still motivated by so many teams passing on him in the 2005 NFL Draft. Rodgers said he doesn’t think about that all that much and has found a new source of motivation — playing for as long as he can.

That’s where Brady comes in, as Breer says Rodgers is a follower of the “TB12 Method.”

“His new motivation, he said, was, ‘I’m gonna see how long I can keep playing at this level.’ He actually bought Tom Brady’s book ‘The TB12 Method’ and adopted some of the principles there,” Breer said.

It’s unclear if Rodgers is an avid follower of Brady’s lifestyle or was just looking for a few pointers. Either way, the fact that he told Breer he bought the book is yet another endorsement of the TB12 Method. Rodgers had one of his best seasons as a pro in 2020 with 4,299 yards, 48 touchdown passes and five interceptions. He is showing no signs of slowing down.

The Packers supposedly offered to make Rodgers the highest-paid QB in the NFL, though the details of the proposal are not known. Rodgers wants out of Green Bay, and at least one of his teammates does not envision him backing down.

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Browns have no trade interest in Aaron Rodgers for interesting reason

Kevin Stefanski

The Green Bay Packers are not making Aaron Rodgers available for trade despite his issues with the team. But if they ever do decide to explore a trade, it does not sound like the Cleveland Browns would be one of the teams in the mix.’s Mary Kay Cabot reported that the Browns are happy with what they have in Baker Mayfield and believe he can lead them to a Super Bowl. Because of their faith in Mayfield, they would not be interested in pursuing a trade for Rodgers.

That may sound crazy to some, but the age of both players has a lot to do with it. Rodgers is turning 38, while Mayfield is 26. Mayfield has a long future ahead of him in Cleveland.

Of course, this might be a moot point anyway. Maybe the Browns’ front office knows Rodgers wouldn’t name Cleveland as his desired trade destination, so they could gain favor with Mayfield by saying they want him more than Rodgers. Either way, getting that information out there is a smart move for their relations with Mayfield.

If he does seek a trade, there are some reports about for whom Rodgers would like to play.

Report: Packers offered to make Aaron Rodgers highest-paid QB in NFL

Aaron Rodgers

Some recent information gives us an idea about how problematic the relationship between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers is.

We have known since the day of the NFL Draft that Rodgers wants out of Green Bay. The Packers have offered him money to try to get him to change his mind.

A recent report from The Athletic’s Bob McGinn said that the Packers offered to make Rodgers the highest-paid quarterback in the league.

There are no details about the terms of the offer. We don’t know how much money was guaranteed, nor the length of the contract offer, which is likely a chief concern for Rodgers. But McGinn uses the example as a way to point out how Rodgers’ issues with the team go beyond money.

One former teammate thinks that the relationship and issues are fixable. However, another reporter thinks that Rodgers will not be changing his mind.

Rodgers has three years left on his contract after signing a 4-year extension in 2018. He has a $37 million cap hit in 2021.

Among other issues, Rodgers probably also did not appreciate being blamed for the team’s lack of moves.

Davante Adams shares his thoughts on Aaron Rodgers situation

Davante Adams

Davante Adams has been one of the most dominant wide receivers in the NFL for years now while catching passes from Aaron Rodgers, so it goes without saying that he would be devastated to see the star quarterback leave the Green Bay Packers this offseason. Like most of us, however, Adams says he is unsure of how the situation will turn out.

Adams shared some of his thoughts on the drama surrounding Rodgers and the Packers during an appearance on “The Herd w/ Colin Cowherd” on Monday. He said he did not want to give away too much but indicated Rodgers is unhappy over what the Packers have not done rather than what they’ve done.

“I can’t speak on specifics, but there’s certain things that he wants and maybe the club wasn’t so excited about living up to right away,” Adams said. “That can affect a guy who has done so much for an organization.”

Packers fans might be even more concerned about the response Adams gave when asked how Rodgers’ potential departure might impact the receiver’s future with the franchise. Adams, who is set to become a free agent after the season, admitted the Rodgers situation could sway his decision.

“Potentially, potentially. That’s my guy. That’s the only guy that I’ve played with,” Adams said. “We’ve built up a special connection over the years that has put us both in really great positions in our careers. … It would change a lot. It doesn’t mean I’d be gone, but I’d have to do some extra thinking if my guy wasn’t here.”

You can hear Adams’ full comments below:

Adams finished in the top five in every major receiving category last year and led the NFL with 18 touchdown receptions despite missing two games. He and Rodgers have been virtually unstoppable together when both are healthy.

Packers fans didn’t feel any better about the Rodgers drama when Adams sent this tweet recently, either, but the Pro Bowler hasn’t said anything all that surprising.

NFL removes ‘Rodgers vs. Mahomes’ from schedule release promo

Aaron Rodgers

The Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers will face one another during the 2021 NFL season, so it makes sense that the league hyped Aaron Rodgers vs. Patrick Mahomes as one of the biggest matchups of the year. However, it appears the NFL is no longer comfortable promoting that particular showdown.

The NFL will release its complete 2021 schedule on Wednesday. A promo for the release that aired roughly a week ago highlighted several matchups we will see this year, and “Rodgers vs. Mahomes” was the first one mentioned. You can see the commercial below:

Brad Callas of Complex Sports noted on Sunday that the NFL has released a new version of the ad. The part that said “Rodgers vs. Mahomes” in the original has been replaced with “Jackson vs. Mahomes,” referencing when Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens will take on the Chiefs.

In all likelihood, that is the NFL’s way of quietly admitting they are unsure about a Rodgers vs. Mahomes matchup taking place this season. Rodgers wants out of Green Bay and does not appear to be backing down. You can read the latest on the situation here.

Here is the latest on the situation between Aaron Rodgers, Packers

Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers still have several weeks to find a way to change Aaron Rodgers’ mind about wanting a trade, but as of now it does not sound like that is going to happen.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported on Sunday’s edition of “SportsCenter” that Rodgers is “dug in” with his trade demand. The Packers are still trying smooth things over with the star quarterback, but they have not made any progress.

“The Packers are still actively looking for solutions here; they’re trying to keep an open line of communication with Aaron Rodgers and his agent, Dave Dunn,” Fowler said. “So, no traction in the short term. But many people around the league believe Aaron Rodgers is indeed ‘dug in,’ and there’s a belief by some that he wants to be out West.”

The Denver Broncos have consistently been mentioned as the most logical suitor for Rodgers. Fowler said they are keeping an eye on the situation but preparing as if they will not pull off a blockbuster trade.

“Denver is a team that’s buzzing in league circles. I was told by a source that Denver is ‘monitoring’ that situation right now,” Fowler added. “But they’re also coming out of the draft days, and they’re in the team-building mode. They really like Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater, so they’re not committed or tied to anything.”

Fowler also said he believes there is a 60-40 chance the Packers will trade Rodgers based on conversations he has had with NFL sources.

If the Packers refuse to trade Rodgers, some believe he will retire. There was another hint over the weekend that the 37-year-old could be setting himself up to launch a new career.

Aaron Rodgers set to make another notable TV guest appearance

Aaron Rodgers Jeopardy

While speculation continues to run rampant about Aaron Rodgers’ NFL future, the Green Bay Packers quarterback keeps adding to his resume in Hollywood.

A new promo released Saturday revealed that Rodgers is set to guest star on an upcoming episode of ABC’s “The Conners.” Even more notably, he’ll be appearing as the host of “Jeopardy!” within the show.

This will only fuel speculation even further. Rodgers has made no secret that he wants to host “Jeopardy!” on a permanent basis after his well-received guest stint in April. It’s also been reported that he will at least be considered for the job.

No permanent host has been announced yet, but the fact that he’s appearing in the role here — presumably with the show’s blessing — may be a hint that he has a real shot at the gig. Of course, it’s also possible that the episode taped during his guest hosting stint, or that the show felt he would be best for ratings.

All of this is happening against the backdrop of Rodgers’ ongoing drama with the Packers. It may leave some wondering where his priorities lie, but it’s clear that he’s keeping busy regardless of where things stand with the team.

Packers player shares why ‘petty’ Aaron Rodgers will not back down

Aaron Rodgers

There are very few people who believe Aaron Rodgers is going to change his mind about wanting out of Green Bay, and one Packers player has tried to shed some light on how the three-time NFL MVP operates.

An anonymous current Packers player shared his thoughts on the Rodgers situation with Tyler Dunne, a former Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter who now runs a site called Go Long. According to Dunne, the player does not envision Rodgers returning to Green Bay.

“Aaron is an intelligent, trolling, petty, motherf—er,” Rodgers’ teammate reportedly said. “He’s going to get the last laugh. He’s going to make you look f—ing stupid for disrespecting him.

“As a front office, why haven’t you anticipated this? Why are you getting blindsided? I’m not saying Aaron’s evil but this is like a criminal mastermind plan.”

Rodgers has been angry with the Packers since they traded up in the first round to draft quarterback Jordan Love last year. What bothered him more is that they made the move without informing him ahead of time. Rodgers was also bothered by at least one other Roster move Green Bay made in the past year.

Dunne also spoke with a former Packers executive who said he is certain Rodgers will either be traded or retire.

“Put it this way: they’d have to fire everybody,” the former executive said. “He is dug in. They’d have to make him the freakin’ owner of the team. The sense I get is the dude just wants control.”

One recent report claimed Rodgers is more upset with general manager Brian Gutekunst than anyone else. That is easy to believe given the way Rodgers supposedly mocked Gutekunst in a group text chat, but the issues clearly run deeper than that.

We have yet to hear a viable solution for how the Packers can fix things with Rodgers. The longer that remains the case, the less likely he is to ever play for them again.

H/T Forbes

Report: Packers considered taking QB early in this year’s draft

Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers have given no indication publicly that they intend to trade Aaron Rodgers, but the way they reportedly prepared for the 2021 NFL Draft may prove that they have at least considered the possibility.

Tyler Dunne, who used to cover the Packers for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, told Damon Amendolara of CBS Sports Radio on Friday that Green Bay executives did their homework on this year’s quarterback class and considered adding a player at the position on Day 2. That would have meant selecting a QB in either the second or third round.

Dunne said some of the frustration between Rodgers and the Packers this offseason has been mutual. Green Bay was apparently willing to make Rodgers a “very rich man” if he would restructure his contract in a way that would allow them to “sign a free agent that he wanted,” but the two sides were unable to work out a new deal.

The Packers traded up in the first round to draft Jordan Love last year, so they obviously envision him becoming their franchise quarterback at some point. Still, the fact that they considered drafting a QB this year is likely an indication that they are worried about depth at the position.

Rodgers has been at odds with the Packers since they drafted Love and possibly before. He has reportedly been discouraging free agents from signing with the team and seems determined to force his way out of Green Bay. If the Packers give in, we have a decent idea of what it might cost another team to land Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers wants to play in same division as this star QB?

Aaron Rodgers

The Denver Broncos are viewed as one of the most likely suitors for Aaron Rodgers should the Green Bay Packers decide to trade the star quarterback. Many have wondered why Rodgers would want to play in the same division as Patrick Mahomes, but that may be part of the allure for him.

Rich Eisen said on his show this week that Rodgers is not deterred by the fact that Mahomes plays in the AFC West. The 37-year-old believes Denver would be a good spot for him, and he would embrace competing against Mahomes.

It would probably be more difficult for Rodgers to win in the AFC West than it would if he remained in the NFC North. However, he clearly wants out of Green Bay and reportedly would prefer to play closer to where he grew up in Northern California. The San Francisco 49ers just drafted Trey Lance and the Los Angeles Rams traded for Matthew Stafford, so neither of those teams are in the mix for Rodgers.

Oddsmakers believe the Broncos are the favorite to land Rodgers if the Packers trade him. A report this week gave us an idea of what the asking price would be.