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Friday, October 18, 2019

Articles tagged: Alabama fans

Alabama student arrested for allegedly making threat against LSU stadium

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A freshman at the University of Alabama decided to jump into the Tide’s rivalry against LSU a little too aggressively, and he could be facing serious legal trouble as a result.

Stephanie Taylor of The Tuscaloosa News reports that 19-year-old Connor Bruce Croll was arrested early Sunday morning after he was suspected of calling in a threat to LSU’s Tiger Stadium on Saturday night. The alleged call was placed during LSU’s win over Florida, and Croll is being held without bond and listed as a “fugitive of justice.”

While officials from Alabama and LSU refused to comment on an ongoing investigation, the University of Alabama released the following statement on Monday afternoon:

“We are aware of the arrest of a UA freshman over the weekend. Threats and pranks can have serious ramifications and necessitate an appropriate response. The university and UAPD are cooperating fully with the investigation, but we cannot provide any additional details on a pending matter. UA will follow its student conduct policies and procedures. The LSU community has always been gracious to us, and we regret these events.”

Croll has not yet been charged, but Louisiana State Police describe the “terrorizing law” in the state as “a felony (which) states that people who intentionally communicate information of a crime of violence, which causes the public to be in sustained fear for their safety, causes the evacuation of a building, or other serious disruption to the general public can be arrested and fined up to $15,000 and/or imprisoned for up to 15 years.”

Alabama and LSU have one of the best rivalries in college football, but unfortunately this is not the first time we have seen a fan take things too far. If Croll ends up being charged, it sounds like the consequences will be severe.

Alabama had to pipe in noise to cover up F-word against Auburn

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Alabama had to cover up the inappropriate chant by their fans during Saturday’s Iron Bowl.

As the Crimson Tide started to run away with the game late in the second half, Tide fans started chanting “F— Auburn”. According to Auburn reporter Brandon Marcello, the stadium music operator at Bryant-Denny Stadium piped in noise saying “Beat Auburn” to cover up the word.

What was a 17-14 game at halftime turned into a 52-21 laugher. Alabama is now 12-0 and faces Georgia in the SEC Championship Game.

Tim Tebow trashes ‘entitled’ Alabama fans

Tim Tebow

Nick Saban’s recent comments about Alabama fans appear to have roused something in Tim Tebow.

The former Florida quarterback said on ESPN’s “First Take” Friday that he thinks Saban was spot on in calling out the Crimson Tide student section for their shoddy attendance against Louisiana-Lafayette. Tebow is firmly on Saban’s side, going as far as to call Tide fans “entitled” due to their run of recent success.

“I agree with him. I love it,” Tebow said. “I think the fans are getting so entitled there at Alabama, specifically the students. Listen, as a student you’ve done nothing to win those titles, okay? You spent a little bit of your daddy’s money to show up at a game and to go to school there.

“You say you’re the best fans in college football, you need to show up. I don’t care if you’re playing Louisiana whoever or Hoover High School, you show up to the game and you support your team. If you want to say you’re the best fans in the country, you need to show up no matter what.”

Tebow is pretty clearly a big fan of Saban, but he took things a step further than the Alabama coach did here. The Tide were huge rivals of Tebow while he was at Florida, and he’s not holding back against their fans now.

Look: Alabama fans have awesome jerseys referencing national title win

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Last season’s national title game between Alabama and Georgia was an all-time classic, and now Tide fans have found the perfect way to immortalize it.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell shared an image of an Alabama fan wearing a custom-made “Second And 26” jersey to Saturday’s game against Texas A&M. It’s a perfect reference to the down and yardage when quarterback Tua Tagovailoa threw the game-winning touchdown in overtime to clinch the championship for Bama. Rovell says the jerseys have become popular with the Tide faithful.

Alabama’s title defense has been picturesque thus far this season, as they have jumped out to a perfect 3-0 start, maintaining their hold on the No. 1 ranking in the country. Tagovailoa himself has been in top form as well, entering play Saturday with 646 passing yards and eight touchdowns to zero interceptions.

Bama fans were on the wrong side of a jersey trolling around this time last year, so now it’s their turn to have a little bit of apparel-related fun.

Fan wears Clemson championship gear to Alabama spring game

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Fans attending Alabama’s spring football game received an unpleasant reminder of how the previous season ended thanks to one trolling fan.

The fan — who claimed he’d come all the way from North Carolina — popped up at Bryant-Denny Stadium on Saturday to annoy some Crimson Tide fans by reminding them how last year’s National Championship went.

Jerry Hinnen of the War Eagle Reader speculated that the same fan had made an appearance at SEC Media Day in 2015 with the same goal, except wearing Ohio State gear that day.

Look, sometimes you just have to troll Alabama fans. If it is indeed the same guy, he’s elevating it to a life’s mission.

H/T TheSpun

Alabama fans get revenge on scalper who sold them fake tickets

Three Alabama fans who were looking to go to the National Championship Game Monday night were robbed of $2,000, and they weren’t about to let the thief get away with it.

On Sunday, Bryant Gentry and his two brothers purchased two tickets to the game for $1,000 each from a man they found on Craigslist. They had planned to find another ticket outside the stadium on Monday night. When the men returned to their hotel room and examined the tickets, they noticed some indications that the tickets were counterfeit.

“We came to the conclusion we had been burned, and we’re blessed enough with good jobs where we could replace that income, but we started thinking about all the other people he was probably taking advantage of and it made us mad,” Bryant Gentry told Anastasia Dawson of the Tampa Bay Times. “What if some little kid’s hopes of going to the game were dashed?”

The Gentry brothers did not let it go. Instead, they contacted the scalper, 20-year-old Joseph Steven Escalera, on Craigslist again using different information and arranged to meet up with him for another ticket transaction. One of the brothers had taken a selfie with Escalera the first time to be safe, and they recognized him right away. So the brothers physically subdued Escalera and waited 10 minutes for police to arrive.

But as scalper Joseph Steven Escalera began the transaction, his customer’s two brothers snuck up from behind. One pinned Escalera to his chair, pinching a nerve between his neck and shoulder while holding a long, cold object to the back of his head. The other two took his shoes and socks, as well as six tickets to that night’s game they found tucked in Escalera’s waistband.

When Tampa police arrived, they arrested Escalera.

Escalera was charged with fraudulent possession of admission tickets and grand theft. Unfortunately, the Gentry brothers did not get their $2,000 back and had to watch the game with other fans at their hotel lobby. But being that they are Alabama fans, they didn’t mind missing out on the heartbreaking loss.

We’ve seen some funny stuff happen with Craigslist ticket listings, but there’s nothing humorous about conning people out of money. Escalera ended up behind bars where he belongs.

H/T Dr. Saturday

Firestone selling University of Alabama-themed tires

Alabama mascot

Alabama fans can now give new meaning to the rally cry “Roll Tide” thanks to a licensing deal the school signed with Firestone tires.

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Firestone is set to begin selling tires that say “University of Alabama” and “Crimson Tide” on them. At $149 each, we’re guessing many Bama fans will consider them a bargain.

Releasing these bad boys before Christmas and in the weeks leading up to the College Football Playoff is genius. And if you doubt that Alabama fans are passionate enough to represent their team with their car tires, just read this. Firestone is about to make a lot more sales.