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#pounditSaturday, May 8, 2021

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Repeat Offender, Reckless Ovechkin Needs to Stop Playing Dirty

I think we have all seen the nasty hit that Washington Capitals captain Alexander Ovechkin gave Chicago Blackhawks forward Brian Campbell during Saturday night’s game. Campbell was down on the ice for several minutes before being ushered off by team doctors while Ovechkin sat in the penalty box waiting to serve his five minute major. After reviewing the play, referees declared the hit “reckless” which led to his ejection from the game and a two-game suspension by the NHL.

Ovechkin didn’t just shake up Campbell, his hit caused a broken collar bone and broken ribs, not to mention an early end to his season. But what does this to the NHL? The main reason people say they don’t watch hockey is because of the violence. They don’t want their children subjected to that. So when Ovechkin, one of the best players in the league, blatantly tries to injure an opponent, doesn’t that turn people even further away from hockey? Ovechkin even tried to defend his hit:

“It was not a hard hit,” Ovechkin said. “I just pushed him. It’s a moment in the game. I don’t think it has to be five minutes or something like that. I just feel bad. That’s it.”

No matter what the real intention was, I think that if you are the captain of your hockey team you need to own up to your actions. That’s what real leadership is. Besides, this isn’t the first time Ovi has done this. He’s now a repeat offender in the league’s eyes, and maybe he should get a reality “check” and know that you can win without playing dirty.

Cap’s Oveckin banned two games for Campbell hit []

Alex Ovechkin Pushes Fan’s Camera After Russia’s Loss to Canada

Russian star player Alex Ovechkin tanked big time in Russia’s horrific 7-3 loss to Canada in the quarterfinals at the Olympics Wednesday. Ovie was outplayed and barely got any shots on goal as his team feel behind early. Unhappy with his team’s performance, Ovechkin was clearly pissed after the game. In his TV interview with NBC, he was asked how he felt following the loss that sent his country home empty-handed. His response was curt, “How do you think I’m going to feel? We just lost.” He even took his anger and disappointment out on a Russian fan by knocking her camera in the hallway. Watch this video courtesy of Deadspin:

I look at this the same way I view LeBron not shaking hands after the Eastern Conference finals last year — it’s great that the player shows this much passion and is that disappointed with losing, but it’s unacceptable to behave that way. It’s an understandable reaction but you need to be more gracious in losses and you surely shouldn’t mess with the fans the way he did. I’m sure Ovechkin learned his lesson.

Video: Alexander Ovechkin Goal Against Rangers, Carves up Entire Defense

I was actually watching this game live when the goal happened. Unfortunately I had my attention diverted as I was prepping for my Friday overnight show so I really missed how fantastic the goal was until I saw it on replays. Damn, I know it’s nothing new for Alexander Ovechkin, but that guy just amazes me with his incredible goals. Check this one out that made the score 3-0 in favor of the Caps against the Rangers in Game 5 of their series:

Unfortunately we may only be getting one more game from Ovechkin since his team is still facing elimination. Looks like yanking Theodore and going with rookie Simeon Varlamov was the right move — certainly paid off with Friday night’s shutout.

Alexander Ovechkin Does the Easterns Motors Hilarious Commercial

I’ve been down with the Easterns Motors commercials since way back in the day, like dang, two freaking years ago when LBS was just in its infancy. I guess one of the benefits of satellite TV is getting to see all the local commercials outside your region that you have no clue about. (BTW, what’s a Steak and Shake?). Easterns Motors is a DC-area automotive group from what I gather. I just know that they put together hilarious commercials with famous athletes singing their catchy jingle. This time it was Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin doing the honors.

That dude really is just a good sport. He totally knew this was going up on YouTube where dumbass blogs like me would catch on and laugh about it. Get the poor Russian his vodka already! (video via Ballhype)

Alexander Ovechkin Is a MAN!

It’s not too often that I get overwhelmed by an athlete’s performance on the field. Last night would be one of them, though it wasn’t on a field. I talked recently about the Caps dishing out a 13-year $124 million contract to sign stud Alexander Ovechkin. Now we have all the proof we ever needed to know why they made the investment. Thursday night Alexander Ovechkin scored four goals and had five points in the Caps’5-4 overtime win in DC against the Canadiens. Yes, that’s a great night no matter what, but it’s not what makes the story special. Get ready for the kicker. Ovechkin did it all with a nose he broke getting checked into the boards, stitches in his lip after getting hit by a puck, and a cut below his eye from a high stick two nights prior.

“Today was a special day,” Ovechkin said with a smile. “I broke my nose, have stitches (and) score four goals. Everything (went) to my face.”

Oh my goodness. That’s one heck of a night. Can you believe it? Maybe figure that’s like Philip Rivers throwing five TD passes and leading the Chargers to a win over the Patriots on his peg leg. Or LT running for another 200 yards and four TDs after hurting his knee in the game. Yes, they play through injuries in hockey, but how many guys are good enough to score four goals and be in on all their team’s goals in a game where they get so banged up? Man, I have a lot of respect for Ovechkin — he’s awesome.

The Caps Can Afford to Pay Ovechkin $124 Million?

I’m sorry, I don’t care what sport it is — $124 million is a lot of money. It was a lot when KG signed his big money contract for around that amount, it was a lot when Barry Zito did it, it was a ton when MLS sold their heart and soul for Beckham, and now it’s especially a lot for the Caps with Ovechkin. Yes, you saw the news correctly, the Capitals signed Alexander Ovechkin to a 13-year, $124 million deal Thursday. The deal breaks down to $9 million a year the first six years, and $10 million a year the following seven. Really, on an annual basis, it’s not too bad. But on the surface, for an NHL team to commit $124 million to a player makes you scratch your head.

It’s good to see a team like the Caps make a commitment to lock up their star player. Ovechkin is right behind Crosby as the young stud in the league. It’s also a good sign for the Caps to have enough faith in the economics of the league where they would make such a deal. Let’s be real: $124 million is a lot of money — as I said — for any team to pay in any sport. The deal might leave you poking fun at the Caps and the NHL, but it’s a great sign. It shows that the NHL is back and generating enough income for such a contract to be paid. Either that or the Caps are going out of business.