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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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Amanda Enfield hits ESPYs red carpet with husband Andy

Amanda Enfield Andy

Amanda Enfield hit the red carpet at the ESPYs with husband Andy on Wednesday for her first highly public appearance since the two were introduced when Andy took over as USC’s head basketball coach.

As you well know, Amanda, who is a former supermodel, became a popular figure in March during Florida Gulf Coast’s stunning run to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament.

The two said they and their children are enjoying LA and that it has been a great transition so far. Amanda was also asked by ESPN reporter Samantha Ponder what it’s like for her when she reads criticism about her husband.

“I try not to really read those things, because it just upsets you,” Enfield answered. “Also, the people that are saying that don’t know him, so I try to keep that in mind.”

Before you make a comment on the seemingly unlikely pairing between Andy and Amanda, just remember that Andy has already admitted to overachieving when he married the model.


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Amanda Marcum Enfield says ‘no way’ to doing reality TV show (Video)

Amanda-Marcum-EnfieldAmanda Marcum Enfield has been doing her best to try to deflect the attention off of herself and onto her husband, but she has not had a ton of success. Andy Enfield becoming the next head coach at USC is certainly national news, but the people seem to keep wanting more Amanda.

While speaking with the media at Andy’s introductory press conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Amanda was asked questions about her modeling career and the comparisons that have been made between her and Lane Kiffin’s wife Layla. She told reporters she has received an inquiry about doing a reality show but would never consider it.

“There have been interview requests and something about a reality show, which petrifies me,” Marcum Enfield explained. “There’s no way. But really that’s it. I’m hoping the focus is going more toward where it should be — the basketball team.”

However, Marcum Enfield would not totally rule out a return to modeling.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I’m so far removed from modeling and it’s been so long. Having three kids, I’m so busy with that and that comes first, absolutely. I don’t know. I haven’t really put a lot of thought into it since we just found out we were coming (to Los Angeles). I’m 34 so I kind of think I’m a little too old for it anyway. So I can’t really answer your question fully, sorry.”

The media is undoubtedly going to have a blast with Amanda and Layla now representing the same school, but both have three children and husbands who are constantly on the road. It’s never a good idea to say never, but I doubt we’ll be seeing “Real Housewives of USC” on VH-1 anytime soon.

Amanda Marcum Enfield and Layla Kiffin form attractive tandem at USC (Pictures)


When USC announced on Monday night that they hired former Florida Gulf Coast coach Andy Enfield, they secured more than just the school’s basketball future. In bringing Enfield to Southern California, the university has also locked down one of the best-looking WAG tandems in college athletics.

Enfield’s former supermodel wife Amanda Marcum Enfield received about as much attention as the 15th-seeded Florida Gulf Coast Eagles did during their improbable run in the NCAA Tournament. If you’ve seen any pictures of her, you understand why. Let us not forget, however, that Lane Kiffin’s wife Layla Kiffin (photos here) is going to give her some strong competition at USC for the title of hottest wife in college sports.

Layla and Lane met when they were both 24 and have been married since 2000. Layla is the daughter of former Florida/NFL quarterback John Reaves. The two have three children, including a son, Knox, who was named in honor of Kiffin’s former coaching gig at Tennessee. Andy and Amanda met through friends in 2003 when they drove to Boston together to watch some NCAA Tournament basketball.

The Kiffins have a few years of seniority over the Enfields as far as length of their relationship is concerned. But having Amanda and Layla on the same team is a major power shift in Division-1 athletics. If I had to choose between the two, I have no idea who I would pick. If I had to choose which school in America has the hottest coaches’ wives, USC would be an easy choice. After all, remember what Vanderbilt football coach James Franklin said about coaches having attractive wives?


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Andy Enfield on marrying wife Amanda: ‘I overachieved big time’

Andy-Enfield-wifeAndy Enfield has been the talk of the NCAA tournament for two reasons: his Florida Gulf Coast squad became the first 15 seed to reach the Sweet 16, and he has a super model for a wife. We’re still trying to figure out which accomplishment is more surprising.

Give credit to Enfield, because at least he recognizes how much he outkicked his coverage to land his wife.

During an interview with ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi, Enfield was asked what he thinks people think when they see him with his wife.

“How did that dude get her? That’s pretty much it,” Enfield responded. “No, I overachieved big time. They point out the gap between my teeth, my hair — or lack of it, every other thing else about my appearance. But it’s all good. We take it in stride … we laugh about it.”

Even though the pairing seems unlikely, it’s easy to see what Enfield has going for him. He was a top basketball player and student at Johns Hopkins and, as we can see, he is an excellent basketball coach.

Photo credit: Facebook/Amanda Marcum Enfield

Amanda Marcum Enfield, Florida Gulf Coast coach’s wife, says new attention is weird


Amanda Marcum Enfield is the wife of Florida Gulf Coast coach Andy Enfield, and she gained notoriety this week when her supermodel past was brought to light.

Florida Gulf Coast is 24-10 and received an automatic bid into the NCAA Tournament after winning the Atlantic Sun conference tournament. They are a 15-seed and play No. 2 seed Georgetown at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia Friday. The Eagles have received an incredible amount of attention for a 15-seed, and it’s mostly thanks to Enfield’s model wife.

We and many other sites wrote about Amanda Marcum Enfield earlier this week after a 2011 Naples News article on her and her modeling past became publicized. The Oklahoman’s Stephanie Kuzydym spoke with Marcum Enfield during Florida Gulf Coast’s practice Thursday about her surge in fame. Marcum Enfield told Kuzydym that the attention she has received this week was weird.

“It has been. It’s completely unexpected. I did not see this coming at all,” Marcum Enfield told Kuzydym.

Marcum Enfield grew up in Mustang, Okla., about 15 miles away from Oklahoma City. She became a big Oklahoma State athletics fan, and told The Oklahoman she likes Oklahoma State football a little more than basketball. She and Andy actually met 10 years ago when she was trying to get to Boston to watch the Cowboys’ second-round NCAA Tournament game. Through a friend, Amanda hitched a ride with Andy to the game in Boston. Six months later, they were engaged. They now have three children together.

Since becoming a mother and moving to Florida, Amanda says she has mostly given up modeling.

“Since we moved away from New York, I kind of just gave it up,” Marcum Enfield told The Oklahoman. “That’s really where I needed to be to continue. I like being with my kids. I miss it but I like being home with them and taking care of them. It would be a job where I would have to be gone a lot for.”

Amanda’s impressive modeling resume includes work for Maxim, Vogue, Elle and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She definitely gave up a lot for her family life, but she says she does not regret it.

As for Andy, well, he is accomplished in his own right. The NCAA’s all-time leader in free throw shooting percentage during his career at Johns Hopkins, Enfield has worked as an NBA assistant coach for the Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks. Prior to being hired by Florida Gulf Coast, he was a top assistant at Florida State.

Photo via Facebook/Amanda Marcum Enfield

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Florida Gulf Coast coach Andy Enfield’s wife is model Amanda Marcum (Pictures)


You may not know much about No. 15 seed Florida Gulf Coast, and that probably won’t change unless they pull off an unthinkable upset by defeating No. 2 seed Georgetown in the NCAA Tournament. By the end of the week, however, you will probably have seen or heard something about the better half of Florida Gulf Coast coach Andy Enfield.

Enfield is married to Amanda Marcum, who is a former model with a resume that includes publications like Maxim, Vogue, Elle and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Marcum, who is now Amanda Enfield, is currently a stay-at-home mom to her and Andy’s two daughters and son.

According to NaplesNews.com, Andy and Amanda met in 2003 at a second-round NCAA Tournament game in Boston where Oklahoma State was playing. Having grown up in a small Oklahoma town with a population of 13,000 people, Marcum became a huge Oklahoma State Cowboys fan. Enfield, who was an assistant coach with the Celtics from 1998-2000, was introduced to Marcum through a mutual friend.


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