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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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Ron Rivera: Redskins chased Amari Cooper in free agency ‘very hard’

Ron Rivera Redskins

Amari Cooper ended up staying with the Dallas Cowboys despite a push from the Washington Redskins in free agency. And according to new Redskins head coach Ron Rivera, the push Washington made for Cooper was significant.

Rivera spoke with reporters on a conference call Tuesday and talked about the team’s pursuit of the wide receiver.

“Amari was someone that we chased very hard all the way up to the very end,” Rivera said. “He decided to return to Dallas. We were in it and we were talking about the substantial money. But at the end of the day, he made a decision he felt was best for him and we respect it.”

Cooper got a 5-year, $100 million deal from Dallas, so the money he got was more than substantial.

Washington would have gotten a true No. 1 receiver if they landed Cooper, and they would have been able to pair him with Terry McLaurin, who emerged as a rookie last season. And the best part is they would have taken a major weapon away from a division rival.

In 25 games with the Cowboys, Cooper has had 132 catches for 1,914 yards and 14 touchdowns. Those stats would impress just about anyone except for this guy.

Rex Ryan issues apology for controversial remarks about Amari Cooper

Rex Ryan made headlines on Friday for some extremely critical remarks he made about Amari Cooper, and the former NFL coach predictably expressed regret over his comments later in the day.

On ESPN’s “Get Up!” Friday morning, Ryan enthusiastically called Cooper a “turd” and unloaded on the Dallas Cowboys receiver for having a tendency to disappear in big games. Rex also ripped the Cowboys for giving Cooper a five-year, $100 million contract. A short time after, Ryan went back on the air with ESPN to apologize for calling Cooper a “turd” but stood behind his assessment of Cooper as a player.

“First off, I can’t believe I used that word,” Ryan said. “Obviously, it was a poor choice by me to say what I said about Amari. Quite honestly, I think the world of every player and have a great deal of respect for every player in the NFL, including Amari Cooper.”

ESPN hired Ryan because he has a fiery personality and has never been afraid to speak his mind. Creating a stir is part of his job description, and he was obviously just trying to deliver a hot take when discussing Cooper’s new contract. He accomplished that but went too far.

While Cooper did not play well in a number of big games last season, he was injured throughout much of the year. He caught 79 passes for 1,189 yards and eight touchdowns in his first full season with the Cowboys last year, so the numbers are certainly nothing to scoff at. There was talk that the Oakland Raiders were unhappy with Cooper’s level of effort before they traded him to Dallas in 2018, but the Cowboys obviously feel Cooper is an extremely valuable member of their team.

Rex Ryan unloads on ‘turd’ Amari Cooper, says Cowboys made mistake

Rex Ryan

The Dallas Cowboys signed Amari Cooper to a massive contract extension this offseason, and Rex Ryan strongly believes the team made a mistake. With the sports calendar on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ryan apparently feels that now is as good a time as any to verbally destroy the star wide receiver.

During ESPN’s “Get Up!” on Friday morning, Ryan called Cooper the “biggest disappearing act in the National Football League” and said he would not have paid him $100 million over five years. Rex criticized Cooper for not playing well on the road or in big games and referred to him as a “turd.”

“This is who he is. He doesn’t love football, the hell with it,” Ryan said. “He stops his routes, he does all this. I wouldn’t have paid this turd. No way in hell would I have paid this guy. To me, you pay Dak Prescott … They’re number one in the league because of Dak Prescott, not because of this guy. It’s a deep draft at receiver. They made a huge mistake.”

The Cowboys acquired Cooper in a trade with the Oakland Raiders midway through the 2018 season, and Cooper gave the team’s offense an instant boost. While he did seem to disappear in a number of big games last season, he also played through significant injuries throughout the entire year. Cooper caught 79 passes for 1,189 yards and eight touchdowns in his first full season with the Cowboys last year, so the numbers are certainly nothing to scoff at.

There were rumblings that the Raiders felt Cooper had quit on them before they traded him, so that is likely what Ryan was referring to. Still, his criticism seemed over the top considering how banged up Cooper was in 2019.

Amari Cooper getting $100 million deal from Cowboys

Amari Cooper

The Dallas Cowboys are keeping the band together.

Amari Cooper is getting a 5-year, $100 million contract from the Cowboys to remain with them, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports. The deal reportedly includes $60 million guaranteed. Schefter says the Cowboys had to beat out competition from the Washington Redskins to retain Cooper.

Cooper has always wanted to stay with the Cowboys, but there were questions about whether they would be able to give him the contract he sought. Dallas has come through on that front, as they should have.

Since acquiring Cooper from the Raiders in a 2018 trade, Dallas’ passing offense has taken off. Cooper has 14 touchdowns in 25 games with the Cowboys and had 79 catches for 1,189 yards last season. Dak Prescott has been at his best when being able to throw to a healthy Cooper.

The Cowboys now have Cooper and Ezekiel Elliott signed long-term among their key offensive playmakers. They have franchise-tagged Prescott and still have until July to reach a long-term deal with their quarterback.

Cowboys do not reach deal with Amari Cooper before free agency

Amari Cooper

The Dallas Cowboys only sorted things out with one of their two key free agents before the legal tampering window opened.

The Cowboys failed to reach a long-term agreement with wide receiver Amari Cooper. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, the Cowboys will continue to try to bring him back, but they will no longer be the only team involved.

The Cowboys used their franchise tag on quarterback Dak Prescott, as expected. That left them needing to negotiate a long-term agreement with Cooper. The wide receiver wanted to stay with Dallas, and may still, but the bidding could increase now that the other 31 teams can get involved.

Report: Cowboys could re-sign Amari Cooper before Dak Prescott

Amari Cooper

There appears to be some real movement for the Dallas Cowboys in getting a deal done with at least one of their two big free agents.

According to ESPN’s Ed Werder, the Cowboys are “working hard” to reach an agreement with wide receiver Amari Cooper, and both sides appear motivated to get a deal done.

Getting this done would be big for Dallas. It would allow them to focus solely on Prescott before the tag deadline. Those negotiations are ongoing, but have not yet yielded a deal.

Cooper made 79 catches last season for 1,189 yards and eight touchdowns. The Cowboys view him as key to contention in 2020, and are eagerly working to retain him.

Amari Cooper, Dallas police address Twitter hoax that WR was shot

Amari Cooper

Some concerning news involving Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper began spreading on social media Wednesday, but fortunately there was no truth to it.

For whatever reason, someone started a rumor that Cooper was shot in a parking garage in the Dallas area. It’s unclear exactly where or why the rumor came to be, but the Dallas Police Department issued a statement on Twitter saying Cooper has not been shot and there had been no reports of shootings in the Dallas area as of midday on Wednesday.

Cooper then took to Instagram to assure fans he is fine and that any talk of him being shot is “fake news.”

This unfortunately is not the first time we have seen a disturbing hoax involving an NFL player, and it’s another reminder to not believe everything you read on social media. We’re glad to hear Cooper was not involved in a shooting.