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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Articles tagged: Amazing plays

Kendrys Morales scores with incredible slide (Video)

Kendrys Morales slide

Kendrys Morales pulled out the phantom slide move on Russell Martin Friday, and it worked to perfection.

During the top of the first inning of the Royals’ game against the Blue Jays in Toronto, new KC acquisition Ben Zobrist laced a single to right field. It scored Eric Hosmer easily, but Morales looked like he was going to be dead meat at the plate. That was until he pulled out the fancy slide by applying the breaks, causing Martin to go flying by:

Jose Bautista couldn’t believe that he didn’t get an assist for that perfect throw home.

Here’s the play with less Rex Hudler:

Which slide do you like more: this one or the one Mike Trout had earlier in the season?

Mike Trout steals third base with awesome slide (Video)

Mike Trout slide

There isn’t a phase of the game at which Mike Trout does not excel. The guy is a great hitter and defender, and as we can see, he’s also a stellar baserunner. Just take a look at the awesome slide he used to steal third base against the Red Sox on Friday night.

Trout was beat so badly by the throw that he was initially called out. Knowing he got his hand around the tag, he asked the Angels to challenge the call, which they did successfully.

Having the call overturned helped open the floodgates for the Angels. They exploded for nine runs in the inning and ran the score up to 11-3 before eventually winning 12-5.

This deke by Trout is so slick we have to watch it in GIF form:

That was easily my favorite slide by a ballplayer since this awesome one by Justin Morneau.

Blake Griffin pulls off 180-degree shot block (Video)

Blake Griffin could probably pull off a 180-degree dunk with a severely sprained ankle. We’re so used to his freak athleticism by now that there is very little the Los Angeles Clippers star can do that would surprise us. Sunday night was an exception.

Toward the end of the Clippers’ win over the Boston Celtics, Griffin mistimed his jump while attempting to block a Jonas Jerebko layup. It didn’t matter, because Griffin was still able to turn his body around and swat the shot with his left hand.


We’ve all seen the incredibly thunderous dunks Griffin has thrown down over the years, but that block may have been his best work to date.

Kam Chancellor hurdles line to block field goal (Video)

Kam Chancellor nearly pulled off an awesome field goal block just before halftime in the Seahawks-Panthers playoff game on Saturday.

Chancellor knew the Panthers’ snap count and timed it perfectly to hurdle the center and affect the field goal. Graham Gano’s first 35-yard attempt was good but waved off because of a false start penalty. The kick was moved back five yards and on the next attempt, Chancellor did the same thing. This time he caused Gano to hook the kick wide left, but he was penalized for running into the kicker. On the third attempt, the Panthers varied the snap count so Chancellor did not try his hurdle. Gano made the final attempt to make the score 14-10.

We wonder if Chancellor stole the move from Daren Bates, who did the same thing against the Giants late in the season.

Kam Chancellor

Trevor Booker somehow made this shot (Video)

No amount of time on the shot clock is too little for Trevor Booker.

The Utah Jazz big man made a shot behind his back on Friday despite only having 0.2 seconds to work with. He took a bounce pass and tossed it behind his head kind of like a volleyball bump, and it went in the basket!

Despite Booker’s miracle shot, the Jazz still lost to the Thunder 99-94. Booker had eight points, nine rebounds, and that great shot.

Trevor Booker shot

Javess Blue makes incredible one-handed TD catch (Video)

Kentucky wide receiver Javess Blue on Saturday hauled in what could be the best touchdown catch of the year. The senior, who went into the game with four touchdowns on the season, hauled in two scores against Louisiana-Monroe. The first was an 83-yard catch and run. The second defied physics.

Blue was somehow able to snag the ball with one hand and turn his body to secure it. He also managed to stay in bounds and maintain control through the catch with just one arm, despite coming down pretty hard.


We have seen some amazing catches through the first half of the college football season, but Blue’s may very well be the best of the bunch.

H/T Saturday Down South

Jordan Westerkamp makes amazing behind-the-back catch (Video)

Jordan-Westerkamp-catchThe 2014 college football season is merely a few days old, and already we have a strong candidate for catch of the year. We feel confident in saying that the behind-the-back catch Nebraska wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp made on Saturday may not be topped in the next four or five months.

A Florida Atlantic cornerback tipped a pass that was intended for Westerkamp and nearly intercepted it, but the sophomore receiver still managed to make the play. The catch would have been mind-boggling if it happened in the open field. The fact that Westerkamp was able to secure the ball and keep his feet in practically defies physics.

Here’s another angle:

We saw some amazing plays throughout the course of last season, but Westerkamp’s catch probably tops them all. You just watched SportsCenter’s top play of the week.

GIFs via SB Nation, Anthony Slater