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Sunday, December 16, 2018

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Anderson Silva tests positive for steroids; Nick Diaz for marijuana

Anderson Silva

Both Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz failed drug tests related to their fight at UFC 183 last weekend which headlined the pay-per-view card, a bout that Silva won by unanimous decision.

Silva tested positive for steroids in a drug test administered on Jan. 9 as part of an out-of-competition test, Yahoo’s Kevin Iole reported. He tested positive for drostanolone and androsterone. The results were not released/disclosed until Tuesday.

Diaz, who is a two-time offender and has been suspended previously for marijuana use, tested positive for marijuana in a post-fight drug test. He will likely face significant discipline for the offense.

Both fighters were coming off lengthy layoffs when they met over the weekend. Silva was fighting for the first time since breaking his leg in a loss to Chris Weidman in Dec., 2013, while Diaz was back in the octagon after taking a nearly two-year break from fighting.

The UFC issued the following statement about the drug tests:

On February 3, 2015, the UFC organization was notified by the Nevada State Athletic Commission that Anderson Silva tested positive for Drostanolone metabolites on his Jan. 9 out of competition drug test. UFC’s understanding is that further testing will be conducted by the Commission to confirm these preliminary results. Anderson Silva has been an amazing champion and a true ambassador of the sport of mixed martial arts and the UFC, in Brazil as well as around the world. UFC is disappointed to learn of these initial results. The UFC has a strict, consistent policy against the use of any illegal and/or performance enhancing drugs, stimulants or masking agents by its athletes.

A few questions and comments immediately come to mind regarding the situation. One, if Silva tested positive nearly a month prior to the fight, why was he allowed to fight? Did the UFC really not receive the results from the test until this week? Questions will persist about whether there was a cover-up to allow him to fight because it would have been a disaster to cancel the card. Two, you have to wonder if he retires given that he is facing a lengthy suspension. Three, apparently Diaz isn’t as good at beating drug tests as he thinks he is.

Anderson Silva feared pain pill addiction after leg injury

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva is more than a year removed from a devastating leg injury that he suffered during a loss to Chris Weidman. As he prepares to return to the octagon to fight Nick Diaz on Jan. 31, Silva has opened up about the challenges he faced while recovering.

Earlier this week, Silva revealed that he feared he would become addicted to his pain medication.

“I thought that I was getting used to the pain but I wasn’t. I hope to not experience that anymore,” he told Globo, as translated by Bloody Elbow. “I don’t wish that for anyone. It was terrible. I’m fine now but there were months of much pain. There were a lot of strong antibiotics that I had to take to end the pain. I started to take and the pain disappeared.

“When I wasn’t feeling pain, I wanted already to take the pills, that was the point that I stopped taking them. I wasn’t addicted but I was feeling myself depressed, the medicine was letting me sleepy. I decided to stop, to avoid getting addicted. I started to fill my bathtub of ice. The pain came and I got into the ice. Pain? Ice! Then I got better.”

Silva, who will turn 40 in three months, previously admitted that he was seeing a psychologist in an attempt to restore his confidence in the wake of the injury. He later signed a new 15-fight deal with the UFC, so he must be feeling much better.

As for a potential third fight with UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman, Silva is hoping for another shot at the title.

“Only the time will tell about this. If I get credentials again to fight for the belt and I have to face Weidman one more time, I’ll face him with no problem,” he said. “I think that I still have some time to do what I love. The competition drives us.”

We know how Weidman feels about a rematch with Silva, so Silva will have to prove he can still dominate opponents before he gets another shot at the champ. Given his age, that will be no easy task.

Anderson Silva, Jon Jones get together for sparring session

Anderson Silva Jon Jones

A superfight between Anderson Silva and Jon Jones never happened, but for a brief time on Monday night, the two masters got together for a sparring session.

UFC boss Dana White tweeted the photo evidence on Tuesday, along with this caption:

“The Superfight between @jonnybones and @spiderandersonsilva went down last nite @ufc headquarters #noppv #noticketssold #rockyvsapollo”

Thanks, way to tease us all, Dana.

Fans have been dying for a GSP-Silva superfight, or a Silva-Jon Jones bout. Silva’s consecutive losses to Chris Weidman have taken some of the luster off a potential superfight, but I still would love to see it. That is, after Silva beats Nick Diaz first.

Photo via Dana White

Chris Weidman: Fighting Anderson Silva again would be an easy payday

Chris Weidman

There was once a time when mixed martial arts fans wondered if Anderson Silva would ever lose another fight. Then Chris Weidman came along and beat Silva two times in a six-month span. And Weidman says he will take down “The Spider” again, if he must.

Silva, who is 39 years old and recovering from a broken leg he suffered in his last fight against Weidman, reportedly signed a new contract with UFC last month for 15 more fights. During a recent interview with Fox Sports, Weidman declared that he will never lose another fight in his weight division. That, of course, includes Silva.

“Anderson Silva a third time? If that’s what people want to see then it will happen,” the UFC middleweight champion said. “Easy payday? Yeah pretty much. With all due respect.”

You can’t really argue with Weidman. Silva will have a hard enough time proving he can get back to dominating like he used to, let alone beating a guy he lost to twice.

Weidman, 30, has won his first 12 MMA fights. He will defend his middleweight title against Vitor Belfort at UFC 184 on Feb. 28.

H/T MMA Mania

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Anderson Silva reportedly signed new UFC contract for 15 more fights

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva is 39 years old and recovering from a broken leg suffered against Chris Weidman in his last fight, but his UFC career is far from over.

Silva told Combate.com that he met with the UFC bosses last week, tore up his previous contract for which he had seven fights remaining, and signed a new deal that called for 15 more fights.

“I had seven fights on my contract (not including the Diaz fight),” Silva told Combate.com. “I met Lorenzo (Fertitta) and Dana (White) on Thursday and that contract was cancelled.

“We signed for another 15 fights. To make Dana crazy, I signed for 15 more fights. And to make my family crazy, too.”

Some people just love fighting and have a hard time giving it up. That appears to be the case for Silva.

Will he actually fulfill his 15-fight contract? Not a chance. 15 would have been a ridiculous amount if he were 35 and not coming off a broken leg. Given that he’s nearly 40 and recovering from a major injury, there’s no way he can reach that target.

H/T MMA Weekly

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Anderson Silva seeing psychologist over broken leg

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva will return to the octagon in January for the first time since breaking his leg on Dec. 28, 2012, in a loss to Chris Weidman.

Though Silva has resumed training and is preparing for his fight with Nick Diaz, he has not overcome all obstacles associated with the brutal injury. Specifically, he is trying to overcome the psychological effects of the injury.

“I feel no pain at all,” Silva said in an interview to Fantastico. “My strength is back because I’m back to training. The hardest part is self-confidence, to kick again as I used to.”

Silva even admitted to Fantastico that he is haunted by the ghosts of the injury and seeing a psychologist to get over it.

“I’ve worked with a psychologist so I can get rid of the ghosts of those horrible moments of that fight, when I had that accident,” Silva said. “I’m a little apprehensive in training. I know I can execute the movement, but I end up not doing it for fear.”

Silva doesn’t believe it will happen again, but he is still worried about it.

“Yeah, I won’t get hurt. I know I won’t get hurt, but fear is natural,” he added. “I don’t want to feel that pain ever again. No way.”

Silva’s apprehension is completely understandable and it’s why many felt the injury would ruin his career. How can he have full confidence and trust in kicking again at full strength after seeing his body fail him last time? The guy will be facing a 13-month layoff as a result of the broken leg. That’s no fun to go through.

[Previously: Anderson Silva not sure he wants to fight eight more times]

Despite his psychological issues, I still believe Silva will beat Diaz.

Translation via MMA Fighting

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Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz to fight on Jan. 31

Anderson SilvaAnderson Silva and Nick Diaz will be making their returns to the octagon early next year in a highly-anticipated fight against each other, UFC boss Dana White announced.

White says Silva has received medical clearance to fight and is “100 percent healthy.”

The fight will take place Jan. 31 in Las Vegas and will be the main event. The event has not yet been named but could be UFC 183.

White shared a photo on Instagram of him with Silva confirming news of the fight:

“Lunch with the GOAT @spiderandersonsilva and just got the Diaz fight done!!!! #ufc #superfight” he wrote as the caption.

He says both fighters are excited for the fight.

Neither fighter has fought since 2013. Silva is coming off consecutive losses to Chris Weidman and recovering from a broken leg suffered in his last fight. He’ll be returning to the octagon after a 13-month layoff.

Diaz is also coming off consecutive losses. He lost to Carlos Condit in Feb. 2012 and GSP in March 2013. Often hard to deal with, Diaz was staying away from the UFC for what was believed to be disputes over how much he should be paid.

News of this fight should not come as a surprise; last month there were comments indicating both parties want the fight to happen.

Though the fight has two of the more exciting names in the sport, it’s not an ideal matchup. Diaz is well undersized compared to Silva, though he is one of the better fighters around.

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