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Friday, October 18, 2019

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Andrew Bogut admits he would not be surprised if he were traded

Andrew Bogut

It’s safe to say that Andrew Bogut’s first season in Dallas hasn’t gone as he would have hoped, and he might be on the move before it ends.

Bogut said Thursday that he hasn’t asked for a trade, but admitted that he understands the business and might be on the move since he has an expiring contract.

“I’m not silly. I’ve been in this league long enough. I’m an expiring contract,” Bogut said Thursday, via Tim MacMahon of ESPN. “I haven’t asked for a trade, but I know in this league we’re 11-24, and I was being honest. There’s a chance that I get traded. That turned out into a headline that says ‘Bogut wants out,’ which is false, but it’s just one of the things you have to deal with in this league.

“Like I said, they can obviously get some picks back and build for the future by trading some of the veteran guys, and I could be one of them. Hint and emphasis on ‘could.’ I’m not saying I’ve gone to management and asked for a trade, which I haven’t. I also haven’t gone to management and begged them not to trade me. I’m just waiting to see what happens.”

Bogut will probably get dealt if there is interest. One team is reportedly already eyeing him as an upgrade, and they’re likely not alone.

Andrew Bogut asks to come off bench for Mavs: ‘I won’t be offended’

Andrew Bogut

Andrew Bogut has accumulated a lot of wear on his 32-year-old tires, and it looks like he has accepted the reality that comes along with it.

According to Tim MacMahon of ESPN, the Dallas Mavericks big man will be coming off the bench for the foreseeable future after volunteering to do so.

“There’s no point of starting with Dirk [Nowitzki] and then getting pulled 30 seconds into a game,” Bogut said after team shootaround on Tuesday. “So I went to coach and said, ‘If you’re going to continue to do that, just bring me off the bench. I won’t be offended. We’ll get on with life.'”

Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle confirmed that Bogut went to him last week and requested to come off the bench.

MacMahon also notes that Dallas has had problems pairing Bogut and the 38-year-old Nowitzki together in the frontcourt and have been outscored by 62 points in the 53 minutes the two have played next to each other this season. That makes sense considering the age and the lack of mobility of both players.

Bogut, who has been limited to 18 games this season with a bone bruise in his right knee, is averaging a career-low 3.5 points to go along with 9.9 rebounds, and 0.9 blocks per game. It’s a tough pill to swallow to be coming off the bench for a 10-24 Dallas squad after starting for Golden State Warriors teams that took home the NBA title in 2014-15 and won 73 games in 2015-16. But kudos to the witty Australian big man for embracing the transition gracefully.

Celtics reportedly interested in trading for Andrew Bogut

Andrew Bogut

The Boston Celtics have largely struggled to defend the rim in the Brad Stevens era, but they may just the right solution in mind.

According to a report by Marc Stein of ESPN on Friday, the Celtics are interested in trading for Dallas Mavericks center Andrew Bogut.

Bogut, 32, is averaging 3.8 points, 10.4 rebounds, and 0.9 blocks in 25.0 minutes per game in 2016-17 but is currently sidelined with a bone bruise in his knee. He is under contract for $11 million this year and will become a free agent after the season.

The Mavericks are 4-17, so it would make sense for them to flip some of their veterans in exchange for assets. Meanwhile, the Celtics are 13-8 but rank 12th in the league in field goal percentage allowed at the rim and 26th in rebounds per game (per NBA.com).

Though Al Horford starts at the 5 for Boston, he’s played roughly 20 percent of his minutes this season at power forward (per Basketball Reference) and could hypothetically switch over to the 4 now that he’s shooting three-pointers with regularity. Pairing him with Bogut in the frontcourt would make for quite the two-way tandem, provided that the Celtics can swallow the injury risk.

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Andrew Bogut rips officiating after Australia’s controversial loss to Spain


Australia was denied a medal in the Olympic men’s basketball tournament by the narrowest of margins, and center Andrew Bogut was about as pleased as Ayesha Curry after an NBA Finals game.

After Australia’s 89-88 loss to Spain in the bronze medal game on Sunday (a contest that featured a questionable foul call against Patty Mills with 5.4 seconds remaining, sending Sergio Rodriguez to the line where he sank both free throws), Bogut went off on the officiating.

“Obviously we are disappointed, at times we felt we were outnumbered on the court for the majority of the game,” said Bogut, per John Ralph of the Herald Sun. “It felt like we were playing a different sport. The superman dived into me and the referees bought it.

“Some of them you could see on the tape how obvious they were,” he continued. “You tap these guys and they go flying and the referees bought it. We tried to adjust knowing what they were going to do but the last two fouls were tough on us.”

Bogut, who himself fouled out in less than 14 minutes of action, then lashed out at FIBA Basketball as a whole, per Hoops Heaven.

FIBA officials are known to call games a bit more stringently than their NBA counterparts, so Bogut probably isn’t accustomed to being called for the illegal screens and arm bars he usually gets away with. That said, the officiating was somewhat up and down this tournament, and for Australia to play as well as they did and still be denied a medal in the last five seconds of their final game has to be enormously frustrating.

All things considered, Bogut probably won’t be looking back on Rio with too many fond memories.

Image Credit: Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

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Andrew Bogut has great comment about facing Team USA

Andrew Bogut

The Australians may be underdogs entering their Group A game against the United States on Wednesday at the Summer Games in Rio, but don’t tell that to Andrew Bogut.

The longtime NBA center refuses to be intimidated by Team USA even though the U.S. team is stacked with NBA stars. After Australia beat Serbia on Monday, Bogut talked about the Boomers’ attitude entering their game with the US.

Bogut wanted to issue the autograph warning to his teammates because he’s seen such things happen before.

“(Facing the Americans is) the ultimate test. It’s the best team in the world, the best players in the world, so I think if we go out there with the right mind-set and compete with them, win or lose we’ll be happy with that,” Bogut told USA Today.

Bogut’s fear about having the proper attitude is legitimate. Back at the London Olympics, we saw an opponent ask Kobe Bryant for an autograph after losing to the US (video here).

How are you supposed to beat an opponent when you’re starstruck? The Australian team is full of NBA players like Patty Mills, Matthew Dellavedova and Aron Baynes in addition to Bogut, so maybe they’ll enter the contest with the attitude that they belong there.

Andrew Bogut drops fantastic quote after Australia defeats France

Andrew Bogut

Underneath that tough Aussie exterior is quote the charismatic character.

After Australia picked up the 87-66 victory over France in the opening men’s basketball contest at the Rio Games on Saturday, center Andrew Bogut delivered this outstanding one-liner about the team’s defensive mentality heading into the competition, per John Schuhmann of NBA.com

The 31-year-old Bogut, who finished with 18 points, 4 rebounds, and 5 assists in the upset win, should definitely be pleased. Australia indeed managed to be “pricks” on the defensive end Saturday, playing with physicality and purpose while also showcasing patience and precision on the offensive side of the ball.

Bogut has had his own struggles early on in Rio, but, through it all, he’s managed to stay the same hard-nosed bruiser we’ve all come to know and love. Australia will need that kind of mindset if they are to survive a Group A bracket that also houses the United States.

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Andrew Bogut mocks Rio over poor athlete housing conditions


It’s no secret that the Olympic village where the athletes are staying in Rio is not the most glamorous of places, and Dallas Mavericks center Andrew Bogut provided us with a closer look at it on Monday night.

Using the hashtag #IOCLuxuryLodging, Bogut mocked the housing conditions in a series of tweets. In one of them, he showed himself rigging up a shower curtain so he and his roommate could “shower and not flood the place.”

This should be fun.

If you remember, the Australian Olympic Committee previously deemed its section of the Olympic village in Rio uninhabitable, listing a number of alarming concerns about the accommodations after running some early tests. Bogut, of course, is playing for the Australian national basketball team.