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Thursday, July 18, 2019

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Look: Andrew Luck is looking huge

Andrew Luck frothing

Andrew Luck may not have thrown an NFL pass since the 2016 season, but it does not look like he’s skipped time in the weight room since then.

The Indianapolis Colts shared a video of Luck that got picked up on Reddit. The Colts fan who posted it noted how jacked Luck is looking.

I think it's fair to say Andrew Luck got bigger during his rehab. Looking like a damn Linebacker

We can’t disagree; Luck does look like a linebacker there. Of course, at 6-foot-4 and 240 pounds, Luck has always had a bulky frame, and he proved back in college that he can hit like a linebacker.

Luck did appear at the Colts’ offseason training program this year, but he said last month that he still had not thrown an official NFL-sized football as he rehabs from his shoulder surgery. Colts fans and Luck need to take a page out of Philly’s book on this one and “trust the process.”

Jim Irsay: Teams were willing to deal ‘unprecedented’ amount of picks for Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay really wants you to know how much faith he still has in Andrew Luck.

Irsay said Saturday that there was enormous trade interest in Luck, but the Colts weren’t interested in any of it.

“Trust me, there was people that would have given an unprecedented amount of draft picks, all with the number ‘1’ behind them, for (Luck) and we wouldn’t even think of even drifting in that direction,” Irsay said, via Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan. “He’s our guy. We feel 100 percent confident that he’s going to come back and lead this football team, with some of the new teammates, to great things.”

Do you trust Irsay on this? He’s talking up Luck now, even though that hasn’t always been the case. The interest doesn’t seem particularly solid as well, so this might be a slight exaggeration. Teams may well have traded for Luck, but with all the questions about his health, it’s hard to believe Irsay’s mythical haul was well and truly on the table.

Andrew Luck not throwing football at Colts minicamp

Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck was back on the practice field when the Indianapolis Colts kicked off their three-day voluntary minicamp on Tuesday, but fans are still going to have to be patient if they want to see him throwing a football.

Luck joined his teammates and wore a helmet like everyone else, but he did no throwing of any kind.

Luck confirmed earlier this month that he still has not resumed throwing NFL-sized footballs as he continues to rehab from shoulder surgery he had last offseason. The star quarterback insists he has been encouraged with his progress, but there has still been some mixed information coming out of Indy over the past several weeks.

Given the way last season unfolded, you can’t blame Colts fans for being anxious until they see Luck practicing in full.

Reggie Wayne offers to catch passes from Andrew Luck at ‘undisclosed location’

Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck told reporters on Monday that he is excited with the progress he has made after he missed the entire 2017 season with a shoulder injury, though the star quarterback has not yet resumed throwing NFL-sized footballs. When he does, one of his old favorite targets is willing to help out.

Reggie Wayne, who was teammates with Luck in Indianapolis for three seasons, has offered to catch passes from Luck at an “undisclosed location.”

For those who don’t get the reference, Wayne met with Peyton Manning several years ago to work out a supposedly top secret location when Manning was recovering from neck surgery and the Colts had released him. The big difference is neither player was under contract with a team at the time, and something tells us the Colts will probably want to keep a close eye on Luck.

Luck sounds optimistic, but we are still getting mixed information about his rehab. Until Colts fans see him firing footballs around, it will be tough for them to stop thinking the worst after what happened last season.

Andrew Luck confirms he still has not thrown NFL-size football in rehab

Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck’s rehab is coming along slowly but surely.

The Indianapolis Colts quarterback confirmed Monday that he still hasn’t thrown an NFL-size football since his shoulder surgery and is taking his recovery methodically.

This runs counter to what head coach Frank Reich has said, though to be fair, Reich never specified what size football Luck was throwing. It’s been over a year since Luck’s shoulder surgery, and things are obviously coming along slowly. From the Colts’ perspective, there is no rush.

Andrew Luck to appear at first day of Colts’ offseason program

Andrew Luck

The first step toward Andrew Luck’s NFL return will be taken on Monday.

ESPN’s Dianna Russini reported Sunday that Luck would be in attendance for the first day of the Indianapolis Colts’ offseason program, and would likely speak to the media.

The plan is for Luck to take part in all offseason activities and be ready for the season. He’s already ramping up his physical activity, but he’s had setbacks before, so his progress will have to be monitored very closely. Expect the Colts to take their time with him and avoid pushing their franchise quarterback too far.

Frank Reich says Andrew Luck has begun throwing footballs

Andrew Luck

The Indianapolis Colts are hoping Andrew Luck can take part in their entire offseason program and be ready to roll by Week 1, and it sounds like the star quarterback is on the right track to make that happen.

Colts head coach Frank Reich revealed on Tuesday that Luck has begun throwing footballs, though he clearly still has some limitations.

Luck had not resumed throwing footballs as of a month ago, though he was participating in strength drills. Colts owner Jim Irsay told reporters on Monday that he is confident Luck has turned a corner and is on the right path toward being ready for Week 1.

Of course, we heard a lot of the same stuff about Luck a year ago after he underwent shoulder surgery, and he did not appear in a single game last season. There have still been some concerning reports swirling around about Luck’s health this offseason, so Colts fans will believe he’s good to go when they actually get to see it.