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Sunday, March 29, 2020

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Joey Votto was squeezed three times by Angel Hernandez on strikeouts

Angel Hernandez serving as the home plate umpire for Sunday’s Cincinnati Reds-Chicago Cubs game was Joey Votto’s worst nightmare.

Votto went 1-for-4 with three strikeouts in his team’s 6-3 loss. Known for having one of the best commands of the strike zone in MLB and highest walk rates in the league, Votto was called out by Hernandez on all three of the strikeouts. Here’s a look at the pitches, which were all very close to the zone.

One of the calls appears to have been correct, though two of the strike calls — and a handful of others — seemed to be wrong.

Votto did have an RBI double in the third to give the Reds a 1-0 lead. Cincinnati went up 3-0 in the game before allowing six unanswered runs to lose.

No surprise, Votto let Hernandez know he wasn’t pleased with the calls.

Votto should actually be somewhat thankful. When it comes to Hernandez, the blown calls usually are much worse.

Watch: Angel Hernandez blew some awful calls in White Sox-Twins game

Angel Hernandez

Angel Hernandez was at the center of some bad calls during Sunday’s Minnesota Twins-Chicago White Sox game.

The veteran umpire blew a call in the sixth inning of the game that led to White Sox manager Rick Renteria’s ejection. Eloy Jimenez was batting with a full count and the bases loaded. Kyle Gibson threw a pitch low in the zone that was a clear ball. It should have walked in a run and helped the White Sox continue their rally. Instead, Hernandez called it a strike, upsetting Jimenez and Renteria.

That wasn’t the only blown call he had. In the top of the second, Jimmy Cordero had Nelson Cruz 0-2. Hernandez called this pitch a ball even though it was right down the middle.

Hernandez also called the 1-2 pitch a ball even though MLB.com showed it was also a strike.

Memo to Hernandez: a pitch can still be a strike even if the pitcher misses the intended target. He’s so bad he doesn’t realize that. He did the same thing in early June against the Yankees and it was even worse.

Angel Hernandez got booed even overseas

Angel Hernandez

The infamy of umpire Angel Hernandez apparently transcends borders.

Hernandez was overseas in England to work the MLB London Series between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox this weekend. When his name was announced prior to Saturday’s game, Hernandez heard boos just like he would in America, per Joel Sherman of the New York Post.

The veteran Hernandez, who has a lengthy resume of awful calls, questionable ejections, and general incompetence, is easily baseball’s most notorious ump. Not only does he remain in a job though, but he seems to be a preferred pick for the league if he is being brought over for large-scale events like this.

Hernandez was recently in the news again for beefing with another manager, and word has obviously spread far and wide about his notoriety.

Rangers manager explains beef with Angel Hernandez that led to ejection

Angel Hernandez

Texas Rangers manager Chris Woodward was ejected from Tuesday’s game, and it came at the hands of baseball’s most notorious umpire.

Woodward was tossed by crew chief Angel Hernandez in the sixth inning of his team’s contest against the Boston Red Sox following a controversial out call at second base. Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News noted that it was the rookie skipper Woodward’s first career ejection.

After the game, Woodward explained that he was upset at Hernandez for failing to provide a warning that time was about to expire on a potential challenge, according to Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The Rangers did hold on to win by the final of 9-5, but that was hardly the dominant storyline afterwards. For Hernandez, he continues to show why he is seen as the consensus worst umpire in the league. Woodward isn’t even the only AL West manager that has gone off on him in recent months.

Umpire Angel Hernandez somehow blew this strike call so badly

Angel Hernandez

Umpire Angel Hernandez continues to make us wonder how he keeps his job.

Hernandez had one of the worst blown strike calls of the season on Tuesday night. He was behind the plate for the New York Yankees-Toronto Blue Jays game and didn’t call a strike on this Masahiro Tanaka pitch down the middle to Randal Grichuk in the bottom of the fifth inning.

Here’s where the pitch was according to MLB.com’s tracking (check the green ball that’s marked No. 2):

That should have made it an 0-2 count. Instead, due to Hernandez’s missed call, it was a 1-1 count and Grichuk homered on the next pitch.

Why did Hernandez miss the call? Probably because he was thrown off by Gary Sanchez setting up inside and expecting a pitch up and in. Tanaka missed Sanchez’s glove but still threw a clean strike. It really wasn’t close to a ball. This goes to show how Hernandez calls pitches based on expectation rather than execution, which is a poor trait for an umpire.

But it gets worse. He missed another couple of definite strikes that inning and called them balls.

Hernandez has been terrible at his job for a while, something we’ve called out many times in the past.

Sadly, this might not even be the worst call from him we’ve ever seen.

AJ Hinch: Angel Hernandez said ‘inappropriate’ and ‘unprofessional’ things

Angel Hernandez

AJ Hinch was ejected in the first inning of a spring training game on Friday and thinks the way umpire Angel Hernandez handled things was “ridiculous.”

Hinch spoke after his Houston Astros beat the St Louis Cardinals 5-0 in a spring game and shared his side of what happened. The Astros manager says Hernandez admitted to him in a previous conversation that he gets four calls wrong a game. Hinch was upset about the way Hernandez was calling balls and strikes for pitcher Forrest Whitley in the top half of the first and addressed it between innings. He then felt Hernandez intentionally made a bad call on the first pitch to George Springer in the bottom half of the inning, and yelled that Hernandez had “used all four.” Hernandez tossed him in response.

“The fact that he wanted to throw me out in a spring training game is pretty ridiculous,” Hinch said after the game. “He’s known for overreaction a little bit. When you argue balls and strikes, you get thrown out. I get it. As it escalated, he said some condescending things that are inappropriate and unprofessional.”

Here’s the video:

Outside of maybe Joe West, there is no umpire we write about more for his actions than Angel Hernandez. He was called “horrible” after his atrocious game in the playoffs last year, and he seems to be the target of criticism more often than not. He’s bad at his job and really does not deserve to be umpiring MLB games.

CC Sabathia absolutely rips ‘terrible’ Angel Hernandez after Game 4 loss

CC Sabathia

CC Sabathia went in on umpire Angel Hernandez after his New York Yankees lost Game 4 of the ALDS on Tuesday night.

Sabathia pitched and took the loss after allowing three runs on five hits and two walks in three innings against the Boston Red Sox.

Sabathia was furious with Hernandez after the game, calling the umpire “terrible” and expressing frustration that he was assigned a playoff series.

The complaints from Sabathia may come across as sour grapes, but a number of people in the MLB community will agree with him. Not only that, but Sabathia has history with Hernandez, as he yelled at him during a game in April.

Hernandez had five calls reviewed during the series, with four being overturned. He made some questionable calls behind the plate on balls and strikes Tuesday night, but on the few times we cross-checked his calls with MLB.com’s Gameday, his calls mostly seemed good.