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Monday, December 10, 2018

Articles tagged: Announcers

FOX announcer Moose Johnston has embarrassing slip of tongue

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Cincinnati Bengals brought us one of the most exciting games in Week 8, but no one was more charged up about it than FOX broadcaster Darryl “Moose” Johnston.

Johnston, who was calling the game alongside Chris Myers, had an embarrassing slip of the tongue during the final minute of the fourth quarter when the game was tied.

In fairness to Moose, there was a lot of action in the game. The Bengals had a huge lead in the second half before the Bucs decided to bench Jameis Winston, who had arguably the worst game of his career. That allowed Ryan Fitzpatrick to lead Tampa all the way back, but Cincinnati eventually won on a late field goal.

After a game like that, Johnston probably wasn’t the only one who needed a cold shower.

Mike Goldberg pulled off Fox NFL broadcast after one game


Mike Goldberg called his first NFL game for Fox on Sunday, and he may never get an opportunity to do it again. Goldberg, who has done mostly UFC broadcast work, was scheduled to work Sunday’s game between the Minnesota Vikings and Buffalo Bills this weekend. According to Pro Football Talk, he has been replaced by Tim Brando.

Goldberg’s NFL debut last weekend did not go well. He called the Minnesota Vikings-Detroit Lions game alongside Brendon Ayanbadejo and sounded completely unprepared. At one point, Goldberg said that one of Teddy Bridgewater’s passes was intended for Golden Tate. As most of you know, Tate and Bridgewater are on different teams. He also referred to Vikings coach Mike Zimmer as Don Zimmer.

Goldberg’s mistakes might have been excusable if not for his decision to defend them after the game. After receiving a bunch of criticism on Twitter, Goldberg responded with F–bombs and called Twitter users stuff like “a-hole” and “douche.”

Announcers are human and make mistakes, but Goldberg’s went far beyond mere slips of the tongue. It seemed like he doesn’t follow football all that closely. Fox probably knew he wasn’t going to work out after the Vikings-Lions game. Goldberg’s profane remarks on Twitter simply sealed his fate.

Timberwolves announcer goes nuts after no-call on Kevin Love to end game (Audio)

Kevin-Love-Shawn-Marion-foulThe Minnesota Timberwolves lost to the Dallas Mavericks on Monday night in controversial fashion. With the T-Wolves trailing by two and three seconds remaining, Kevin Love received the inbound pass and tried to get a shot off. It appeared that he was fouled by Shawn Marion, but the officials chose to let the play go and time expired.

It was hard to tell if Love’s foot was on the line, but he should have been given a chance to tie the game with two free throws at the very least. Timberwolves radio play-by-play announcer Alan Horton was outraged.

Horton seemed most angry with referee Ed Malloy. After the game, Horton took to Twitter to remind fans of a game between the Timberwolves and Miami Heat last season — one that Malloy worked — where several controversial calls were met with a chorus of boos at the Target Center.


Saint Louis University announcer Bob Ramsey shuts down official who tries to confront him on air during game (Audio)

Bob-Ramsey-St-LouisSaint Louis University radio announcer Bob Ramsey was upset with a call during the second half of Saint Louis’s win over VCU on Tuesday night. Like many announcers and color commentators before him, Ramsey was not shy about expressing his displeasure with the call, labeling it a “cheap foul.”

Ramsey also caught the attention of one of the game’s officials, who was apparently within earshot of his criticism. At that point, the official walked over the Ramsey to confront him, but the man with the microphone would have none of it.

“I’m on the air right now,” Ramsey could be heard telling the official. “Stay away from me.”

Ramsey then began explaining to listeners what had happened.

“An official tried to get into our broadcast and we won’t have it,” he said. “We’re not gonna have it. Not gonna have it here. This is 101’s broadcast.”

“Do your own job,” Ramsey’s partner added. “You’re not doing it very well, but do it anyway.”

The comment obviously struck a nerve with the official who made the call, but that wasn’t a very professional way to express his concern. Ramsey has a job to do as a radio broadcaster, and part of that job involves providing his opinion on what is happening on the court. Saying that a “cheap foul” was called isn’t exactly insulting the official’s wife, so I don’t blame Ramsey for stone-walling him when he tried to confront him on the air.

H/T @jbacott via The Big Lead for the audio

Lake County Fielders Announcer Qumar Zaman Quits While On the Air

Things are not going well at all for the Lake County Fielders. Last week, their manager and several players quit right before a game because they insisted they weren’t being paid enough. Since they were forced to deal with a very short roster, Lake County decided to play pitchers in the field and allow position players to pitch. This inspired the Yuma Scorpions to put the great Jose Canseco on the mound, who allowed only one run in an 8-3 victory.

As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, the Fielders’ radio announcer Qumar Zaman decided to blast the team and its ownership for about four minutes after a loss the other day and then quit on the air.  Listen to his rant, courtesy of Hardball Talk:

That is obviously awful press for Lake County that they certainly didn’t need, but Zaman probably wasn’t doing much to help his own career by going off either.  If you were another team, would you want to hire a guy who has no problem blasting your entire organization on-air before calling it quits?  What happens if you do something to piss him off and it turns into a public relations nightmare?

Question for you LBS Nuts — What’s worse: falling asleep on the job, ripping your own team during the broadcast, or quitting on the air?

H/T to Awful Announcing for some of the story info.

Florida Atlantic Announcer Dave Lamont Challenges Press Box to a Fight

If Florida Atlantic’s football team had the passion of team announcer Dave Lamont, they’d be 6-0 instead of 1-5. Spencer Hall of SB Nation posted the insane video of Lamont flipping out after the Owls’ quarterback got hit in the head on a slide during their game against Arkansas State. Thanks to SI Hot Clicks which has an epic page full of awesome stories for sharing the hilarious link. Must-listen:

Samherb19 had the best comment on YouTube, saying “I’m not a pyschologist but I am pretty sure that guy has what is known as “anger issues.” Precisely. That is legendary stuff and puts the Atlanta Hawks announcer to shame.

This Guy Needs to Calm Down

I love when an announcer shows a little emotion while calling a game.  When the situation calls for it, a play-by-play broadcaster can make a moment that much more memorable and say some things that will stay with you for the rest of your life.  This is absolutely not one of those situations.  Maybe you can’t envision a scenario in which an announcer goes completely bonkers during the 5th inning of a Division II NCAA Semifinal baseball game.  Well, it happened yesterday when a University of Tampa player hit a grand slam in the 5th to increase his team’s lead from 3-2 to 7-2.  Yes, that’s right, they already had the lead.  I suppose if nothing else you can’t accuse this guy of scripting what he’s going to say, but this is pretty priceless.  Check out the video of a University of Tampa baseball announcer overreacting to a grand slam, courtesy of SI Hot Clicks.

Sports Video Of The Day [SI Hot Clicks]