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Friday, November 22, 2019

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Report: Knicks thought trade asking price for Anthony Davis was too high

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis was a star player who had interest in going to the New York Knicks, but the team did not pull off a trade for the big man and instead, Davis was dealt to the Lakers over the summer.

The Knicks had the worst record in the NBA last season and are off to one of the worst starts in the league this season. Having Davis would have helped their outlook for this season, but they felt trying to acquire him in a trade with the New Orleans Pelicans would have been too costly, according to a report.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst wrote a long article published on Thursday that is a timeline of the Knicks’ failures over the past two years. In the article, Windhorst said the Knicks’ front office was deterred by the Pelicans’ hefty asking price.

Unlike other major stars recently, Davis had expressed interest in playing for the Knicks. But Mills and Perry told people they were turned off by the Pelicans’ high asking price of multiple first-round picks plus multiple young players, even though the Knicks had that type of package thanks to their Porzingis trade. They said it would have undercut their long-range plan of building through the draft and developing picks into stars.

Some have already twisted this nugget into headlines clowning the Knicks and are mocking them, but I believe their thinking was smart in this case. Yes, we had no shortage of articles stating that Davis had interest in the Knicks. However, we knew he also wanted to play for the Lakers. Davis was a free agent after 2020, so the Knicks would have only been assured of having Davis short-term.

Can you imagine if the Knicks traded multiple future first-round picks only to see him leave before long, or go to the Lakers? Plus, at the time, the Knicks also believed they would land Kevin Durant and/or Kyrie Irving in free agency.

Things did not work out, but the Knicks identified a rebuilding plan and stuck to it. Given the risk involved in giving up so many assets and seeing Davis leave, it’s hard to blame them for being hesitant.

Frank Vogel says Lakers are handling Anthony Davis’ shoulder issue responsibly

Anthony Davis Lakers

Anthony Davis has endured an injury-riddled start to his Los Angeles Lakers career, and now he and the team are coping with a lingering shoulder issue.

Davis has been diagnosed with right shoulder soreness, though it is not expected to cost him any games right now. Lakers coach Frank Vogel said the team isn’t going anything with Davis that could lead to long-term issues, though he didn’t necessarily deny that the shoulder issue could linger for some time.

Davis aggravated his shoulder injury in Sunday’s game against the Raptors, but it didn’t seem to significantly impact his performance. The Lakers will hope that continues, though it sounds like this one may bother Davis for a while. It’s also not the only injury he’s dealt with this year.

Anthony Davis dismisses buzz surrounding his Bulls comment

Anthony Davis Lakers

Anthony Davis has only appeared in seven games for the Los Angeles Lakers, but people are already talking about the possibility of him playing for the Chicago Bulls. As you might expect, the All-Star big man says we can all pump the brakes with that.

Davis grew up in Chicago, and he was asked by a kid at a Nike-sponsored about the possibility of playing for the hometown team before the Lakers faced the Bulls on Tuesday. His response led many to believe he wants it to happen.

“Honestly, it’s nothing like playing at home,” David said, per ESPN’s Eric Woodyard. “I don’t know. … I mean, I am a free agent next year, but we’ll see. It’s a possibility.”

This isn’t the first time we have heard a star player leave all options open ahead of free agency, but Davis’ remarks sent NBA fans into a frenzy. After he scored 15 points in LA’s 118-112 win over the Bulls, Davis tried to throw cold water on all the buzz.

Davis also told reporters before the game that he is focused on winning a championship with the Lakers and all he meant about his free agency is “we’ll see where it goes.”

Unless the 2019-20 season turns into a complete disaster for the Lakers, it would be a surprise if Davis doesn’t re-sign next summer. LeBron James has already made it clear he wants Davis to be the focal point of the team’s attack, and the Lakers are trying to put themselves in position to contend for championships as long as LeBron is part of the team. With the Golden State Warriors suddenly looking like a non-factor in the Western Conference, the Lakers will do everything they can to keep their core together for at least a few years.

Watch: Anthony Davis tells LeBron James to fix his hair

LeBron James hair

The greatest comeback in NBA history wasn’t the Cleveland Cavaliers bouncing back from down 3-1 to the beat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. It’s actually the reversal made by LeBron James’ hair.

James has been fighting the good fight on the hair front for several years. He seems to have done something that has kept his hair looking pretty full even though it looked like he was losing a lot of it and it was thinning five years ago.

On Friday night though, James had a hair mishap. Some of James’ hair seemed to be messed up, but luckily his Los Angeles Lakers teammate, Anthony Davis, was there to tell him to fix it.

It’s nice to have teammates like that who are willing to help out in a bind. James should be thankful he has Davis to watch his back — and head.

If James really wants to turn this situation into a positive, he should crack another joke about his hairline.

H/T Barstool Sports

Anthony Davis believed to have Grade 1 thumb sprain, no ligament damage

Anthony Davis Lakers

Anthony Davis suffered a thumb injury during the Los Angeles Lakers’ game against the Brooklyn Nets in China on Saturday, but the injury is not too damaging, according to a report.

The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported on Saturday that Davis does not appear to have ligament damage and likely has a Grade 1 sprain, based on initial exams.

Davis will still undergo further testing on his thumb.

The big man, who is in his first season with the Lakers, injured his thumb blocking a shot in the first quarter and did not return.

Davis had his thumb wrapped and iced it after suffering the injury.

The Lakers begin the regular season on October 22 against the rival Clippers.

LeBron James says Lakers will run offense through Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers will have the flexibility to run their offense a number of different ways this season now that Anthony Davis is in the fold, but LeBron James says the plan is for the ball to go through the big man more often than not.

While speaking with the media on Friday, LeBron said there is “no sense” in having Davis if the Lakers aren’t going to facilitate their offense through the six-time All-Star.

“We all know how great Anthony Davis is,” LeBron said. “And if we’re not playing through Anthony Davis while he’s on the floor, there’s no sense in having him on the floor. He’s that great. It doesn’t mean every time down the floor we throw it to him, throw it to him and throw it to him, but we have the ability to do that.”

Having Davis will obviously take pressure off LeBron. Davis has averaged 23.7 points per game throughout his career, and James loves setting guys up and is oftentimes unselfish to a fault. If teams want to double-team LeBron, Davis will kill them down low.

The Lakers are also supposedly planning to move LeBron to a different spot on the floor, so they’re going to have an entirely new look this season. With the Western Conference looking as open as it has in years, they certainly have the tools in place to make a deep playoff run. If Davis is the one anchoring that rather than LeBron, that would be a good sign.

Watch: Cody Bellinger nearly snubs Anthony Davis on handshake

Cody Bellinger hit

Los Angeles sports stars collided on Tuesday when new Lakers star Anthony Davis visited Dodger Stadium.

The Dodgers shared a video on Twitter of Davis meeting with Cody Bellinger in the Dodgers’ clubhouse before the team’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays. As this video clip shows, Davis went looking for a handshake with Bellinger, but the National League MVP contender didn’t see it. The result was pretty funny:

At least they ended up connecting.

Bellinger has owned Los Angeles this summer. He has 42 home runs and is batting .317 for the Dodgers, who have the most wins in the NL. He’s just borrowing the spotlight until Davis and the Lakers take the court later this year, at which point the Lakers and Clippers will be competing in the city.