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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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Deion Sanders tells Antonio Brown about suicide attempt in deep conversation

Deion Sanders is trying to help Antonio Brown make his way back to the NFL, and the Hall of Fame defensive back is diving deep into his own personal struggles in order to make a connection with Brown.

Sanders attempted suicide in 1997 when he drove his car off a cliff. He has opened up about the dark period in his life in the past, and he mentioned it during a conversation with Brown that was captured by Bleacher Report.

Sanders was talking to Brown about the difficulty of creating a superstar persona and becoming “intoxicated with giving (fans) what they want.” The eight-time Pro Bowler said he couldn’t handle that when he got to a “personal low” in life, which is why he’s glad Brown has sought help and spoken to people about his negative thoughts.

Sanders vouched for Brown recently when the two worked out together. Prime Time is trying to help convince a team to sign Brown, though it’s unlikely that will happen until the NFL determines what — if any — disciplinary action will be levied against the 31-year-old.

The NFL has yet to announce punishment for Brown after investigating sexual misconduct claims against him by two different women. Since those allegations came to light, Brown was charged with burglary with battery after he and his trainer, Glenn Holt, allegedly attacked a moving truck driver. Brown pleaded no contest to a charge in that incident recently and avoided jail time.

Brown also streamed a live video on Instagram back in January that showed him berating police officers in front of his children. While his talent is undeniable, the off-field drama has essentially made him untouchable for the time being. Sanders is hoping to help change that.

Antonio Brown pleads no contest to felony charge in moving truck driver incident

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown on Friday pleaded no contest to a felony battery charge stemming from an incident in which he allegedly attacked a moving truck driver, and the free agent wide receiver was able to avoid jail time.

According to ESPN’s Cameron Wolfe, Brown was given a two-year probation, 100 hours of community service and a mandatory psychological evaluation. Brown’s attorney said the case was a civil dispute that was overcharged from the outset.

The incident took place in January, when Brown and his trainer were accused of attacking a moving truck driver over a payment dispute when the driver was delivering furniture from California to Brown’s home in Florida. Brown initially did not cooperate with police, which led to an arrest warrant being issued.

Brown allegedly threw a rock at the moving truck after the driver demanded a $4,000 payment upon arrival. That eventually led to an argument, and Brown and his trainer were accused of assaulting the driver. You can read more details from the incident here.

Brown is still hoping a team signs him for the 2020 season, though the NFL has yet to announce any disciplinary action against him from his numerous off-field incidents.

Antonio Brown training with Deion Sanders

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is hoping for a shot with an NFL team this summer as he awaits the league’s decision on potential disciplinary action, and Deion Sanders is trying to help the star wide receiver land his next contract.

Sanders revealed on Instagram Sunday morning that he and his son Shedeur trained with Brown over the weekend. Sanders shared some photos from the workouts and had high praise for Brown.

“My son came to town to WORK! On his Game, on his Life, On his Thoughts, on his Tomorrow & on ANTONIO BROWN! I Love him to life and I can’t wait to witness this comeback Story called A,B & See. I know what I know and I pray u all get to see what I know to be true about ANTONIO BROWN. God bless all y’all and please have a productive peaceful day we are Growing & Going!” Sanders wrote.

The NFL has yet to announce disciplinary action for Brown after investigating sexual misconduct claims against him by two different women. Since those allegations came to light, Brown was charged with burglary with battery after he and his trainer, Glenn Holt, allegedly attacked a moving truck driver. Brown also streamed a live video on Instagram that showed him berating police officers in front of his children.

Training with Sanders should give Brown some good exposure, but a recent report indicated he is not drawing much interest from NFL teams.

Report: Antonio Brown receiving little interest from NFL teams

Antonio Brown

As it stands, it certainly doesn’t sound likely that Antonio Brown will be playing in the NFL in 2020.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said Brown is receiving little interest from NFL teams largely due to the looming threat of a long suspension pending an NFL investigation.

“Let’s go to Antonio Brown — now, this is an interesting case because the NFL, I’m told, is still reviewing his personal conduct case that there is just a lot to unpack,” Fowler said on “SportsCenter” Sunday, via Garrett Stepien of 247 Sports. “You have the September allegations, of course, of sexual assault and rape. You have an incident with a truck driver that resulted in battery charges.

“And so, there’s just not a lot of buzz right now, league-wide, about signing Antonio Brown. And that’s in part because there could be a lengthy suspension coming for him. So despite the talent, hardly a slam dunk that he plays in 2020.”

Brown has tried to undo some of the damage he did over the last year, but it’s too late. He’s being investigated for sexual assault and has been charged with battery in a separate incident. That’s led to a lengthy NFL investigation, and clearly teams aren’t confident that he’ll be absolved.

The four-time All-Pro receiver is still just 31, so he has time to get back into the league. His conduct is preventing that in a big way.

Report: Russell Wilson wants Seahawks to sign Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown

A lot of teams are understandably shying away from even looking into signing Antonio Brown, but that certainly isn’t stopping key players from wanting to play with him.

According to John Clayton of ESPN 710 Seattle, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson “would love” for the team to add Brown to its wide receiver corps.

No deal is likely anytime soon. Even if the Seahawks maintain legitimate interest in Brown, a move like that likely would not come until July or August, when rosters and more settled and the Seahawks know what kind of cap space they have and what needs they may have to fill.

Wilson is reportedly not the only top quarterback who’d like to play with Brown. The former Steeler’s ongoing legal issues make it unlikely that he signs anywhere soon, not to mention his growing reputation as a difficult character in the locker room.

Penguins take funny shot at Antonio Brown on Twitter

Antonio Brown

It’s safe to say that Antonio Brown had quite the fall from grace in the city of Pittsburgh, and the Penguins poked fun at that much on Monday.

Pittsburgh’s NHL franchise kicked off the week by live-tweeting their Game 1 2016 Stanley Cup Finals matchup against the San Jose Sharks, which aired locally Monday on various networks. When the Penguins found a tweet they had sent at the time touting Brown’s attendance at the game, they reposted it with the caption, “Awkward.”

Brown, the ex-Pittsburgh Steelers receiver, was traded by the team roughly one year ago, beginning his well-publicized downward spiral. These days, the seven-time Pro Bowler is so toxic that not even a single team wants him.

While Brown has been making some moves lately in an apparent attempt to get back in the NFL’s good graces, the Penguins’ tweet is a good reminder of just how quickly one can go from a hero to a villain.

Antonio Brown hires Ed Wasielewski as new agent

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is still hoping for an opportunity to play in the NFL next season as he awaits potential disciplinary action from the league, and the star receiver has hired new representation to help him get his affairs in order.

Brown has hired agent Ed Wasielewski of EMG Sports, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports.

Brown used to be represented by NFL super-agent Drew Rosenhaus, but Rosenhaus ended his relationship with the 31-year-old back in January. Rosenhaus indicated in a letter that he would be open to working with Brown again in the future if Brown went to counseling.

Rosenhaus defended Brown through a lot, including the way Brown forced his way out of Oakland and the sexual assault allegations that were levied against the Pro Bowler. The final straw appeared to be when Brown shared a video of himself on Instagram live berating police officers in front of his children.

Brown is still likely to be suspended, but the NFL has dragged his investigation out. That is making it more difficult for him to find a new team, which is likely what the league wants at the moment.