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Thursday, July 9, 2020

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Peyton Manning wife Ashley got drugs from anti-aging clinic


When Super Bowl 50 comes to an end, Peyton Manning won’t only be answering questions about whether he plans to play in 2016. The 39-year-old quarterback will likely also be asked about the performance-enhancing drug allegations the NFL is currently investigating.

As most of you know, an Al Jazeera report claims Manning’s wife Ashley received illegal shipments of HGH, with the implication being that Peyton took the drugs while recovering from neck surgery in 2011. While Manning has vehemently denied taking any illegal substances, a spokesman for him recently acknowledged that Ashley had a prescription from the Guyer Institute.

The spokesman, Ari Fleischer, would not say which drug Ashley Manning was prescribed to. However, some feel it is quite the coincidence that Ashley had a prescription from the anti-aging clinic at the same time Peyton was being treated there.

Al Jazeera claims HGH was, in fact, the drug that Manning’s wife was receiving. Not only that, but the report alleges that the HGH was being illegally shipped to Ashley, which would imply that she does not suffer from one of the handful of conditions that make HGH use legal.

Manning would argue that any prescription his wife has is her business and her business only. While that’s certainly true, he has to understand how bad it looks when you read some of the shady activity the founder of the Guyer Institute has engaged in.

It will be interesting to see what the NFL’s investigation reveals. We all saw how efficient the league was with Deflategate, right?

Peyton Manning wife Ashley did receive drugs from Guyer Institute


A representative for Peyton Manning has confirmed that Manning’s wife Ashley received medication from the Guyer Institute in Indianapolis.

Charlie Sly, the source of the human growth human allegations against Manning in Al Jazeera’s bombshell report, said while he was being secretly recorded that Ashley Manning received shipments of HGH. Ari Fleischer, a crisis management expert who has been hired by Manning, confirmed to the Washington Post that Ashley received shipments of medication from the Guyer Institute. He would not say what drug she was prescribed to.

The story Sly said he made up contained at least a bit of truth, though: The Guyer Institute did ship medication to Ashley Manning, Fleischer confirmed. Citing Ashley’s right to privacy, Fleischer declined to specify whether the medication was human growth hormone, which is banned by professional sports leagues and only legal to prescribe in America for a few specific conditions, such as growth hormone deficiency, HIV wasting syndrome and short bowel syndrome.

If nothing else, that proves that Sly wasn’t lying about everything he said when he was unaware he was being recorded. After the Al Jazeera report was published, Sly recorded a video (watch it here) claiming that the statements he made are “absolutely false and incorrect.” So is he lying about lying?

Manning has admitted he was treated at the Guyer Institute following his neck surgery in 2011, but he insists he never took any medications that were prescribed to his wife. He also says all of his treatment was overseen by the Indianapolis Colts and did not violate any NFL rules.

Here’s what it all boils down to: If you believe Manning is innocent, you believe his wife just happened to be receiving a prescription from the clinic where he was being treated at the same time he was recovering from multiple neck surgeries. Is it possible that was the case? Of course, but you must also ignore all the red flags associated with the founder of the clinic and the fact that Al Jazeera claims Ashley Manning received her shipments illegally.

Non-story, huh?

Ashley Manning accused of receiving ‘illegal’ shipments of HGH


Since Peyton Manning has not denied that his wife received numerous shipments of human growth hormone, it seems fair to wonder why a drug that has been used by countless athletes — almost all illegally — would be sent to an NFL player’s home.

When the Al Jazeera story linking Manning to HGH first surfaced, he immediately went on the offensive and ripped Charlie Sly and the network for invading his wife’s privacy. Manning insists he has never taken anything illegal or anything that was prescribed to his wife, and those who have defended the Broncos quarterback are quick to point out that Ashley Manning’s medical history is no one’s business but her own.

That’s a very fair point, but many people are overlooking the fact that Al Jazeera’s sources — including Sly — allege that Ashley Manning was illegally prescribed HGH and that it was illegally shipped to her. Is that not an important detail?

Deborah Davies, the lead reporter for the Al Jazeera story, elaborated on that during an interview with WEEI’s “Dennis and Callahan” on Tuesday.

“What we said at the beginning of the program was we are raising questions about the link between Peyton Manning and human growth hormone,” Davies said. “Let me very quickly give you three of the questions: Did Peyton Manning ever say to his wife, this very powerful drug, human growth hormone, which is being illegally prescribed and illegally shipped to you in Florida and elsewhere in the U.S., do we think that’s a good idea for that to happen? Did Peyton Manning ever say to his wife, do we think it’s a good idea for this drug, which is not only being illegally prescribed and illegally shipped, is also banned in my sport, NFL, is it a good idea to have this repeatedly shipped to us in Florida and elsewhere?

“Did the Colts ever say to their star player, who could and should afford the best treatment from the top doctors in America, is it a good idea for you to go to an anti-aging clinic in Indianapolis to get treatment? Let’s start with some of those questions.”


Deborah Davies: Second source confirms HGH was sent to Peyton Manning’s wife


Deborah Davies, the lead reporter in charge of the recent bombshell story Al Jazeera dropped linking Peyton Manning to performance-enhancing drugs, says Charlie Sly is not the only person who claims human growth hormone was sent to Manning’s wife.

In an appearance on CNN Sunday morning, Davies said a second source has confirmed to Al Jazeera that Ashley Manning received shipments of HGH.

Sly, an intern who used to work at an Indianapolis anti-aging clinic where Manning was treated in 2011, said while being secretly recorded that Ashley Manning received HGH from the Guyer Institute. He later recanted the statements.

While Sly never directly said that he knew Peyton Manning used HGH, the implication was clearly that the drugs were sent to Ashley as some sort of coverup. Davies has stood by her report but made it clear that Al Jazeera never accused Manning of using PEDs.

There are a select few health conditions a person can have that make HGH legal to prescribe in America. It’s unclear if Ashley Manning suffers from one of those conditions, but Peyton said in this emotional interview that he is furious his wife’s privacy is not being respected.

Manning has vehemently denied that he ever did anything illegal or against NFL rules. He claims he went to the Guyer Institute in 2011 under the supervision of the Colts, though you might want to read about the type of character that runs the anti-aging clinic.

The NFL says it is investigating the claims against Manning.

Peyton Manning’s wife Ashley had prescription from anti-aging clinic


Peyton Manning has strongly denied a report that claims he used illegal performance-enhancing drugs in 2011 when he was recovering from neck surgery, and we may now be getting a better idea of where the allegations stemmed from.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Manning has retained the services of crisis management specialist Ari Fleischer to help deal with the bombshell report. Fleischer told Rapoport that Manning has never failed an NFL-issued drug test or used human growth hormone. He did say, however, that Manning’s wife Ashley was a patient at the anti-aging clinic in question.

That piece of information is significant, as the report from Al Jazeera claims Manning received shipments of HGH to his home in his wife Ashley’s name. A Texas-based pharmacist who spoke to Al Jazeera said Manning and his wife visited the Indianapolis anti-aging clinic after normal business hours for IV treatments.

Manning’s agent has already spoken out against the allegations, and Peyton later doubled down with some very strong comments of his own. You can read what Manning had to say about the report here.

Fleischer said the HGH allegations will not affect Manning’s current playing status.