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Monday, July 13, 2020

Articles tagged: Baltimore Orioles

Report: Orioles have made Yasiel Puig contract offer

Yasiel Puig

Yasiel Puig remains unsigned as MLB summer camps ramp up, but he seems to have interest from a new team.

The Baltimore Orioles are interested in Puig, according to Marc Feinsand of MLB.com. In fact, the Orioles have made Puig at least one contract offer.

Puig has been a free agent since the end of last season, and has been very picky about his destination. This isn’t the first MLB offer he’s received, but he turned that one down for a few very specific reasons.

Puig definitely still seems to want to get paid a good amount, but the market just hasn’t been there for him. He’s 29 now and hit a modest .267 last season for Cincinnati and Cleveland, though he did contribute 24 home runs. Puig probably won’t come close to hitting .300 again, but he’s got 20-homer pop and can bring energy to a team. That may be what the Orioles, who aren’t expected to contend, need to at least provide a little shot in the arm.

Gleyber Torres’ 2019 numbers against the Orioles are unheard of

Baltimore Orioles logo

It’s no secret that the Baltimore Orioles are one of the worst teams in the league, and the New York Yankees are one of the best. Put the two together 19 times a year as AL East rivals, and you’re going to get some gaudy numbers.

Still, the eye-popping numbers put up by Yankees second baseman Gleyber Torres are unparalleled. Torres has been a decent, but not great hitter against teams other than Baltimore this season. When the Orioles come to town, however, he turns into peak Barry Bonds except even better.

Torres hit a home run in his first at bat against the Orioles on Monday, adding to the numbers. Such is Torres’ dominance against Baltimore that nearly half of his 2019 home runs — 11 of 24 after Monday’s aforementioned homer — have come against Baltimore.

Torres is a career .360 hitter against the Orioles, so this is nothing new. He’s been so dominant against them that Baltimore’s announcers have noticed and are extremely sick of him.

Orioles’ comeback win over Astros one of MLB’s biggest betting upsets

Baltimore Orioles logo

The Baltimore Orioles’ win over the Houston Astros Sunday was certainly unexpected, but the scale of the surprise only becomes apparent when you look at the odds.

According to ESPN, some sportsbooks listed Baltimore as high as +420 underdogs before Sunday’s game, with the runaway Astros putting Justin Verlander on the mound against the hapless Orioles. That would be the largest upset dating back to 2005, according to archived odds from BetLabSports.com.

The Astros, meanwhile, became only the second favorite of -400 or greater to lose in Major League Baseball over the same span. The Minnesota Twins lost to the Washington Nationals in 2007 in a game in which the Nationals were +390 underdogs.

No matter how you look at it, the odds indicate this was one of the biggest upsets in baseball in the last decade and a half. It required a walkoff home run in a three-run bottom of the ninth to happen, and that came after a massive blunder that justified Baltimore’s underdog status.

Watch: Orioles’ defensive disaster allows Michael Brantley to score on triple

Baltimore Orioles logo

The Baltimore Orioles are one of the worst teams in baseball, and teams as bad as they are tend to find new ways to lose every day. Sunday was no exception.

Baltimore held a 5-4 lead in the 9th, but the Houston Astros put the first two men on in the inning for Michael Brantley. Brantley ripped a line drive to right that would have given Houston the lead either way but got even worse thanks to right fielder Anthony Santander.

So what exactly happened in that right field corner? The simple answer is Santander completely forgot how to throw.

That’s a bad one. The only consolation was that the Astros would have taken the lead no matter what, but Santander’s effort was ruled a throwing error, giving Brantley a triple and an extra base on the mistake.

Despite the blunder, the Orioles rallied in the bottom of the ninth off Astros closer Roberto Osuna and actually came back to win 8-7. That’s some happy news for a team that has endured a difficult week/a>.

Fans dislike Orioles’ special Maryland Day uniforms

Baltimore Orioles Maryland Day

The Baltimore Orioles broke out some special uniforms on Saturday to celebrate Maryland Day, but many fans did not seem to like them.

Take a look at the uniforms the Orioles were wearing for their home game against the Cleveland Indians.

The jerseys and bill of the cap featured patterns from the Maryland state flag. Those are the same patterns heavily embraced by the University of Maryland on their sports uniforms.

Most of the comments about the uniforms from fans on social media was negative.

Despite the negative feedback, the Orioles seemed to thrive in the unis. They scored six runs in the fourth to take a 7-0 lead on the Indians, while Andrew Cashner had only allowed one hit to that point.

Report: Top pick Adley Rutschman gets record bonus from Orioles

Adley Rutschman

The Baltimore Orioles have handed out a record bonus to No. 1 overall pick Adley Rutschman.

The Orioles officially announced Rutschman’s signing on Monday, and according to MLB Network’s Jon Heyman, the deal is for a record $8.1 million.

Rutschman, a catcher from Oregon State, was so feared at the college level that he got the Barry Bonds treatment late in the season. The Orioles clearly feel he’s worth big money. They worked quickly to get him signed, into their system, and hopefully prepare him to become a franchise cornerstone for years to come.

Rutschman batted over .400 two seasons in a row, including .427 as a junior this season with a 1.356 OPS.

Watch: Orioles announcer has hilarious reaction to Gleyber Torres homer

Baltimore Orioles logo

New York Yankees phenom Gleyber Torres has been terrorizing Baltimore Orioles pitching ever since entering the league, and the O’s announcers have just about had it with him.

The All-Star infielder stepped up to the plate in the second inning of Monday’s game between the two teams, prompting Baltimore play-by-play broadcaster Gary Thorne to note how Torres has torched the Orioles with a .386 lifetime average against them. As Thorne was almost mid-sentence, Torres, wouldn’t you know it, smacked a homer to left-center to put the Yankees on the board.

This prompted an exasperated Thorne to yell out, “GET HIM OUT OF HERE!” and openly question why the O’s still chose to pitch to Torres. Take a listen:

The 22-year-old Torres has been almost as good against everyone else as well, entering play on Monday with a .293/.330/.503 slash line on the season to go along with eight homers and 21 RBIs. As for the Orioles, it has been another nauseating season with their AL-worst record of 15-31. To make matters worse, Torres isn’t even the only Yankee to disrespect them in recent times.