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Patrick Beverley making notable move after trade to Lakers

Patrick Beverley warming up

Apr 3, 2022; Houston, Texas, USA; Minnesota Timberwolves guard Patrick Beverley (22) warms up before the game against the Houston Rockets at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Beverley is wasting no time after arriving for his second career stint in Los Angeles.

The newly-acquired Lakers guard Beverley will be launching a podcast with Barstool Sports, founder Dave Portnoy announced on Twitter. Beverley is set to team up with Barstool personality Adam Ferrone for the podcast, which will debut this fall.

The former All-Defensive First Teamer Beverley becomes at least the second active NBA player to host a podcast. Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green debuted a self-titled podcast for The Volume last season (which became the subject of some controversy in the playoffs).

Among his other infamous qualities, Beverley is known as a no-holds-barred trash-talker. That should make him a pretty entertaining podcaster, as we already got a glimpse of during Beverley’s savage guest appearances on ESPN this past spring.

Roger Goodell grilled by congressman over banning Barstool founder Dave Portnoy

Roger Goodell at the podium

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell testified on Wednesday at a congressional hearing related to the investigation into alleged workplace misconduct with the Washington Commanders. He was asked a series of questions about the inner workings of the NFL, but one inquiry seemed to really take Goodell by surprise.

Rep. Jim Jordan asked Goodell why the NFL has banned Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy from attending league events. Goodell claimed he is “not familiar with that issue,” which Jordan said he cannot believe. You can see a video of the exchange below:

Jordan prefaced the question by asking if Goodell believes in the First Amendment. He also mentioned how Portnoy interviewed former president Donald Trump at the White House, yet the NFL won’t allow Portnoy into events like the Super Bowl.

Of course, Jordan was clearly trying to go viral. That was evident when he tweeted the video and tagged Portnoy and Barstool Sports. If creating a viral moment was the goal, Jordan succeeded.

It is impossible to believe that Goodell is unaware of Portnoy’s ban. The two have a long history. Portnoy and other personalities were arrested outside NFL headquarters in 2015 for protesting Tom Brady’s Deflategate suspension. Portnoy was handcuffed and kicked out of the Super Bowl in 2019.

More recently, Portnoy was the highest bidder on a charity auction prize that was supposed to result in him being able to watch an NFL game with Goodell. The NFL blocked the meeting, to no one’s surprise.

Goodell may not understand why he was asked about Portnoy on Wednesday, but he is undoubtedly familiar with the situation.

Barstool Sports founder makes incredible offer to Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverley reacts to a play

Nov 13, 2021; Los Angeles, California, USA; Minnesota Timberwolves guard Patrick Beverley (22) enters a game against Los Angeles Clippers during the first quarter at Staples Center. The Clippers won 129-102. Mandatory Credit: Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Beverley received a lot of attention on Monday for his harsh criticism of Chris Paul, and one of the most successful people in the media world loved every second of it.

While serving as a guest analyst on ESPN’s “Get Up,” Beverley unloaded on Paul for being a poor defender (video here). He also said CP3 should have been benched in the Phoenix Suns’ embarrassing Game 7 loss to the Dallas Mavericks.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy was mesmerized by Beverley’s commentary. He offered to write the veteran guard a “blank check” to do a podcast with Barstool.

“If Pat Beverley is a Barstool fan and he’s watching this, he has a blank check. You name your price for a podcast, and we will hire you — no questions asked,” Portnoy said. “Just say how many zeros and guarantee us once a week, you are hired.”

Portnoy also expressed his admiration for Beverley on Twitter.

Beverley is obviously not a fan of Paul. The 33-year-old also seems like a guy who is destined to work in sports media before or after he retires from playing. Barstool would offer Beverley a great platform to speak his mind, so we would not be surprised if he considers the offer.

Dave Portnoy shares proof that woman behind allegations had axe to grind

Dave Portnoy

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy has been vehemently defending himself since a Business Insider takedown attempt was published last week. On Thursday, Portnoy addressed the allegations against him via a lengthy live video stream posted on social media.

In the Business Insider piece (which is paywalled and was used as a tool to try and sign up subscribers), Portnoy is accused of humiliating and having rough sex with two young women in separate incidents.

One of the women, a 20-year-old who is referred to as “Madison” in the story, says she connected with Portnoy over social media. Portnoy eventually bought her a plane ticket and invited her to his home in Nantucket, Mass.

The woman told BI she had a “traumatic experience” that ended with her sleeping on Portnoy’s couch for two nights before she flew home.

The woman told BI she “kept trying to get away” from Portnoy while the two were having sex and that he said “stop running away from me” and refused to stop. Portnoy has adamantly denied those allegations. However, Portnoy stated that the woman in question indeed slept on his couch. But Portnoy says the woman slept on his couch due to an argument the two had over their differing views on life, not because of sex issues.

Portnoy expounded on the matter Thursday during his Twitter Live session. The Barstool Sports founder also shared what he believes is proof that the woman had an axe to grind against him due to her political stance.

Portnoy received attention in July 2020 for a highly-publicized interview he conducted with Donald Trump ahead of the 2020 presidential election. Portnoy says the interview occurred three days after his interaction with Madison.

In his Thursday live session, Portnoy stated his belief that Madison became furious to learn that Portnoy was not radically anti-Trump the way she was.

“People think I’m like some crazy Trump guy. I am not,” Portnoy stated on Thursday. “I don’t like either extreme. This girl was extreme, extreme, extreme, extreme (politically). … I wasn’t gonna get into the politics of it. I didn’t want to bring that into it, but that is why we did not agree.”

Portnoy described his conversation that led to the woman sleeping on his couch as “vicious.”

“It was a vicious conversation, and we did not like each other after [our political conversation],” Portnoy contended Thursday.

These aren’t just Portnoy’s personal views on the matter, either. He shared past tweets from the woman that support his claim.

Portnoy says his interview with Trump was three days after he had sex with Madison. In one Instagram post, the woman shared a photo of Portnoy and Trump together and wrote, “Ok. Not my proudest f—.”

In a second Instagram post, the woman criticized Portnoy and threatened to expose him “if he ever truly pisses me off.”

“Portnoy was a d— and lame and grumpy. He gets a 2/10 from me. If he ever truly pis-es me off I have lots of content to expose him with. I am going to stick to the athletes,” the woman wrote.

During his live session, Portnoy shared screenshots of the woman’s Instagram posts, though he blurred out her username.

Madison also responded to a tweet where Portnoy bragged about his net worth being $118 million. She replied “Venmo” and listed what was presumably her Venmo account name. She seemed to be implying that Portnoy should send her money.

Business Insider omitted all of this context from its hit piece on the Barstool Sports founder.

A good portion of BI’s story was regurgitated criticisms of Barstool Sports published in other media outlets over the years. Then the majority of the remaining portions of BI’s article stemmed from Madison’s issues with Portnoy.

Since BI published its hit piece on Portnoy, which they have used to run ads on Twitter in hopes of gaining subscribers, Portnoy has pointed out other significant issues with the outlet’s takedown attempt.

Portnoy posted screenshots of messages he received from women who warned him about the author of the story contacting them. The women shared with Portnoy that the writer of the BI piece, Julia Black, seemed to have an agenda and was hunting for people who would bad-mouth Portnoy.

Portnoy shared that he believes Black was biased against him, already arrived at the conclusion that he was terrible, and that she worked backwards from there, looking for any sort of evidence that would support her takedown attempt. He noted that Nantucket police said Black did not contact them to verify a claim she included in her story.

Since the story’s publication, Portnoy has questioned other ethical/journalistic issues involving Business Insider’s dealings.

Portnoy pointed out that there was unusual trading activity involving his company’s publicly-traded stock (symbol: PENN) the day the story came out (which also coincided with the day Penn National Gaming reported its quarterly earnings). Portnoy shared speculation that either those at Business Insider who knew the outlet was about to publish a takedown piece against him either profited themselves, or shared information with other people, who then placed stock bets against PENN that paid off when the stock dropped around 20 percent the day the piece was published. (Note: the stock may have dropped due to a combination of the company’s earnings report and the publication of the takedown story.)

Portnoy pointed out that Business Insider’s CEO has been found guilty of securities violations and banned from the securities industry.

Portnoy also alleged that Business Insider was proactively alerting Barstool Sports advertisers that they were working on a follow-up piece on Barstool. Portnoy believes that was Business Insider’s attempt to get advertisers to “cancel” Barstool.

The full video of Portnoy defending himself is below.

Disclosure: Steve DelVecchio and Larry Brown own shares of PENN stock.

MLB, Barstool Sports reportedly in discussions about broadcasting games

Dave Portnoy

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy recently claimed his company has had discussions with “major leagues” about broadcasting games, and he may have been referring to Major League Baseball.

Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reported on Monday that Barstool Sports and MLB have had “significant negotiations” about broadcasting games during the week on the website’s various platforms. The partnership, if it comes together, could potentially have an emphasis on in-game gambling.

It does not sound like MLB and Barstool are all that close to a deal, as one source told Marchand an agreement is “50-50” to happen at this point. Both organizations declined to comment.

MLB currently has national TV broadcasting rights deals with ESPN, FOX and Turner. ESPN has dropped regular, non-exclusive Monday and Wednesday games from its next contract with MLB, which begins next year. That is where Barstool and/or other companies could come in. YouTube and Peacock are other possibilities.

As Marchand notes, Barstool could sell MLB on having direct access to a younger demographic, which the league has had trouble reaching in recent years. Incorporating in-game gambling would definitely increase interest in regular season contests.

Barstool’s parent company is Penn National Gaming. The company has opened several Barstool Sportsbooks, with several more planned as more states legalize sports betting.

Portnoy is a marketing genius, even if Barstool has been at the center of numerous controversies over the years. He was briefly suspended from Twitter earlier this year and immediately began trending for it. While MLB would probably face some backlash if it partnered with Barstool, the pros would almost certainly outweigh the cons.

Barstool Sports trying to hire Paul Pierce after ESPN firing

Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce was fired by ESPN on Monday over a video stream he shared that many considered inappropriate, and Dave Portnoy of Barstool sports is looking to capitalize on the opportunity.

Portnoy immediately began recruiting Pierce when news surfaced that ESPN was parting ways with the former NBA star. The Barstool founder first sent a tweet indicating he wants Pierce to call him.

Then on Tuesday, Portnoy said during his popular “Davey Day Trader” stream that he has reached out to Pierce.

“Listen, Paul Pierce, I’m gonna make a run at Paul Pierce,” Portnoy said. “I’m gonna make a run at his a–. I reached out. Contact has been made. He got fired from ESPN for having strippers and blunts in the background of a livestream. Whatever, I don’t give a f— about that. We’d love to have him.”

There was once a time when people may have laughed at the idea of Pierce taking a job with Barstool Sports, but it is no longer out of the question. Barstool has grown into a massive media and sports gambling company. They have hired some high-profile former athletes, most notably Deion Sanders.

That said, this is not the first time Portnoy has openly fantasized about hiring an NBA legend.

Pierce was fired by ESPN after his live video stream appeared to show him smoking marijuana and surrounded by strippers. He quickly issued a video response (see it here) that made it seem like he is not concerned about the next chapter of his career.

Barstool Sports looking to make Charles Barkley next big hire?

Barstool Sports made its biggest hiring splash in company history this week when it was announced that Deion Sanders is joining the media powerhouse, and founder Dave Portnoy is aiming even higher going forward.

TMZ caught up with Portnoy to discuss the Sanders hire, and Portnoy was asked if he had any other big media personalities in mind that he wants to work with at Barstool. He mentioned Charles Barkley without giving it much thought.

“Charles Barkley is, like, the best ever to do it,” Portnoy said. “He’s a guy who — one of the few — he just slings it on TNT and does a great job. That’s the guy that comes to the top of my list.”

Portnoy also said Barstool found out through their connections that Sanders was a bit unhappy at NFL Network, which is how the opportunity arose.

“He couldn’t shoot from the hip. Deion couldn’t be Deion,” Portnoy said. “As he said, he had 20 seconds to get his point across and had to be (politically correct), so he was looking for a place where he could sling it. We got introduced to him, kind of hit it off, and the rest is history.”

Sanders should be a great fit with Barstool, though it should be noted that not all of their splashy hires have worked out. Former NFL punter Pat McAfee joined Barstool Sports when he retired from playing, but he left the company after the partnership went south. Barstool’s decision to hire actor Michael Rapoport turned out to be a disaster.

Barkley is a staple of one of the most popular shows in sports with TNT’s “Inside the NBA,” so we doubt he has plans to leave. The way he gets into it constantly with people would probably make him perfect for Barstool, though.

Deion Sanders’ coaching ambitions supported by Barstool Sports

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders still has his eyes on coaching football, and Barstool Sports’ support of that ambition was a factor in why they were able to land him.

According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, Sanders’ agreement with Barstool comes with a promise from the company that it will support his efforts to find a college football coaching job. This was confirmed by Constance Schwartz, Sanders’ representative.

“You are not wrong on coaching in the future and Barstool is very supportive of that,” Schwartz told Marchand. “He is coaching now, but, as you said in your article yesterday, he still has aspirations to coach at the college level and Barstool is fully on-board for that.”

Sanders has made no secret of his desire to coach a college football team. He openly tried to land the job at his alma mater Florida State and has said he intends to have a job in the sport by 2021. If that works out, Sanders’ stay with Barstool could be a fairly brief one, but the company appears to be comfortable with that scenario.

Deion Sanders joins Barstool Sports after departing NFL Network

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders parting ways with NFL Network made headlines on Tuesday, but that report was just been a precursor to much bigger news.

Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand reported that Sanders was leaving NFL Network. A subsequent report from the New York Post’s Andrew Marchand said Sanders was asked to take a pay cut and declined.

Now we know why: Sanders is headed to Barstool Sports.

“Pardon My Take”, which is a Barstool Sports property and the No. 1 sports podcast on Apple Podcasts, announced that Deion Sanders has joined the company. Sanders was a guest on “Pardon My Take” on July 26, two weeks prior to the announcement, and then joined the show again for Wednesday’s episode, where the announcement was made.

Willie Colon, another former NFL player who joined Barstool Sports, hyped the announcement and was excited about it.

“I had no idea when I went on with you guys last time that this would transpire so quickly,” Sanders said on “Pardon My Take”.

According to the announcement on the episode, Sanders will launch his own podcast called “21st and Prime”, do some video work for Barstool Sports, and he will join “Pardon My Take” as an NFL guest on Sunday nights during the football season.

This is an absolutely massive hire for Barstool Sports, and likely the biggest name they have ever had on staff. Sanders immediately raises the profile and credibility of Barstool Sports. Prime can now become even more connected to a young audience.

One thing to keep in mind is that when Barstool has made splashy, big-name hires in the past, it hasn’t always worked out for the long-term. Pat McAfee retired from the NFL to join Barstool Sports, but that partnership fell apart and McAfee left the company. The company’s hire of Michael Rapoport ended up a disaster. Both sides are hoping this works out much better.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy wins $250,000 charity auction to troll Roger Goodell

Dave Portnoy fire Goodell

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy is a genius when it comes to generating publicity, and he is at it again.

Portnoy spent $250,000 to win an NFL charity auction all so he could troll Roger Goodell.

The auction was for “Monday Night Football with the Commissioner in his Fan Cave + 2 tickets to any regular season game.” Yes, that means that Portnoy will be watching a game with the commissioner, a man he has trolled over the years.

Portnoy’s company has sold a T-shirt with Goodell’s face looking like a clown and made it so popular that even a New England Patriots coach wore it. Fans also had towels with Goodell’s clown face on it:

In a video announcing he had won the auction, Portnoy was wearing a hat that said “Fire Goodell” on it and a clown Goodell shirt.

Portnoy and three of his cohorts once got arrested at the NFL headquarters for protesting the league’s handling of Deflategate. Portnoy has been banned by the NFL and was even handcuffed and kicked out of the Super Bowl a year ago. And now he’s won a charity auction for the right to troll Goodell in person and create content for his company.

And if you’re wondering how Portnoy has the money for a stunt like this, his company sold to Penn National Gaming for $450 million earlier this year.