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Video: Marlins pranked Trevor Rogers with All-Star news

Trevor Rogers prank

The Miami Marlins pulled a cruel prank on Trevor Rogers on Sunday.

Rogers was named one of the pitchers on the NL All-Star team. He learned of the news after Marlins manager Don Mattingly shared it with him.

Unfortunately for Rogers, Mattingly did not share the news in a very straightforward manner. The manager actually tried to prank Rogers by telling the southpaw he was being sent down to Triple-A to manage his innings.

Here is the video:

Rogers did not seem to moved at either piece of information. Maybe he was too focused on his upcoming Monday start against the Dodgers.

The 6-foot-5 lefty entered Monday’s game 7-5 with a 2.14 ERA and 110 strikeouts. He has been a top player for the Marlins this season and is deserving of the honor. Being sent down to the minors would have been bonkers.

Joe Carter shares story behind epic Derek Bell car prank

Derek Bell prank

An epic prank pulled by Joe Carter on former teammate Derek Bell has gone viral this week, and Carter shared the great story behind it.

On October 4, 1992, the Toronto Blue Jays were playing their last game of the regular season and celebrated “Fan Appreciation Day.” Bell was a 23-year-old outfielder with the team that year, and since the Jays had already clinched the AL East, the youngster got the start in the game.

So Carter, who was the star of the team, decided to mess with Bell by driving the youngster’s car onto the field as part of a mock raffle to give away the car to a fan. The entire thing, including Bell’s reaction, is fantastic.

Despite being 27 years old, the video went viral this week, so MLB Network had Carter on as a guest to tell the story of the prank.

“In Toronto, they gave us cars. Honda was a sponsor, so everyone had the same car. But Derek decided to drive his car. And he loved his Jeep. And he talked about his sound system — the sound system cost more than the car itself!” Carter said.

“We knew that [Bell] was going to play. I’m sitting in the clubhouse the day before, I said ‘Derek’s playing tomorrow because we’ve already clinched. It’s fan appreciation day, we’re going to get his Jeep.”

Carter said he had the clubhouse guy get the car cleaned. Then when Carter took the car onto the field, he played a Blue Jays rap song through Bell’s famed sound system. But before he was able to drive the car, he hit a snag — he was having trouble starting the car due to a special ignition system.

What a great story.

The Jays went on to win the World Series that year and repeated the following year.

We’ve seen some other funny baseball pranks, even one involving a car as well. But nothing tops this one. What a classic.

Indians prank Jose Ramirez, park his car at shortstop


Cleveland Indians shortstop Jose Ramirez should stop leaving his car keys in the hands of people he doesn’t trust. If not, he could find his BMW fielding a ground ball without a glove on.

On Thursday morning, the Indians decided to prank Ramirez by parking his car in his office, essentially.

Why would Ramirez’s teammates do that to him? Indians manager Terry Francona told’s Jordan Bastian that the 22-year-old has an unpopular habit of parking his car wherever he pleases at the team training facility. We’re guessing that means he parks in spots that are usually reserved for veteran players and coaches. Here are some more entertaining nuggets:

Ramirez should consider that a warning. There are much worse things teammates can do to a player’s car. Don’t believe us? Just ask this NBA player about his rookie season a couple years back.

H/T Big League Stew

Jeff Francoeur victim of epic prank, thought teammate was deaf (Video)

Jeff Francoeur deafJeff Francoeur was released by the Cleveland Indians during spring training and picked up by the San Diego Padres organization, which assigned him to the minor leagues. Little did he know that when he was sent down, he’d end up being the victim of one of the best pranks we’ve seen.

Frenchy’s teammates with the El Paso Chihuahuas of the Pacific Coast League convinced him that pitcher Jorge Reyes was deaf and managed to keep up the charade for a month, Decker tells us. As Reyes explains in the video, he went without listening to music on team trips despite how difficult it was, just to keep up the appearance that he was deaf.

The video was put together by first baseman/former 22nd round pick out of UCLA, Cody Decker, who has put together a handful of videos on his “Antihero Baseball” YouTube channel. Decker recorded interviews with players who provided commentary on how stupid Frenchy was for falling for the prank, and then he recorded Frency’s reaction to watching the final video. That was just a superb touch.

Excellent video, Decker.

Minnesota Twins relievers execute perfect fake knockout punch for cameras


Twins-relievers-punchIf you watched Minnesota Twins outfielder Chris Colabello’s home run against the Chicago White Sox on Friday, you may have witnessed something disturbing in the visitor’s bullpen. Just as the ball was clearing the wall, it looked like Twins reliever Jared Burton decked teammate Brian Duensing in the face. Fortunately, it was just a perfectly-timed prank.

“It’s all in fun,” Burton told the Pioneer Press after the game. “I knew the ball was coming down and that camera was going to be zoomed in on us. I waited it out, afraid I was going to get hit with the ball. That’s about as good of execution as you could ask for.”

Apparently the idea came from Twins pitcher Matt Maloney, and it is something the relievers have tried in the past. Burton and Duensing were the first pair to execute the stunt to perfection, with Duensing doing a fantastic job of whipping his head back at the right moment.

Typically when we tell you about hilarious baseball pranks that involve human feces and other substances, players are screwing with each other. This time, the joke was on us. A+ for execution.

GIF via Deadspin

Adam LaRoche: Tim Hudson once filled my glove with human crap

Adam-LaRoche-Tim-HudsonBaseball players love to play pranks on one another, and word has it Washington Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche is one of the MLB’s masters. LaRoche appeared on MLB Network’s Intentional Talk on Friday, and Kevin Millar — one of the show’s hosts — was able to gather some intel from LaRoche’s brother before the interview.

Millar got LaRoche to talk about some of the best pranks he has played over the years, one of which the Atlanta Braves fell victim to. After being traded from the Braves to the Pittsburgh Pirates a few years back, LaRoche was in Miami finishing up a series. I’ll let him take it from there, with a special thanks to Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog for transcribing the quotes.

“The Braves happened to have an off day in Miami while we were finishing up our series, so all their gear came in and was in our auxiliary clubhouse, all the Braves’ bags,” LaRoche explained. “And I chose to skip BP that day and go to the back room and dig through everybody’s bags.

“And it just came to my head to pull out everybody’s underwear and sliding shorts, take a pair of scissors and cut the crotch out of everybody’s gear. I sayeverybody; I didn’t have the heart to get Bobby [Cox]. I couldn’t do that. But I got a lot of the coaches and just about all of the players, and then I wrote on the big board — Kevin, you might remember this. I’ll keep it clean, but I wrote on the dry erase board, I said, Hey boys, good luck and play balls out — LaRoche.”

The prank went over well, with each player realizing their athletic supporters weren’t going to be so supportive as they got dressed. However, the victims didn’t exactly let him get away with it. In particular, Braves pitcher Tim Hudson went all out returning the favor.

“I came in, it was getaway day, so they did the standard cut my suit up,” LaRoche said. “Took my dress shirt, froze it. Cut all my equipment up, batting gloves, bats were broken. And then probably the grossest thing I’ve ever seen, Tim Hudson takes my backup first base glove and stuffs human feces up in the fingers of my glove. So needless to say I had to throw that glove away. Never got to use it again. Pretty disgusting.”

LaRoche said he still felt he got the best of the Braves because he got so many of them and they only got him, but we’re talking about a baseball glove turned into a toilet. We have featured some epic baseball pranks on the site over the years, but when someone craps in a glove the war is over. I call that a win for Hudson.

Buck Showalter gets Darren O’Day with excellent prank (Video)

Manager Buck Showalter has a reputation for being a no-nonsense type of guy. Having that type of reputation keeps you from being widely beloved, but it creates an excellent front for pranks.

In this excellent prank set up by MLB’s FanCave, Orioles reliever Darren O’Day thinks he’s doing an interview for The Wall Street Journal about an electric unicycle he likes to use. Instead, he was just being set up by Showalter, Jim Johnson, and the MLB FanCave crew.

If you enjoyed that, you’ll like all the other baseball pranks we’ve featured here at LBS.

Justin Verlander Gives Don Kelly the ‘Hot Foot’, Sets Shoe on Fire (Video)

It takes a variety of pranks to make the baseball prank world go ’round.  There are those that are designed simply to screw with your psyche and those that are meant embarrass the heck out of you.  Then, there are those that are meant to force you to change your cell phone number.  And finally, there are some pranks that are just plain dangerous and should only be attempted by professionals.

As Big League Stew pointed out, Justin Verlander is apparently one of those professionals.  Verlander gave a new meaning to the term “flamethrower” on Sunday with his dugout prank during a game against the Twins. Check out the video of Justin Verlander’s hot foot prank on Don Kelly, courtesy of

Personally, I think I’d rather have a pie in the face.

Mike Trout Pranked By Angels With Phone Number Bit

Mike Trout, a highly-touted outfield prospect from the Los Angeles Angels, recently broke an unwritten rule during team exercises. For that, his phone bill will pay accordingly.  According to Off Base Percentage, Trout spoke out of turn during one of Mike Scioscia’s team building exercises.  Pitcher Jered Weaver was reportedly offended and decided to play a prank on Trout to teach him a lesson.

Weaver — or some other teammate if the pitcher is being falsely accused — arranged for Trout’s cell phone number to be plastered on the scoreboard at Temple Diablo Stadium at various points throughout the game. Lucky for the 19-year-old, there were only 2,822 people on hand to watch the spring training game between the Angels and A’s.  Still, teammate Joel Pineiro said his phone was “blowing up” in his locker during the game.

We’ve seen plenty of baseball pranks before, but this one seems like more of a nuisance than a practical joke.  Rather than thinking to himself, “haha you got me,” Trout has to be thinking, “great, now I have to get a new cell phone number and let everyone know about it.” That being said, I doubt he’ll ever speak out of turn again during one of his manager’s team building exercises.

Kelly Johnson Pranked by At-Bat Music

When it comes to sports pranks, NFL rookie hazing is pretty good, but nothing beats baseball pranks.

Apparently Diamondbacks first baseman Adam LaRoche had been planning a revenge prank on second baseman Kelly Johnson for quite some time and he finally got him back by having the stadium music operator play “It’s Raining Men” as some at-bat music.