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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Articles tagged: big hits

Oklahoma LB Eric Striker lights up Case McCoy (Video)

Eric-Striker-lights-up-Case-McCoyThe annual Red River Rivalry game between Oklahoma and Texas brought the usual hard-hitting, face-paced football we’re accustomed to seeing on Saturday. Texas quarterback Case McCoy got a taste of that in the first quarter when Oklahoma linebacker Eric Striker lit him up.

McCoy, who is the brother of NFL quarterback Colt McCoy, essentially was forced to do a backflip when Striker came off the edge and hit him as he threw. Striker was flagged for roughing the passer on the play and cost his team 15 yards. Here’s another angle of the hit:


Aside from his hand making contact with McCoy’s helmet, I thought Striker laid a pretty clean stick. He didn’t launch himself or lead with his helmet, but rules are rules. McCoy should be pretty sore tomorrow from that one.

H/T The Score

Jay Cutler trucked the crap out of Steelers DB Robert Golden (GIF)


Jay-Cutler-lowers-shoulderChicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler had arguably the best hit of Week 3 during his team’s win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night. With Chicago leading 27-24 in the fourth quarter, Cutler took off and scrambled for 13 yards to pick up a crucial first down on 3rd-and-10. Steelers safety Robert Golden made the tackle on the play, if you even want to call it that.

Rather than sliding like most coaches kindly ask their quarterbacks to do, Cutler lowered his shoulder and trucked Golden. Bears coach Marc Trestman probably asked him to never do it again, especially since he led with his throwing shoulder. Here’s another look at the play:


The play was fun to watch, but it was also incredibly idiotic. Chicago is 3-0 and its new offense appears to be clicking nicely. The last thing the team needs is to lose Cutler because he didn’t feel like sliding. There will be plenty of time during the offseason to act like that oversized Pee Wee football player who loves to lay the lumber.

GIFs via Bleacher Report

Western Kentucky LB Andrew Jackson had the hit of the week (Video)

Andrew Jackson hitWestern Kentucky linebacker Andrew Jackson delivered the hit of the weekend on Saturday. The senior busted through the middle of the Kentucky line and absolutely obliterated Wildcats running back Jonathan George on a fourth-down inside handoff in the third quarter. It wasn’t quite as good as Jadeveon Clowney’s hit on Vincent Smith because the helmet didn’t pop off, but the impact and power seemed to be the similar.

It should come as no surprise that Jackson recorded a team-leading 122 tackles, 4 forced fumbles, and 3 quarterback hits last year and was a first-team all-Sun Belt Conference selection.

Just to jog your memory, Jackson is also the same player who had a quote that went viral two years ago. While facing Kentucky (again), he said aloud on the sidelines, “they supposed to be SEC” with disappointment toward the Wildcats. Once again, Jackson proved that Kentucky was not living up to its SEC billing. The Hilltoppers won the game 35-26 in Bobby Petrino’s coaching debut with the school.

Below is a different look at the highlight:


Massive Pee Wee running back completely trucks defender (Video)

I don’t exactly know how youth football works now, but when I was younger in my hometown everything was organized by weight. This was done for safety, of course. Either I just don’t understand the levels of Pee Wee Football, or this is apparently no longer a rule.

As you can see from the video above that Jimmy Traina shared with us, a brave little boy recently tried to make a tackle on an opponent that was three times his size — and three times everyone else on the field’s size for that matter. The end result was even worse than you may expect, as the poor little fella was trucked harder than anyone we’ve ever seen.

We’ve showed you some massive hits here on LBS over the years, but this has to rank up there with the most ferocious. Somebody check that kid’s birth certificate.

UPDATE: Deadspin pointed out that the video is actually three years old and the teams were Shamokin and Pottsville — both from Pennsylvania. Nevertheless, it’s the first time we’ve seen it and all that information does is make us terrified of how large the ball carrier must be now.

Ronnie Lott narrates video sent to NFL teams about hard but legal hits

The NFL is emphasizing player safety, but that doesn’t mean they want hard hits eliminated from the game. To prove this point, they had noted hard hitter Ronnie Lott participate in a video sent to teams.

Jay Glazer reported on the FOX NFL Sunday pregame show that the NFL sent a video to all 32 teams to send the message that hard hits are still acceptable in the game, so long as they are legal.

The video featured hard hits from last season’s playoff games — including the conference title games and Super Bowl. Lott, who is a 10-time Pro Bowler and Hall of Famer, narrated the video.

Glazer says the NFL has mandated that teams have all their players watch the video. Teams were instructed to confirm that their players have seen the video.

Lott is one of the hardest hitters the game has ever seen, so asking him to narrate the video was an attempt to emphasize to players that they can still commit hard hits that are within the rules.

Alabama DL LaMichael Fanning suplexes helpless Missouri RB (Video)

Alabama’s LaMichael Fanning can expect a suspension in the near future.

The redshirt freshman defensive lineman absolutely annihilated a helpless Missouri running back during the final minutes of No. 1 Bama’s 42-10 win in Columbia on Saturday.

Fanning, who is listed at 6’7″ and 298 pounds, shed a block on an inside handoff to freshman running back Russell Hansbrough, snatched the little man, bear-hugged him, and then lifted him up and slammed him over his head backwards. That’s what we call a suplex in wrestling.

Fanning received an unnecessary roughness penalty for crushing the 5’9″ 180-pounder, and as you could hear Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist saying on CBS, SEC commissioner Mike Slive will likely punish the man for the play.

Fanning hasn’t seen much action this season, but there’s little doubt he got his coaches’ attention with that play.


Minnesota RB Donnell Kirkwood hit so hard decal flies off his helmet (Video)

Minnesota running back Donnell Kirkwood was hit so hard on a second quarter run against Northwestern Saturday that the decal on his helmet literally came off.

Kirkwood danced through a nice hole and lowered his shoulder to prepare for contact with Northwestern DB Ibraheim Campbell who met him with such force that the “M” on Kirkwood’s helmet came off.

We’ve seen uniform issues with decals before, but those were due to “wardrobe malfunctions,” not hard hits. This was a unique case.

Kirkwood, a sophomore from Delray Beach, Fla., gained 73 yards on 18 carries in his team’s 21-13 loss.