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Bill Belichick reiterates that football staff had ‘zero’ involvement in filming Bengals

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick addressed the latest videotaping allegations against the New England Patriots almost immediately after they surfaced on Monday, and his stance on the situation has not changed at all two days later.

Belichick was asked on Wednesday about the NFL’s investigation into his team reportedly videotaping several minutes of the Cincinnati Bengals’ sideline during their game against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, and he remained adamant that neither he nor any member of New England’s football staff had any hand in it.

“The football staff and the coaching staff had nothing to do with what happened,” Belichick said emphatically. “Nothing. We have no involvement in it.”

Belichick said the scout who was being filmed for the team’s “Do Your Job” feature was doing just that, his job. He then stopped addressing the situation and said the team’s statement covered everything.

The Patriots have acknowledged that a videographer working for them illegally filmed the playing field during Sunday’s game in Cleveland, but they say it was simply a matter of him not knowing NFL regulations prohibited it. Belichick immediately distanced himself from the incident as soon as it went public, and one report says the cameraman who was filming the field was doing so right out in the open. The NFL may take that to mean he truly was unaware that he was doing something wrong, though the Patriots could still be disciplined because of their history.

Bill Belichick distances himself from sideline videotaping allegations

Bill Belichick

If a Patriots employee took footage of the Bengals sideline during Cincinnati’s game against the Browns in Cleveland on Sunday, Bill Belichick says it was not done at the request of him or anyone else in his team’s football operations department.

On Monday, the Bengals confirmed that the NFL is investigating an “incident” that took place during their game the day before. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the confusion stemmed from the Patriots receiving permission from the Browns to have an employee in their press box filming a segment for a feature called “Do Your Job.” However, Schefter’s colleague Dianna Russini was told by a source that there was more to it than that.

According to Russini, a Bengals employee observed the Patriots’ videographer recording the Cincinnati sideline for the entire first quarter. When confronted, the videographer reportedly asked if he could just delete the footage so everyone could move on.

Belichick has already responded to the reports. He told WEEI on Monday evening that the football operations department has “absolutely nothing to do with the production people.”

Belichick also said the Patriots “know what the rules are and are in 100 percent compliance with them.”

The Patriots later issued a statement about the matter.

“On Sunday, Dec. 8, the content team sent a three-person video crew to the Bengals-Browns game at FirstEnergy Stadium in order to capture one part of a longer feature on the Patriots scouting department, in this case a Patriots pro personnel scout while he was working in the press box,” the statement from the team said. “While we sought and were granted credentialed access from the Cleveland Browns for the video crew, our failure to inform the Bengals and the League was an unintended oversight. In addition to filming the scout, the production crew — without specific knowledge of League rules — inappropriately filmed the field from the press box. The sole purpose of the filming was to provide an illustration of an advance scout at work on the road. There was no intention of using the footage for any other purpose. We understand and acknowledge that our video crew, which included independent contractors who shot the video, unknowingly violated a league policy by filming the field and sideline from the press box.”

You can certainly understand why people would be hesitant to give the Pats the benefit of the doubt, but that was an awfully quick denial from Belichick. If he was knowingly doing something wrong, it seems more likely that he would have taken some time to think about how he was going to address the situation. Plus, would he really be that dumb after all that has gone on with Spygate and Deflategate?

So what might have happened? We obviously need more information, but let’s say the report about the videographer recording the Bengals’ sideline is true. Perhaps the staffer was there to film for an entirely different reason and saw an opportunity. The fact that he allegedly asked for the footage to be deleted could imply that he knew he did something wrong that he wasn’t instructed to do and was trying to save his own you-know-what. Maybe he saw how easy it was to film Cincinnati’s sideline and wanted to take the footage to Belichick and say, “Coach, you’ll never believe what I got!”

This is all speculation, but it’s hard to believe the Patriots would risk filming a lowly opponent like the Bengals. We know teams go to extreme measures in an attempt to prevent Belichick’s team from getting inside information on them, but something about the latest incident doesn’t add up.

Tom Brady borrows famous Bill Belichick quote after tough loss

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is ready to move on quickly from Sunday’s tough loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, and he is doing that with the help of one of the most famous quotes Bill Belichick ever delivered.

As luck would have it, the New England Patriots’ next opponent is the Cincinnati Bengals. People have already been begging for Belichick to bring back the phrase “we’re on to Cincinnati” in advance of the game, but Brady beat him to it on Monday.

It couldn’t be more appropriate that the Patriots are facing the Bengals in Week 15. Belichick made the phrase “we’re on to Cincinnati” famous back in 2014 after the Patriots were destroyed in a 41-14 loss to the Chiefs. New England fell to 2-2 at the time, and many fans and analysts declared that their dynasty was officially over. Belichick remained focused on the task at hand by repeating the phrase “we’re on to Cincinnati” every time a reporter asked him about the Kansas City loss, and the Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl that year.

They have won two more since.

After their latest loss to Kansas City, the Patriots are once again hearing chatter about how they are no longer an AFC powerhouse. They’re also dealing with questions about how the officials robbed them of two potential touchdowns, so remaining focused could be a challenge this week. Fortunately for them, Belichick already has a mantra in place for the occasion.

Bill Belichick called this Ed Reed INT ‘one of the best plays I’ve ever seen in the NFL’

Bill Belichick

There may not be a player in NFL history that Bill Belichick has gushed more about than Ed Reed. Every time the New England Patriots took on the Baltimore Ravens, Belichick spoke at length with the media about the problems Reed created for an offense and what a dynamic player he was. This week, we saw an example of the type of play Reed made that used to keep Belichick up at night.

Belichick joined the NFL Network to film a six-part special for its NFL 100 All-Time Team, and of course Reed is part of the roster. In the latest installment, Belichick spoke about the “best play I’ve ever seen a free safety make.” It was an interception Reed had against Peyton Manning.

Those watching at home probably thought the throw was simply a poor one from Manning, but Belichick’s enthusiasm about the play shows that there was a lot more to it than that. As Cris Collinsworth said, Manning studied Reed’s tendencies all week, and Reed changed them on that particular play. Manning thought he had 1-on-1 coverage on Reggie Wayne on the outside after Reed turned toward the opposite side of the field, which is exactly what the Ravens legend wanted him to think.

In many ways, Reed was like a quarterback for the defense. He often knew what the QB was going to do with the ball before the throw was made, which is why he somehow seemed to always be in the right place at the right time. It’s a shame that this situation never played out with Reed and Belichick, because that would have been a lot of fun to watch.

Watch: Patriots coach Steve Belichick is like a clone of father Bill

Steve Belichick has received a lot of credit for the way the New England Patriots have played on defense this season, as it has been reported that he is operating as the team’s de facto defensive coordinator and is responsible for calling plays. While we don’t know for sure if that is the case, we do know that it is terrifying how much he sounds like his father Bill.

The younger Belichick spoke with the media recently about his football background and a few other things. If you closed your eyes while listening to the interview, there’s a legitimate chance you could have thought it was Bill.

Bill Belichick is 67 and does not look like he is going to give up coaching anytime soon. There’s a belief that Steve being on the staff makes Bill even more likely to stick around well into his 70s, which is a terrifying thought for the rest of the NFL. The fact that the greatest coach of all time is grooming his 32-year-old son to be just like him should be even more frightening for the league.

In classic Belichickian fashion, Steve ended the interview when asked who has been calling the plays for the Patriots’ elite defense this season. His official title is safeties coach, but it’s clear he has had a big hand in things with Brian Flores having left for the Miami Dolphins.

We first heard about Steve eight or so years ago when he walked on with a college team, and he has been on Bill’s staff since 2012 and been a part of three Super Bowl championships. If he has influenced this year’s team in any way, the Patriots may continue to dominate the NFL for even longer than we thought.

Bill Belichick gave Bill O’Brien the weakest postgame handshake

Bill Belichick barely gave Bill O’Brien a handshake after the New England Patriots’ 28-22 loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday night, leading to some questions about their relationship.

NBC showed O’Brien seeking out Belichick, who gave a weak handshake before quickly moving on and hardly giving any eye contact.

This stood out because coaches typically give more respect to one another. Not only that, but O’Brien coached under Belichick from 2007-2011.

So where did things go wrong?

There is some speculation that Belichick is now holding ill will towards O’Brien over the Texans trying to poach Nick Caserio in June. The Patriots filed a tampering charge against the Texans for trying to poach the executive, and Houston dropped its pursuit. New England did not appreciate Houston trying to take one of their guys, which could explain Belichick’s behavior.

Watch: Bill Belichick has funny response to Thanksgiving question

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick is preparing for a tough game against the Houston Texans on Sunday night, but it sounds like the New England Patriots head coach is planning to stuff his face like the rest of us on Thursday.

In advance of Thanksgiving, Belichick was asked during his Wednesday press conference what he is thankful for. He gave a great response about having the opportunity to coach in the NFL and lead the Patriots, and a reporter then asked him a follow-up about his favorite pie. The coach smirked as he was walking out of the press room and said, “Whatever’s on the table, I’ll take them all.”

It’s easy to picture Belichick studying film while the rest of us are covering our third plate in gravy, but there’s actually plenty of evidence of the future Hall of Famer enjoying himself on holidays. A man’s gotta eat, right?

Bill Belichick irritated with questions about Antonio Brown, other ex-Patriots

Bill Belichick

The New England Patriots knew the risks associated with signing Antonio Brown when they added him to their roster back in September, but that does not mean Bill Belichick wants to answer questions about the star receiver two months later.

As he awaits word from the NFL on any potential disciplinary action, Brown took to social media on Tuesday and seemed to attempt to make amends with the Patriots. He apologized to Robert Kraft and the organization for all the negative media attention he brought, and Belichick was asked about that apology on Wednesday. You can probably guess how the coach responded.

Tom Brady was among several Patriots players who “liked” Brown’s post on Tuesday, and there has been talk about New England potentially bringing him back. Brown is reportedly optimistic that the NFL will clear him before the end of the season after he met with the league recently, and the Patriots are having serious issues on offense.

That probably isn’t going to happen, though. Brown signed with the Patriots just days before it came out that a former friend and personal trainer was suing him for sexual assault. New England initially stuck with him while the situation played out, but Brown was then accused of sexual misconduct by a second woman. The Patriots decided to release him after he sent text messages to the second alleged victim. Brown unloaded on Kraft in a tweet not long after the Pats parted ways with him, though he has since deleted it.

The Patriots could certainly use Brown the football player, but they already got a first-hand look at what a loose cannon Brown the person can be. Belichick tries to limit those types of distractions, which is why he has no interest in talking about it anymore.

Bill Belichick is not interested in Rob Gronkowski’s big announcement

Bill Belichick

Rob Gronkowski is teasing a big announcement, and that has many New England Patriots fans in a frenzy wondering if he may be ready to announce a comeback.

Bill Belichick is not in a frenzy. He is in the total opposite of a frenzy.

Belichick was asked Monday — presumably tongue-in-cheek — if he would be monitoring social media for the big announcement Gronkowski teased earlier in the day. Belichick’s response was more or less exactly what you would expect.

Classic Belichick. It helps that, if Gronk were actually planning a comeback, the Patriots coach would surely know about it already. Judging by Tom Brady’s recent comments, it’s pretty clear that there’s no expectation of it happening, so Belichick can go on with his preparation without having to worry about whatever Gronk is up to.

Bill Belichick ‘not sure’ if Patriots will attend Colin Kaepernick workout

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick is essentially in charge of all roster decisions in addition to being the head coach with the New England Patriots, but he claims he does not know if the team will get a closer look at Colin Kaepernick when the NFL hosts a workout for the free agent quarterback on Saturday.

Like many other coaches, Belichick was asked on Wednesday about Kaepernick’s workout. He said he is “not sure” if any representatives from the Patriots will be present and that director of player personnel Nick Caserio would know better than him.

Belichick is one of the most informed and prepared coaches in NFL history, so he would certainly have a say in whether or not the Patriots scout a player. Since most teams spend Saturday preparing to face their Sunday opponent, he and the key members of his coaching staff are not going to travel to Atlanta to watch Kaepernick throw passes. The same is likely true for any other team that isn’t on a bye this week.

This is precisely the reason many believe the NFL is simply holding the Kaepernick workout for show. They basically dumped the plan in his lap and told him to take it or leave it, which doesn’t sound like a genuine effort to get him signed.

We already know of one surprise team that may have interest in Kaepernick, but ultimately the odds remain stacked against him finding work. Any team that wanted to get a closer look at the 32-year-old would have set up a private workout by now.