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Bill Belichick explains why Cam Newton will remain starting QB

Cam Newton

Cam Newton was benched in the second half of Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers after struggling once again, but that does not mean he is losing his job to Jarrett Stidham. Bill Belichick made it clear after the 33-6 loss that Newton is still the New England Patriots’ starting quarterback, and the coach reiterated it on Monday.

Belichick said Sunday that Newton will “absolutely” remain the starting QB heading into Week 8. During his Monday appearance on WEEI, he praised Newton for being the best player on the roster at his position and said there “other problems offensively.”

Newton completed 9-of-15 passes for 98 yards, no touchdowns and three interceptions in the 33-6 loss. He also threw two picks against the Denver Broncos last week, giving him five interceptions and no touchdowns over his past two games. The Patriots are reportedly looking to make a significant move before the trade deadline, but Newton needs to play much better.

Neither Stidham nor Brian Hoyer have shown anything in their opportunities, so that is likely a factor in Belichick’s decision to stick with Newton. However, the former MVP has played so poorly that he has had to address questions about whether or not he is injured. There’s only so much longer Belichick can let that continue.

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Bill Belichick indicates coronavirus restrictions hurt Patriots

Cam Newton

The New England Patriots played their worst game of the season on Sunday, and it hardly seems like a coincidence that it came after they lost practice time due to positive coronavirus tests. While he has never been one to make excuses, Bill Belichick clearly feels the situation negatively impacted his team.

After New England’s 18-12 loss to the Denver Broncos, Belichick indicated that missing practice time was an issue for the Patriots.

Those responses were long-winded by Belichick’s standards, but he had a more typical answer when asked directly about not having as much time as usual to practice.

The uncertain schedule for the Patriots began two weeks ago when Cam Newton tested positive for COVID-19. They have since had to open and close their facility after a few more positive tests. Newton missed a significant amount of practice time while he was waiting for clearance, and it showed on Sunday. He completed 17-of-25 passes for 157 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions. The former NFL MVP had a chance to lead the Patriots to a comeback win late in the game, but he looked uncomfortable dropping back all day.

New England is now 2-3 after the surprising loss, which snapped an incredible streak. If they miss the playoffs, the loss to the Broncos is one they will surely look back on.

Bill Belichick provides update on Cam Newton’s situation

Cam Newton

It has been nearly a week since Cam Newton tested positive for the coronavirus, but Bill Belichick says the New England Patriots quarterback is still taking part in preparation for Sunday’s game against the Denver Broncos.

Whlile he did not go into specifics about Newton’s health, Belichick told Tom E. Curran of NBC Sports Boston on Thursday that Newton can “absolutely” participate in virtual meetings.

That’s a promising sign regarding how Newton is feeling. If he were having serious complications from contracting COVID-19, Belichick probably would not be talking about him taking part in team meetings.

Stephon Gilmore also tested positive for COVID-19 this week, giving the Patriots a total of three positive tests. Their facility has been closed as a result, so all preparation for Sunday’s game has been remote.

Newton shared an optimistic update on Instagram this week following his positive coronavirus test.

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Did Bill Belichick wear two masks to send message to NFL?

Bill Belichick double mask

Bill Belichick went above and beyond to make sure he was following the NFL’s coronavirus safety protocols on Monday night, and one sports media personality wonders if the New England Patriots coach may have been mocking the league.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk said on his show Tuesday that he believes Belichick was sending a message to the NFL by wearing two masks — especially since he wore them both at his postgame press conference.

“I think it’s fair to conclude that that was his way of passive aggressively reacting to the conference call he had to engage in yesterday on the day of a game,” Florio said. “Probably on the plane or once they landed, they had the extended conference call where (NFL officials) read everybody the riot act and that’s his reaction to having the riot act read to him. If they’re gonna huff and puff he’s gonna make sure nobody blows their house down. If he can give a little subtle middle finger in the process, he’s gonna do it.”

Florio’s co-host Chris Simms speculated that Belichick may have been trying to protect himself after Cam Newton tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend. Ben Volin of the Boston Globe believes that makes more sense than Belichick trying to show up the NFL.

The Patriots did take extra precautions with their trip to Kansas City after Newton tested positive, so perhaps Belichick was doing the same. He also may have been doing everything he could to avoid a massive fine like the ones that have been handed out to some of his fellow coaches.

Whatever the case, the NFL must have been a lot more pleased with Belichick’s mask setup than the one Jon Gruden had in Week 3.

Bill Belichick wears double mask protection during Patriots-Chiefs game

Bill Belichick double mask

Bill Belichick appeared to be seeking extra protection while coaching his New England Patriots during Monday night’s game in Kansas City.

The Patriots head coach was seen wearing two face coverings early in the game. He appeared to have an N95-type mask on as his first layer. Then he seemed to have one of those neck “gaiter” items pulled over his mask.

The Patriots lost quarterback Cam Newton for Week 4 due to a positive COVID-19 test. They have been taking even more precautions since then and flew to Kansas City in two separate planes.

The NFL has been fining coaches who do not wear masks during games. Belichick will not be subjected to such penalties with the way he is doing it. And compare what he did to this coach.

Bill Belichick heaps more praise on Cam Newton

Cam Newton

Bill Belichick certainly seems to be impressed with what he’s seeing from quarterback Cam Newton in the early stages of the season.

The New England Patriots coach was full of praise for Newton’s “tremendous” leadership abilities, and praised how the quarterback interacts with his teammates.

“Cam does a great job of connecting with everybody, whether it’s his teammates, his receivers, guys on defense, other people in the organization,” Belichick said Friday, via Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk. “Again, I think the captain voting — not that that’s the ultimate or final determination of leadership — but I think the fact that he has been here a pretty short amount of time and earned that type of respect and support from his teammates is pretty impressive. But I think it’s across the board. It’s the offensive line, it’s the receivers, it’s all the offensive players and coaches and it extends into other areas, as well .. special teams and defense and other people in the organization. I think that we’ve all seen that and it’s impressive.”

The Patriots-Newton relationship appears to be working out very well so far. The team is 2-1, and Newton has played fairly well. He even seems to be getting along with Belichick. Belichick seems to be a fan of his, too, as the coach is not often one for public praise.

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Cam Newton reveals funny nickname he has for Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick

Cam Newton and Bill Belichick have only worked together for around three months, but they are apparently already on a nickname basis.

During his weekly appearance on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Morning Show” Monday, Newton was asked if his New England Patriots teammates have come up with a nickname for him yet. He said they shouldn’t bother because he’s the “name-caller” and nicknames for him never stick. That led to a follow-up question about whether Newton has coined a nickname for Belichick. He has.

We can only imagine how Belichick feels about that one.

If you’ve heard some of the things Newton has said about Belichick since he signed with New England, you know he’s been pleasantly surprised with how well the two have gotten along. Most players refer to Belichick as “Coach Belichick.” Newton must really be a part of the future Hall of Famer’s inner circle.

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Bill Belichick wishes Celtics luck ahead of Game 6

Bill Belichick

Bill Belchick’s Boston Celtics fandom is showing again.

The New England Patriots coach wrapped up his postgame press conference on Sunday by wishing the Celtics luck in their do-or-die Game 6 against the Miami Heat.

Belichick has a pretty tight relationship with the Celtics organization. He’s a big fan of coach Brad Stevens, and the two are on good terms. In fact, Belichick actually spoke to the Celtics before they kicked off their playoff run.

The Celtics could probably use a Belichick speech Sunday night. They face a 3-2 series deficit, and need a win to force a decisive Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals. Presumably, Belichick will be heading straight home to watch.

Former Patriots WR reveals huge favor Bill Belichick did for him

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick has a reputation for being a bit prickly, but one former New England Patriots player knows the other side of him quite well.

Donte’ Stallworth ended his NFL career playing for the Patriots in 2012. After trying and failing to make the team out of training camp, he was brought back in December due to injuries. In his lone game for the team, he caught a 63-yard touchdown pass, but injured his ankle, ending his season.

Stallworth fully expected to be released with an injury settlement. Instead, Belichick told him that he would be kept on the roster to collect game checks and get credit for playing a year in the league.

The move ensured Stallworth got credit for playing ten years in the league, which increases his retirement benefits.

Belichick is not known for doling out praise in public or private. It’s rare, but not unheard of. Stallworth clearly earned Belichick’s respect, and the Patriots coach did the wide receiver a big favor when he didn’t have to.

Bill Belichick’s ratty sweatshirt leads to awesome memes

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick’s fashion sense has probably been a topic of conversation over the years as much as Cam Newton’s has, but for entirely different reasons. Newton cares probably a little too much about how he looks, while Belichick simply can’t be bothered.

On Wednesday, Belichick presented us with Exhibit A.

Ironically, Newton joked earlier in the week that he will be able to help all of his coaches improve their wardrobes if he hits his contract incentives this season. That includes Belichick, of course.

“In the fine tunes of my contract, since we’re talking contracts, if I hit certain incentives I will be able to dress all the coaches, including Bill Belichick,” Newton said. “So that’s something I’m looking forward to.”

Was this Belichick’s way of responding to that quip? Probably not, because he has worn similar “attire” numerous times in the past. As you might expect, Twitter had a field day with the look:

Again, this is nothing new for Belichick. His unique sense of style was even the theme in the hilarious Subway commercial he filmed recently. We’d say “never change, Bill,” but we know that’s not necessary. Bill is never going to change.