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#pounditThursday, May 13, 2021

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Broncos Fans Plan to Buy Billboards Calling for Team to Start Tim Tebow

There aren’t many fans in the NFL more passionate than Broncos fans. There aren’t many fans in sports more fervent than Tim Tebow fans. When you combine the two, the result is quite the monster.

During Monday night’s loss to the Raiders, some fans began chanting for Tim Tebow to enter the game in place of starting quarterback Kyle Orton. Screaming Tebow’s name during games is not enough for some fans. A group of fans decided to kick their efforts up a notch by attempting to purchase pro-Tebow billboards.

One fan and seven of his buddies were saving up money to travel to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis. Instead, they’ve decided to apply the money towards purchasing billboards in Denver calling for the team to start Tebow at quarterback.

“We believe in Coach Fox, we’re just tired of Kyle Orton,” one of the fans leading the effort told The Denver Post. “We were sitting around after Fox said he didn’t hear the chants for Tebow, and we figured if he’s deaf, we hope he’s not blind.”

The billboards would cost around $10,000 and the fan says he’s already heard from other people who want to chip in.

Before they spend their money on this venture, we should caution them that billboards don’t always work. Some Bears fans wanted the coaching staff fired two years ago. Guess what? Lovie Smith is still there. And the last time Denver fans put up a billboard their prayers were not answered. From what I can tell, the only billboard that seemed to work recently was this one.

You’re wasting your money if you do this, guys. All you’re doing is getting some pub — a few signs are not going to change John Fox’s mind.

Mississippi Coffeehouse Takes Shot at Auburn, Cam Newton

Those of who you who are familiar with the Cam Newton pay-for-play scandal know exactly why Mississippi State fans hate Auburn now even more than they used to.  In fact, it is believed that Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen is the one who leaked the Newton information to begin with.  Needless to say, fans still have not gotten over the Newton situation.

As the Bulldogs prepare to take on Auburn this weekend, restaurants and local establishments in Starkville are doing their part to pump up the community.  Check out this Starkville coffeehouse Auburn sign, courtesy of Twitter user @stuartreese:


J.J. Barea Billboard Takes Shot a Kobe Bryant (Picture)

Don’t get me wrong, I think the J.J. Barea billboard is clever and I’m glad his Mavericks swept the Lakers.  Barea is the prototypical underdog story while many of the Lakers are worldwide celebrities.  The thing I don’t understand is why Kobe Bryant.  According to our friends at Black Sports Online, the billboard above was paid for by Barea in his home country of Puerto Rico and translates to, “Only my ribs hurt, but for Kobe it’s his ego.”

The Lakers were extremely physical with Barea, but the two plays that stick out are Andrew Bynum’s cheap shot on him and Ron Artest’s clothesline on Dirk at the end of Game 4. Funny, neither foul was committed by Kobe himself. So shouldn’t the billboard be taking a more direct shot at one of the culprits?  Maybe Barea chose Kobe because he’s the most recognizable name in Puerto Rico, but it doesn’t make much sense to single him out when his teammates were the ones taking blatant cheap shots at Jose.  In any event, his point is taken.  Chest bump to The Basketball Jones for the picture.

Michigan Fans Buy Jim Tressel ‘Liar Liar, Vest on Fire’ Billboard

Things are looking up for the University of Michigan. Not only did they part ways with Rich Rodriguez and bring in a new coach, but their rival Ohio State is under fire for a tattoo-merchandise scandal. The most controversial part of the scandal is that Ohio State coach Jim Tressel covered up the violations committed by his players and lied about it to authorities. In light of this, some Michigan fans decided to take a shot at Tressel by purchasing this billboard on I-94:

That picture comes to us courtesy of Douglas Ray Williams on twitter via Kegs ‘N Eggs. If anything, I would consider it revenge for this billboard put up two years ago in Columbus. Whether it’s flyover airplanes or billboards, college football fans love tweaking their rivals. I can’t complain.

As for Tressel, we’re learning that lying to school officials is a pattern for him dating back to his Youngstown State days.

Cubs Explain Decision to Market Derek Jeter, Opposing Players on Billboards

A Chicago Cubs marketing flub has caused quite the stir around the blogosphere and beyond.  On Wednesday, Tremendous Upside Potential called our attention to a Chicago-area billboard marketing single-game Cubs tickets.  For whatever reason, Derek Jeter makes up 50 percent of the players featured on that particular billboard. Here it is:

For more on the billboard, Larry Brown Sports caught up with Kevin Saghy, a public relations and marketing specialist for the Cubs.  Saghy explained that the image used on the billboard you see above was carried over from the Cubs marketing campaign for their “Pick 13 Plan,” which gives fans an opportunity to customize a ticket package and see the Cubs take on top-tier opponents like the White Sox and Yankees.  Here’s a similar billboard that makes slightly more sense:


Congratulatory TCU Billboards Pop Up in Ohio State Territory

An unidentified person or group of people has paid for 20 billboards in the Columbus area — surrounding Ohio State — touting TCU’s victory over Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. The billboards are an obvious jab at Ohio State’s president E. Gordon Gee, who stated a few months back that schools like TCU and Boise State don’t deserve a shot at a national championship because they don’t play enough quality opponents during the regular season.

Gee, the former president of Vanderbilt, claimed that those schools don’t have to go through gauntlets like the SEC and Big Ten. That’s true, but the Horned Frogs’ victory over the Badgers proved that schools from non-major conferences can compete against the “big boys,” despite soft conference schedules. Toss in the fact that Ohio State should have lost to Arkansas — granted they are an SEC school — in the Sugar Bowl, and Gee can officially insert his foot into his mouth. The billboards are “signed” by the “little sisters of the poor,” a reference to Gee’s estimation of TCU’s and Boise State’s conference competition.

The oddest aspect of this story is that someone in Columbus allowed it to happen. This is just an assumption, but wouldn’t the companies in charge of the billboards be able to block something like this from hitting the streets? Then again, money talks. In any event, Ohio State fans aren’t as rabid as I thought. Maybe the maze and blue faithful should look into spicing up the rivalry a bit with a billboard of their own.

Photo Credit: The Matador Sports

Sanford Health Ad on Target Center Upsetting Twins (Picture)

Whatever Sanford Health paid to put a giant advertisement on Target Center in downtown Minneapolis, they’ve certainly gotten their money’s worth based on the free advertising from the controversy they’ve created. The Twins are upset that the Timberwolves have sold a giant advertisement on the outside of their arena, right in time for the baseball playoffs. That means fans and viewers will be stuck with an eyesore hovering over the beautiful view of the city’s skyline. Not only that, it also means the Timberwolves and Sanford Health are capitalizing on the Twins’ success for added exposure. Here’s what the ad and skyline will look like according to a photo obtained by

Will the Twins counter with a billboard of their own erected in right field? I doubt it. Maybe the city will figure out a way to solve it. As it is, I don’t think most people would have noticed or given a second thought to the ad before this story hit the news wire.

Bears Fans Buy Billboard Asking for New Coaching Staff, Front Office

Purchasing billboards seems to be emerging as a popular way for fans to express their opinions about their team. Not long ago, we saw a group of Notre Dame backers slam Charlie Weis who later wound up being fired by the university. More recently, a Raiders fan took out a loan to purchase a billboard ad urging Al Davis to hire a general manager. Right, as if that’s going to fix all the problems in Oakland. Still, it is a fan’s right to express their opinion in this manner, and Bears Fans United are certainly taking advantage of the opportunity. Here’s the billboard:


In Arlington Heights, a group called “Bears Fans United” has put up a billboard with a message to the McCaskey family. “Do the right thing. Hire an entirely new coaching staff and general manager.” It’s signed from Chicago Bears fans.

The group plans to place a similar advertisement in the newspaper, but only if they can raise enough money. So far, the group has raised $3500 and the billboard cost $3,000.

General manager Jerry Angelo’s inability to hit on first round picks has long been an area of contention for Bears fans so I’m sure many would be fine with Angelo getting canned. His two biggest offseason moves were acquiring Jay Cutler and Orlando Pace. No wonder the fans are pissed. While Lovie has led the team to the Super Bowl and the defense has fallen apart since Brian Urlacher got hurt, the team would be foolish not to consider a change given all the talented coaches out there.

South Bend Billboard Makes Fun of Charlie Weis

What is it about billboards these days? First we had Maker’s Mark taking a shot at Michigan football and now we have some anonymous haters making fun of Charlie Weis. This one is treating Weis like a rookie and it comes courtesy of The Wiz of Odds:


The billboard reads, “Best wishes to Charlie Weis in the 5th year of his college coaching internship. — Linebacker Alumni.” The mystery to me is the signature — Linebacker Alumni — I can’t figure it out. The billboard is posted above a motel called the Linebacker Inn but the manager says it has nothing to do with them. I don’t know who’s responsible for the billboard but the message of dissatisfaction is pretty clear. Going anonymous like that seems to be pretty chicken-bleep to me. The answer though is pretty clear — it had to have come from a Notre Dame fan because everyone else wants them to keep Weis employed!

UPDATE: A group of former ND players were responsible for the billboard

Maker’s Mark Billboard Pokes Fun at Michigan Football

Those chaps over at Maker’s Mark are probably patting themselves on the back for the extra publicity they’ve received from their ad. Maybe this will be a trend in the advertising field. Or not, considering mgoblog is considering a boycott on behalf of Michigan. Anyway, check out the large banner appearing in Columbus that has Michigan fans so upset, from mgoblog via Will Brinson at FanHouse.

Well, give them an “A” for creativity, and another prize for honesty considering Wolverine fans probably needed lots of liquid to get them through a 3-9 season last year. I guess the one downside to this sort of “attack ad” would be Michael Jordan’s famous quote on why he didn’t endorse Democrats in politics — “Republicans buy sneakers, too” he famously said. Maybe Maker’s never heard that one.