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Notable coach says he is not interested in Nebraska job

Photo Credit: John Silks/Wikimedia

Following a 1-2 start to the season, Nebraska opted to pull the plug in short order. They fired head coach Scott Frost last week and are now on the hunt for a new lead man. But it’s not going to be legendary Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops.

Before speculation even gained momentum, Stoops shut the entire notion down.

“No one is looking for me to have to say it but no,” Stoops said on his own YouTube channel. “That is not a job that I am going to be interested in. I think it’s a heck of a job, great job. They got an incredible following. So, somebody will be lucky to have that great job but that won’t be me.”

After announcing his retirement in 2016, Stoops stepped away from the game for a few years. He returned in 2019 to coach the XFL’s Dallas Renegades and will re-join the league in 2023, again to coach the Dallas franchise.

Stoops also briefly returned to Oklahoma in 2021, serving as an interim head coach for Oklahoma during their bowl game after Lincoln Riley left for USC. The Sooners defeated the Oregon Ducks in that game, 47-32.

Perhaps almost fittingly, Nebraska will take on Oklahoma this Saturday.

Iowa fan brutally trolled Brian Ferentz with viral prank

Iowa offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz calls out to players during a NCAA football practice on Monday, Dec. 17, 2018, at the Hansen Football Performance Center in Iowa City. Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen

The Iowa Hawkeyes were caught in an awkward situation this week thanks to the efforts one one fed-up fan.

Frustration has boiled over among Hawkeyes fans over the team’s horrendous start to the season on offense. Iowa has scored just 14 points in two games against South Dakota State and Iowa State, and their 158 yards per game and 21 total first downs both rank dead last in the country.

Much scrutiny has surrounded the job of offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz, who is also the son of head coach Kirk Ferentz. The situation grew more embarrassing after one Iowa fan used the website Cameo to request personalized messages from Iowa basketball coach Fran McCaffrey and former Oklahoma coach and one-time Iowa star Bob Stoops. Both coaches unknowingly recorded messages of support to an otherwise unidentified Brian by request, with both alluding to Brian still having the support of his father despite recent difficulties. Stoops suggested that the subject of his video “break free from the family business,” while McCaffrey said to consider “making a move back to New England,” a veiled reference to Ferentz’s stint as a Patriots assistant from 2008 to 2011.

In statements to Scott Dochterman of The Athletic, both McCaffrey and Stoops made clear that they had no idea they were recording joke messages, or that the Brian in question was meant to be Ferentz.

Nobody can blame McCaffrey and Stoops here, but this hardly looks good for Iowa. The performance on offense has been bad enough without fans piling on like this, as funny as it may be.

It’s unfortunate that Mike Leach, another Cameo user, does not have any ties to the Hawkeyes. His message probably would have been phenomenal.

Former Oklahoma star has message for Bob Stoops during bowl game

A former Oklahoma Sooners star had a message for Bob Stoops during the team’s Valero Alamo Bowl game against Oregon in San Antonio, Texas on Wednesday night.

Stoops, who coached Oklahoma from 1999-2016, returned to coach the team for its bowl game this year. The Sooners got off to a hot start, scoring the first points of the game, and taking a 30-3 halftime lead.

While following his team’s game, former OU receiver Dede Westbrook commented on how well the Sooners were playing.

Westbrook played at Oklahoma in 2015 and 2016, which were Stoops’ final two years as head coach. Westbrook was obviously loving what he saw and proud of his former coach.

Westbrook had 80 catches for 1,524 yards and 17 touchdowns as a senior in 2016. He’s probably not at all surprised to see Stoops’ offense producing well in the passing game against Oregon.

Bob Stoops has funny quote about taking tequila bath

Bob Stoops delivered a funny quote ahead of Oklahoma’s bowl game on Wednesday.

Stoops is filling in as the Sooners’ head coach for their Alamo Bowl game against Oregon. Lincoln Riley left Oklahoma to take the USC job, so the Sooners turned to Stoops, their former head coach.

Stoops left Oklahoma after the 2016 season and turned down many coaching offers, except for one with the short-lived XFL that he accepted. He has gotten involved with a tequila company in which he is an investor and pitchman. That led to a funny question from The Athletic’s Jason Kersey to Stoops on Tuesday.

Kersey asked if Stoops would prefer a tequila bath to a Gatorade bath if his Sooners won on Wednesday. Stoops said he would take it, and then joked about being fired.

That’s pretty funny.

Stoops has remained involved with Oklahoma’s athletic department since stepping away as head coach of the Sooners. He was even willing to coach the team for the bowl game for free. Maybe his investment in the tequila company is just doing that well.

Photo: John Silks/Wikimedia

Bob Stoops to be paid huge sum by Oklahoma despite trying to refuse

Bob Stoops is returning as the head coach at Oklahoma for one game in the wake of Lincoln Riley’s departure, and the Sooners legend will be paid handsomely for his services.

Oklahoma president Joe Harroz said on Thursday that Stoops will be paid $325,000 to coach the team from now until its bowl game, which will likely be the Alamo Bowl on Dec. 29. That salary is based on Riley’s former contract with the school. Harroz says Stoops tried to refuse the money, but Oklahoma will pay him anyway.

That works out to more than $10,000 per day.

Stoops was making more than $5 million per year by the time he left Oklahoma in 2016. He has remained close to the program and helped out last year when Riley was short-staffed due to COVID-19 issues.

There has been a lot of talk about Stoops returning to Oklahoma as the team’s full-time head coach. He’s just 61, which is young by coaching standards. However, Stoops recently made it fairly clear that he is not interested.

Oklahoma bringing back program legend to coach bowl game

Lincoln Riley is leaving Oklahoma to take the head coaching job at USC, which means he will not coach the Sooners for their bowl game. Fortunately, they will be in the capable hands of a program legend.

Bob Stoops will coach Oklahoma in their bowl game, according to Bruce Feldman and Antonio Morales of The Athletic. Stoops was present on Sunday at a meeting in which Riley informed players that he is leaving for USC.

Stoops, who was Oklahoma’s head coach from 1999-2016, has been helping Riley out with the program in a number of ways. The former national champion helped coached the Sooners last season when Riley was short-staffed due to COVID-19 issues. The two have maintained a close relationship since Riley was the offensive coordinator under Stoops and then inherited his head coaching position.

Of course, there have been plenty of rumors about Stoops coming back to coach Oklahoma on a full-time basis. He’s only 61, which is young by coaching standards. His son Drake is also a wide receiver for the Sooners. However, Stoops recently made it fairly clear that he is not interested in coaching at the moment.

Former Wisconsin coaching legend Barry Alvarez twice served as interim head coach for the Badgers in bowl games after he transitioned from coach to athletic director. He did not stay on as head coach either time, so there is precedent for Stoops to just return as the coach at Oklahoma for one game.

Bob Stoops makes clear why he is not interested in coaching return

Bob Stoops usually gets linked to big college football jobs that come available, but he has offered his strongest statement yet about his lack of interest.

Stoops, a former assistant to legendary Florida coach Steve Spurrier, was asked about the vacant Gators job in an appearance on “The Sports Animal.” He firmly denied having any interest, and made it sound like he doesn’t particularly want any other job right now.

“I love what I’m doing with TV. … I enjoy watching my son play, and the Sooners,” Stoops said.

The 61-year-old retired in 2017, and has taken on a weekly role on FOX’s “Big Noon Kickoff” studio show. The appeal is obvious, as he gets paid handsomely to travel to big games weekly and discuss them. It’s a lot less stressful than coaching, and it gives him a lot more time during the week to do other things.

In the past, Stoops has hinted that he’d be open to coaching again if the right opportunity came along, and he’s young enough to do it. Right now, though, it doesn’t sound like he’s all that motivated to get back onto a sideline anywhere.

Bob Stoops has bold comment about Iowa’s ranking after big win

Iowa defeated Penn State 23-20 to improve to 6-0 on the season, while handing Penn State its first loss of the season.

Saturday’s matchup at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City featured the Nos. 3 and 4-ranked teams in both the AP and Coaches’ polls. Iowa entered as the No. 3 team and got the win. That prompted a question in FOX’s postgame show asked to former Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops, who is one of FOX’s TV analysts.

Stoops was asked whether Iowa proved they deserve the No. 3 ranking.

“They might be second,” Stoops boldly said. “But definitely third, absolutely.”

What makes that such a bold comment? Well, many people think Alabama and Georgia are the top two teams in the country and that there isn’t much of a debate about it. However, Stoops thinks Iowa definitely belongs in that conversation.

Iowa does not face Michigan or Ohio State this year and has a real shot at going undefeated if they don’t stumble. Their remaining schedule is: Purdue, at Wisconsin, at Northwestern, Minnesota, Illinois, and at Nebraska. Winning six more straight games then the Big Ten Championship won’t be easy. But that’s what the Hawkeyes have their eye on. And Stoops thinks for now that they might be one of the top two teams in the country.

Bob Stoops has message for Oklahoma Sooners fans

Bob Stoops has a message for Oklahoma Sooners fans.

Stoops is one of the analysts for FOX’s college football show. He and his fellow crew members spoke on a prerecorded segment that aired during halftime of FS1’s airing of the Iowa-Maryland game on Friday night. The group talked about Spencer Rattler’s performance so far as Oklahoma’s starting quarterback this season.

Rattler is in his second season as OU’s quarterback. Though he has done well overall, he has been a big dropoff from what Sooners fans were used to under Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray and Jalen Hurts. Last week, Rattler was even booed by Oklahoma fans.

Stoops, a former legendary coach at Oklahoma, said the fans were wrong to boo Rattler. He added that fans should never boo college athletes.

“Maybe we’re not sending the fireworks off every second. But OU’s still winning, he’s still doing a great job, and a college athlete should never be booed or embarrassed when on the field, whatsoever,” Stoops said.

Much of the thinking about not booing college athletes stems from them being students and amateurs. However, the changes to Name, Image and Likeness rules that allow college athletes to make money while in college likely changes the perception for fans. When fans see Rattler pose with two new, expensive cars (as shown here), it might make them feel like he needs to step up his game.

Stoops still wants fans to know that he feels their behavior is wrong.

Bob Stoops issues non-denial when asked about USC rumors

USC is in the hunt for a new football coach, and Bob Stoops certainly isn’t doing anything to dispel rumors that he might be interested.

Stoops appeared on SiriusXM’s ESPNU Radio on Wednesday and was asked about chatter potentially linking him to the USC job. Stoops admitted he “can’t control rumors” and refused to respond to reports about whether he had been contacted or not. However, he went on to suggest that he would certainly be open to overtures.

“I’m enjoying my opportunity to work with Fox. I love watching my sons — one’s playing and one’s on the sidelines coaching,” Stoops said. “But in life, you just never know whatever fits you just perfectly. And I’m not saying this does. They’re going to go through a list of coaches that are already on the field that probably can’t even talk to them until the season’s over. I didn’t ask for my name to be attached to this, but I can’t help it that it is.”

That’s certainly not going to read as if Stoops doesn’t want to at least talk about the job. Perhaps he’s not even on USC’s list, but other possible candidates have been much more firm in denying interest.

The 61-year-old Stoops went 190-48 in 16 seasons as Oklahoma’s coach before his abrupt retirement in 2017. He has since briefly coached in the XFL before taking a job as an analyst for FOX Sports this season.

Photo: John Silks/GNU Free License