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Watch: Blues send Bruins fans to exits early in Game 7

The St. Louis Blues put together such a convincing win in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final on Wednesday that they sent Boston Bruins fans to the exits at TD Garden with plenty of time left on the clock.

After the Blues scored with just under five minutes left to make it 4-0, several Bruins fans decided they’d seen enough and headed for the exits.

Boston did finally get on the board with a Matt Grzelcyk goal with just over two minutes remaining to make it 4-1, but that was all Boston would score.

The Blues won 4-1 to capture the first Stanley Cup in franchise history. Boston fans, which just experienced a World Series and Super Bowl win, will not get to enjoy a Stanley Cup this year.

Watch: Boston crowd goes nuts for Red Sox P Joe Kelly at Bruins game

Joe Kelly

The Boston crowd at Saturday’s Bruins playoff game against the Toronto Maple Leafs went nuts for Red Sox pitcher Joe Kelly.

Kelly was in attendance for Game 2 between the B’s and Leafs, so the Bruins decided to show him on the big screen in the middle of the arena. Before doing so, they showed a clip of the Red Sox-Yankees bench-clearing brawl, which began when Kelly hit Tyler Austin with a pitch.

Take a look at the loud reception he received:

Yes, that was a “Yankees suck!” chant that you heard breaking out at the game.

Boston sports fans have a lot to be thrilled about lately. The Sox won on Saturday and are off to a 12-2 start. The Bruins were up 1-0 in their series and had a big lead in Game 2 on Toronto. And the Celtics are set to open up the playoffs on Sunday against the Bucks.

Florida Panthers promise Bruins fans Red Sox game will be shown at arena


The Boston Bruins have a game against the Florida Panthers on Thursday night, and the ratings are not expected to be particularly high. The virtually meaningless sixth game of the regular season for the B’s will be contending with Game 5 of the ALCS between the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers. Most Bostonians will be checking the score of the Bruins game during ALCS commercials, and that’s about it.

In addition to the television networks, the Panthers could also be missing out. Like many other Florida sports teams, the Panthers rely on folks who have relocated from Boston and now live in Florida to come to the games. In order to entice those fans to attend the game at the BB&T Center, the Panthers have promised to show the Red Sox-Tigers game on televisions throughout the arena.

At the bottom of the flier above, which was tweeted by @sarah_connors, you see a message that reads, “Red Sox vs. Tigers game to be played on TVs throughout the arena.” The Bruins would probably do the same if the game was in Boston, though they wouldn’t have to advertise it. Such is life for franchises based in Florida. At least it hasn’t gotten quite as bad with the Panthers as it did with the Miami Marlins earlier this year. Give it time.

H/T Puck Daddy

Boston bartender pranks Pittsburgh bar, asks for ‘Owen’ (Video)

Bruins-fan-Owen-prank-callBoston Bruins fans are feeling great these days, and deservedly so. Their Eastern Conference Finals matchup against the Pittsburgh Penguins is far from over, but the first two games of the series could not have gone any better for Claude Julien’s club. Pens fans had to have been disgusted after their team’s 6-1 loss in Game 2 on Monday night, and one Boston bartender decided to kick them while they were down.

In the following video, you will see a corny play on words turned into a phenomenal prank phone call, mainly because of execution. Some bartender in Boston decided — probably with a little pressure from his patrons — to call a bar in Pittsburgh and ask for “Owen.” Who is Owen? Check out the clip, and keep in mind that there is some incredibly offensive language:


Tyler Seguin has goal wiped away during shootout after fan throws hot dog on ice; scores again (Video)

Tyler-Seguin-shootoutThe Boston Bruins are off to a roaring start to the lockout-shortened season, and their hot streak continued with a shootout victory over the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday night. You know things are going particularly well when a flying hot dog wipes out one of your shootout goals and you still find a way to win.

Tyler Seguin was Boston’s first shooter when the shootout began, and an object that appeared to be either a hot dog or a sausage came sliding across the ice as he was skating in on Devils goalie Johan Hedberg. As Puck Daddy pointed out, the NHL has a rule that resulted in Seguin having to take the shot again after he scored. NHL rule 24.4:

If, while the penalty shot is being taken, a spectator throws any object onto the ice or, in the judgment of the Referee, interferes with the player taking the shot or the goalkeeper defending the shot, he shall permit the shot be taken again.

While the replay appeared to show that the food item slid behind Hedberg and was actually more in Seguin’s line of sight, the officials ruled that Seguin had to retake the shot. He scored again, and the Bruins eventually went on to win.

At least it wasn’t a dead animal, right? Believe it or not, that has happened once or twice during NHL games.

Young Bruins fan looks mortified by something he found in his food (Video)

Bruins-fan-foodLike many other teams across the NHL, the Boston Bruins are thanking their fans for their patience during the lockout by offering vouchers for free food and soft drinks. Most people have seemed satisfied with the gesture from their team, but one youngster at the TD Garden on Monday afternoon looked downright appalled by something he found while eating.

The video you see above that Barstool Sports shared with us is the exact opposite of an advertisement. The last thing on earth I want right now is a hot dog at a Bruins game — whether it’s $5 or free. Is it possible that something ended up in the kid’s food after he bought it? I suppose, but I’m not willing to risk it. That was the face of a terrified human being.

Bruins fans push panel of glass onto David Krejci during celebration (Video)

If one of your most important players is going to get injured during a playoff run, you can only hope the injury happens on the ice during competition. When David Krejci was hit in the head during the Bruins overtime win over Washington on Thursday night, his injury happened on the ice. It was not, however, during the heat of battle.

As you can see, fans were celebrating Chris Kelly’s Game 1 overtime winner by banging on and pushing on the glass. We see this form of celebration all the time at hockey games, but this time one of the panes of glass actually popped out and came crashing down on Krejci’s head. From the look of it, it hit him with quite a bit of force.

Bruins radio analyst Bob Beers told 98.5 The Sports Hub that he saw Krejci after the game and “he looked okay,” but we’ll see what happens once the team evaluates him. You would certainly hate to see a player miss any time — especially in the playoffs — because of a fluke thing like that.

Bruins Fan Starts Fight with Lightning Mascot After Silly String Incident (Video)

All Boston bias aside, I can see both sides of the argument here. Yes, the fan overreacted. I have no idea what type of smack talk was going on between this Bruins fan and the Lightning’s mascot, Thunderbug, before the exchange. That being said, trash talk is part of the experience of being at a game. Getting silly string sprayed in your face is not.

Can you really throw someone out of the game for this? What do you say to that person? “Hey man, listen — I know you weren’t expecting it and mascots don’t usually spray silly string in fans’ faces, but that’s just the way it goes around here. You were supposed to just sit there and take it and do nothing, but now that you decided to tackle Thunderbug we have to throw you out. Sorry.” When mascots get run over by a player or take a foul ball to the neck, it’s usually undeserving and they don’t see it coming. Thunderbug’s biggest mistake was turning his back after he assaulted the guy.

H/T to Puck Daddy for the video

Bruins Fan Anthony Sorrentino Shaves Bruins Logo into his Back Hair (Picture)

Above is Boston Bruins fan Anthony Sorrentino. He told that he shaved the Bruins logo into his back hair in an effort to score tickets to the team’s home opener. I don’t know what wooly sweater decorations have to do with tickets, but I’m not asking questions. If it doesn’t work out for him, the Lynn, Ma. native should make arrangements to watch the game with LBS staff writer Del, who resides in the same town. At any rate, I’ll take my Bruins playoff beard over the back hair logo any day. Gross bro, gross.

Boston Bruins Fan Flips Brian Boucher the Bird After he Gets Pulled (Picture)

If it’s not Boston Bruins players flipping the bird, it’s their fans. After Flyers goalie Brian Boucher gave up his fourth goal during Game 3 Wednesday, he was yanked. Naturally a Bruins fan gave him the good old Beantown salute goodbye (uncensored version below):

Just another reminder that Bruins fans (and TV analysts) are hardcore in case you didn’t already know.

For a full video replay of the fans waving Boucher goodbye before flipping him off, head over to Mock Session. For the uncensored photo, see below: