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Friday, October 18, 2019

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10 AAF players who could resurrect their football careers

Trent Richardson

The Alliance of American Football officially debuted last weekend, and did so to unexpected success. Not only was the football more crisp than most anticipated, but the league scored big in the ratings, out-drawing the NBA on ABC head-to-head.

The fan interest not only stems from the desire to see quality offseason football, but because there are a plethora of big names dotted throughout the league itself — players many are familiar with from their time in college or their time in the NFL.

For many of the young players, the AAF represents an opportunity to put their play on film and to develop under legitimate quality coaching. For others, it represents a final opportunity to revitalize their careers and possibly make it back to the NFL one final time.

Here’s a look at 10 players who could resurrect their football careers in the AAF.

10. Will Sutton, DT, Arizona Hotshots

If you watched Will Sutton play during his time at Arizona State, you undoubtedly understand why he’s making an appearance on this list. A two-time Pac-12 Defensive Player of the year (2012, 2013) and consensus All-American (2012), Sutton was among the country’s most elite over a three-year span. It was enough to get himself selected in the third-round of the 2014 NFL Draft, where he joined the legendary Chicago Bears. Unfortunately for Sutton, an ankle injury would end his rookie campaign early and he would not be able to re-gain his footing. Sutton would have a cup of coffee with both the Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco 49ers after his time with the Bears, but he failed to catch on at either location. Now in the AAF, a healthy Sutton can ideally rekindle his college success and make one final push for an NFL return.


Lolo Jones appears to be dating punter Brad Wing

Lolo Jones bobsled

Lolo Jones and Brad Wing appear to be dating.

Jones, 34, posted a video on Instagram Friday night that shows someone watching her try on clothes. That person appears to be Wing, whom she tagged in her post.

Here was the caption: “He passed the ‘personal stylist test’. The next test is being a personal purse holder
#boyfriendduties @bradwing9”

Jones seemed to be describing what Wing was doing as “boyfriend duties.”

That’s not the only item that would suggest the two are in a relationship. Last week Wing posted a photo on Instagram showing the two in workout clothes. The caption talked about squats.

Lolo: Can you spot me on this last set of squats? Me: Bet……… @lolojones

A post shared by Brad Wing (@bradwing9) on

Jones has competed in the Olympics as both a hurdler and bobsledder.

Wing is a punter for the New York Giants as has been in the NFL since 2013. A connection between them — aside from their athleticism and affinity for working out — is that both went to LSU. We certainly know Jones has been in the market for a boyfriend after not having much luck on her Tinder date.

Brad Wing: Odell Beckham knows he needs to control his emotions

Odell Beckham

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. had a 2016 season that was filled with immature outbursts, and apparently he is aware that he has to address that going forward.

Giants punter Brad Wing, who played college ball with Beckham at LSU and is one of Odell’s closest friends on the team, was asked this week if Beckham is aware he needs to show more maturity.

“Absolutely. We’re both realists, where there’s smoke there’s fire,” Wing told Paul Schwartz of the New York Post. “He’s always cared about what the youth think of him, the younger generation, and I know he always wants to be the best role model for them, and he understands things like that are not helping him in that way. He understands, he just has a lot of passion and me and him are both learning how to harness that in a positive direction.”

Beckham capped off his season with a miserable game against the Green Bay Packers. He caught just four passes for 28 yards and had three drops in the 38-13 loss. After the game, Beckham was so angry he punched a hole in a wall outside the visitors locker room at Lambeau Field. You can see a photo of the damage here.

Wing downplayed the act, which led to Giants GM Jerry Reese telling Beckham he needs to grow up.

“But you got to remember I was a part of the losing team as well,” Wing said. “I didn’t really give too much thought to it. It’s obviously frustrating, everybody has different ways they deal with frustration. I don’t know. It’s a dry sheet wall.”

Sure, it was just a dry sheet wall. But it was also just a kicking net that Beckham took his frustrations out on earlier in the year (video here), and that wasn’t a wise decision either. Still, Wing feels his friend is trending in the right direction.

“I really was proud of him this year how he handled the whole Josh Norman thing, kind of just put that straight to bed,” the punter added. “Rome wasn’t built in a day, you don’t go from a boy to a man overnight, and this league’s a very demanding league, and I have all the faith in the world anything he wants to improve on he can put his mind to it and get it done.”

No one is denying that Beckham is one of the most talented receivers in the game, but his act has grown tired with his fans, teammates and coaches. At some point, the production on the field isn’t worth the headaches. And when the production on the field stinks like it did in Green Bay, patience wears thin even quicker.

Brad Wing: Bat-wielding Panther made ‘legitimate threat’ toward Odell Beckham


A new side of the Odell Beckham #BatGate story has emerged: the eyewitness account of Giants punter Brad Wing, who apparently was the closest player to the alleged incident.

Wing said that a Panthers player not in uniform carrying the baseball bat – likely practice squad player Marcus Ball – made a “legitimate threat” toward Beckham. Here is Wing’s story, as presented by Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News and Bob Glauber of New York’s Newsday.


Video: LSU Loses Touchdown on Punter Brad Wing’s Showboat Move

LSU became the first team this year to lose a touchdown to the new celebration rule in college football. Running a fake punt against Florida towards the end of the first quarter, punter Brad Wing had a clear path to the end zone. Shortly before reaching the promised land, he held out his hands in a showboating move. It only lasted for a second, but it was enough to result in a penalty flag. Here is the play in question:

LSU settled for a field goal but continued to hammer Florida, so it likely won’t matter. The referees enforced the rule properly, so you can’t complain about them making a bad call. What you can do is argue that the rule should not be in place. That is a fair discussion. It may suck to lose a touchdown to a little showboating, but I have no problem with it. I’ve always been a big believer in sportsmanship and long felt that when you score a touchdown, you act like you’ve been there before and that you’re going to be there again.

Although in Wing’s case, you can’t really say he was ever going to score another touchdown, right?