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Friday, July 10, 2020

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Ex-UFC fighter Brendan Schaub threatens to expose Dana White

Dana White

Former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub threatened to expose Dana White amid a social media beef between the two.

Schaub, 35, was 10-5 in his pro MMA career and has not fought since 2014. He has gone into broadcasting since then and become successful. In fact, it was comments he made about kickboxers transitioning to MMA that started things.

“I think everybody is all high and mighty on these guys who come from kickboxing, boxing backgrounds,” Schaub said on his “Below the Belt” podcast earlier this week. “When they come over to the UFC, they expect them to be elite strikers. The distance, the combos, the head movement, the number of variables, it’s a completely different game. So to me that never translates.”

UFC middleweight Israel Adesanya, who previously was a kickboxer, heard the comments and responded on Instagram.

Ssshhhh… #ithinkyoudbesurprised

A post shared by Israel Adesanya (@stylebender) on

That served as the starting point for the beef because Dana White and Schaub got into it in the comments section of the post.

White, the UFC president, called Schaub a “tool” and suggested Adesanya ignore the criticism.

“Such a f—in tool!!!!” White wrote in a comment. “What the —- does this idiot know about the sport or the business??? @stylebender for u to be listening to one word from this MORON is a waste of ur time. Guy went 6-5 in the UFC!!! The only thing he could teach u is how to get KO’d. Tune idiots like this OUT.”

Schaub responded to White with a zinger about him being a servant to Ronda Rousey.

“@danawhite whoooooooa look who got a break from folding Ronda’s laundry to jump on instagram,” Schaub wrote. “Bravo sir. He’s right @stylebender what do I know listen to the bald fat guy who has never been in a fight in his life. Do that.”

White continued his criticism of Schaub, telling another commenter that Schaub is being carried by comedian/MMA commentator Joe Rogan, in the media world.

That led to Schaub breaking out the big guns. He posted a photo on social media of a note he wrote. In the note, Schaub says White was carried by former UFC boss Lorenzo Fertitta. He ends the note by saying, “Also, this is NO way Eskimo brothers should talk to one another. Last warning.” Beware, the note (seen here) contains some foul language.

“Eskimo brothers” is a term for two men who have shared a sexual partner. Schaub has spoken in the past about dating a notable female UFC fighter, though it is unclear about whom he was talking in this case. Schaub probably has already said too much.

Ronda Rousey ex-boyfriend Brendan Schaub zings Travis Browne

Brendan Schaub Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey’s ex-boyfriend Brendan Schaub fired back at Travis Browne over a random jab sent by Rousey’s current boyfriend.

On Thursday, Browne, who has been together with Rousey since last year, participated in the social media trend of “Throwback Thursday” by posting an old photo. The photo was of him beating Schaub in their 2014 fight. Browne captioned it by saying it was “satisfying” to shut someone up with his fists:

Schaub didn’t understand why Browne took a random shot at him by posting that photo. He addressed it on his show “The Fighter and The Kid” this week.

“It’s over. I have no hard feelings. I like him — he’s a nice guy, his girl. What’s there to say? Is there hard feelings because I dated your girl years ago? Move on, man. I don’t hold grudges. It is a bummer.

“I’m just glad he got a break from folding Ronda’s laundry to post.”

The origins of the issue here are unclear. What motivated Browne to post that? Was he trying to prove something? Who knows. Maybe Browne wanted to defend Rousey over these comments Schaub made about her.

H/T LowKick MMA, Bro Bible

Brendan Schaub calls Ronda Rousey hypocrite for dating alleged wife beater

Brendan Schaub Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey managed to keep her love life under wraps for a long time, but the gossip is slowly starting to trickle out with the help of people like her ex-boyfriend Brendan Schaub.

We learned a couple of weeks ago that Schaub, an ex-football player turned MMA fighter, used to be in a relationship with Rousey that he did not enjoy for very long. Shortly after that, Jenna Webb, the wife of UFC heavyweight Travis Browne, ripped Rousey for allegedly sleeping with her husband after a man posted a photo on Instagram that showed Rousey and Brown dining together.

To make the situation even more sticky, Webb posted photos on Instagram last month of injuries she says she sustained when Browne beat her. That brings us to Schaub’s “The Fighter and the Kid” podcast from Thursday, during which he called Rousey a hypocrite for some of the things she has said about Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“It’s tough when you’re like, don’t be a do-nothing bitch and you hate on Mayweather, and then your boyfriend’s over here beating the sh– out of his wife,” Schaub said. “Not to mention, he’s still married. So it’s tough when you’re a role model.”

The relevant portion of the podcast was deleted — likely due to pressure from the UFC or the potential for a lawsuit — shortly after a Reddit user shared it.

Schaub was, of course, referring to Rousey’s insistence upon bringing up Mayweather’s history with domestic violence.

The more fame Rousey gains, the more she is going to have to deal with stuff like this. It’s almost impossible to keep your private life separate from your career when you’re a full-blown celebrity, and Rousey has certainly reached that status.

H/T Bro Bible

Ronda Rousey ex-boyfriend Brendan Schaub: Rousey wants a yes man

Brendan Schaub Ronda Rousey

The mystery has been revealed: Brendan Schaub and Ronda Rousey used to date. And Rousey’s ex-boyfriend says the UFC women’s bantamweight champion is tough to date because she only wants a “yes man.”

Schaub, an ex-football player turned MMA fighter, was a guest on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” and they were talking about Rousey. At one point Rousey’s growing wealth was brought up, and someone joked that Schaub should get back together with the champ and that he was missing out. Schaub felt otherwise.

“Believe me, I did her a favor, man. I’m not the guy for the job,” Schaub said of being Rousey’s boyfriend. “I’m just not. I’m too much (of a man). She needs a guy who’s gonna take a backseat. That’s not me. She also needs a guy that’s gonna say ‘yes ma’am, yes ma’am’.

“She’s so successful, she’s surrounded by people that worship her and go ‘yes, yes, that’s a great idea.’ But when I went ‘I don’t think that’s a good idea’, I’m a hater. I have no financial gain from you. I don’t need anything from you. I’ve earned everything myself.”

At that point Rogan cut off the conversation because he felt it was unfair to trash talk Rousey without allowing her a chance to respond. They all agreed, stopped the conversation, and then unanimously praised her as a fighter.

What’s interesting is that this is one of the first times the public has received information about one of Rousey’s love interests. In March, Rousey said that she did not have time for a boyfriend. However, last May there was talk about Rousey having a boyfriend. That must have been Schaub. We’re at least guessing that Schaub is not the ex-boyfriend who took creepy pictures of Rousey. But the two definitely broke up prior to the new year, because Schaub has moved on to someone else.

See Schaub’s new girlfriend below:


Brendan Schaub Went from Wanting Title Shot to Knocked into Next Week

Prior to his fight at UFC Rio Saturday night, Brendan Schaub was talking about earning a shot at the heavyweight title. “I think after beating Nogueira, if things go as planned, I will have a pretty good argument to be the next in line for a title shot,” Schaub said to Bloody Elbow’s Matthew Roth. He told SI the same thing, explaining that winning five in a row meant he should receive a chance to win the belt.

I thought it was all absurd.

Schaub is less than two years removed from being knocked out by Big Country Nelson, and what has he really done since then? He knocked out a slob in Chris Tuchscherer who is not a UFC-quality fighter, he decisioned Gabriel Gonzaga, and he beat an old Cro Cop. It was a nice four-fight winning streak, but nothing overly impressive. And then facing his most difficult opponent — Minotauro Nogeuira — he got knocked into next week.

I know that Schaub packs some power and has scored a lot of knockouts by throwing punches, but the reality is he’s not a very good boxer. Powerful, yes, but against a good boxer like Big Nog he got abused. His punches didn’t land nearly as much as the commentators indicated and he left himself wide open and got caught.

The point is as a fighter, or athlete in general, you can’t get ahead of yourself. You always have to take care of business at hand before talking about the future. Otherwise you end up looking foolish like Daniel Sedin, Neftali Feliz, and Brandon Marshall. And to think, Dana White talked to Big Nog about retiring prior to Saturday’s fight. Funny how things turn out.

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