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Brent Musburger criticized for handling of Joe Mixon

Brent Musburger

Brent Musburger is facing criticism for the way he handled the topic of Joe Mixon while calling the Sugar Bowl on Monday.

Musburger was announcing the game between Oklahoma and Auburn for ESPN on Monday when he began talking about Mixon. The Sooners running back was suspended for the 2014 season for punching a woman just outside the OU campus, and the video was recently released.

Here’s what Musburger said about Mixon:

Musburger’s seemingly positive tone about Mixon, which included wishing the Sooners RB well in the NFL, did not go over well with many viewers and media members.

Mixon was also suspended a game this season for an incident where he was abusive towards a parking attendant.

Later in the game, Musburger addressed his comments after realizing they had caused a stir. He doubled down on his support of Mixon.

Brent Musburger burns Bobby Petrino with funny zinger

Bobby Petrino

Brent Musburger may have been demoted by ESPN from the network’s No. 1 college football announcing team to the SEC Network, but he’s still the tops in our books after letting loose with a funny zinger like this.

While announcing the Clemson-Auburn game, Musburger raved about the performance Louisville put up on Thursday in a 70-14 win over Charlotte. He then let loose with a great line about Bobby Petrino:

Petrino is in his third season as head coach of the Cardinals … but this is his second stint at the school. He’s back at Louisville because his coaching career took a nosedive after he was involved in a sex scandal with a former staff member while serving as the head coach at Arkansas. The scandal only came to light after Petrino was involved in a motorcycle crash with the staffer also on the bike. That all happened in 2012, but Musburger has not forgotten about it.

Brent Musburger loved watching these Iowa State girls take a selfie (Video)

Brent Musburger may be nearing 75 years old, but there is still plenty of blood pumping through his veins. Oh yes.

While televising the Big 12 tournament game between Iowa State and Kansas in Kansas City on Friday, ESPN flashed to a group of female Cyclones fans who were posing for a selfie and made them the “sixth man of the game.”

“I am pleased with this selection … oh yes,” commented Musburger.

Is Brent more creepy uncle at this point or just a legendary announcer? I’m not sure, but had ESPN given him a few more seconds with those girls, he might have launched their careers the way he did Katherine Webb’s and the FSU cowgirls.

Musburger gonna Musburger.

Iowa State girls fans selfie

Brent Musburger moves to SEC Network; Chris Fowler or Rece Davis may replace him

Brent MusburgerIt’s the end of an era for college football fans. Brent Musburger will no longer be calling the national championship game for ABC/ESPN.

The network announced on Wednesday that Musburger will no longer be calling ABC’s “Saturday Night Football” package or the national championship game. Instead, Musburger will team with Jesse Palmer as the lead announcers for the new SEC Network, which launches in August.

Musburger’s first assignment will be calling the Texas A&M-South Carolina game on Aug. 28.

Musburger is turning 75 in May, so he told SI’s Richard Deitsch that he understands why he’s being reassigned. He appreciates that he has a three-year deal at his age.

Though Brent will be working the SEC for college football, he says he will stick with calling the Big 12 for college basketball because he is so familiar with it.

Since Musburger, who received some heat for the whole Katherine Webb thing last year, is no longer doing the national championship game, you’re probably wondering who will replace him. ABC/ESPN has not announced it yet, but Musburger told Deitsch it will either be Chris Fowler or Rece Davis replacing him.

This is a sad day. Musburger is definitely getting up there, but I still loved hearing him on big college football games and will miss not having him broadcast the national championship game.

Brent Musburger makes great Charles Barkley Vegas gambling reference (Video)

Charles Barkley AuburnBless Brent Musburger, he’s still the best.

During the third quarter of the BCS National Championship Game, ESPN flashed to noted Auburn alum Charles Barkley in the stands of the Rose Bowl. Musburger, whose reputation as a gambler precedes him, joked that Barkley likely stopped off in Vegas before the game.

Barkley is equally well known for his gambling habit. In fact, Barkley has said he doesn’t have a gambling problem because he says he can afford to lose all the money he does. He’s been known to regularly put down five figures on games.

But you know what they say, Brent, takes one to spot one.

Of course, Musburger could have always been referring to Barkley’s reputation as a party animal, in which case the Vegas reference also would have worked.

Verne Lundquist jabs ESPN, Brent Musburger over Katherine Webb (Video)

Katherine Webb Dee Dee BonnerVerne Lundquist isn’t going to gush over Katherine Webb the way Brent Musburger did during the BCS National Championship Game, and he isn’t afraid to let you know that on national TV.

Towards the end of Alabama’s 38-17 win over LSU on Saturday, CBS decided to show two members of Bama’s first family. They flashed to Webb and Dee Dee Bonner (AJ McCarron’s girlfriend and mother), who were in the stands to watch their loved one compete.

Play-by-play announcer Lundquist kept his comments about Webb and Bonner brief, leaving Gary Danielson to question whether his partner was going to say anything else as the shot dragged on.

“That’s it? That’s all you’re going to say?” Danielson asked.

“You’re darned right. I don’t work for that four-letter network. Discretion,” Lundquist advised, as Danielson laughed.

Easy there, Verne. Next thing you know he’ll be calling Brent a pervert.

[Also seeVideo: Brent Musburger drools over AJ McCarron’s girlfriend]

Also – you have to read this story from SI about how Lundquist picked up his wife at a bar over 30 years ago. It was a bold move, Cotton, and it definitely paid off.

Video via Guyism

Eminem gives crazy interview with Brent Musburger on ESPN

ESPN had rapper Eminem in the booth during halftime of the Michigan-Notre Dame game on Saturday night because nothing says college football tradition quite like Marshall Mathers. Actually, Eminem was on to promote his single “Berzerk” and his Marshall Mathers LP 2 album due out in November, which definitely fit in well during a game of such magnitude.

The interview was every bit as bizarre as you could imagine. First, Eminem looked faded out of his mind when the interview began. Seriously. Check out this amazing GIF for the ages:

What was Eminem’s excuse for his odd behavior?

“Live TV freaks me out a little bit,” he said.

But the gem was when Kirk Herbstreit what he was most excited about the album, and he answered “nothing” with a straight face.

Eminem finally woke up enough to tell Brent Musburger that the announcer was on his fantasy announcer team along with Pat Summerall, Al Michaels and John Madden.

Things took an extra fun turn when Musburger, being the gambling addict that he is, asked the rapper whether he liked the Detroit Lions to cover on Sunday. Eminem declined to make a pick because he didn’t want to jinx his hometown team.

ESPN execs must have just loved Eminem looking drugged out and Musburger talking point spreads all in the same interview.

Well done, that was truly incredible. And Eminem needs to be commended for his stellar acting performance.

Eminem ESPN interview

Brent Musburger signs fan’s Katherine Webb poster ‘She’s a 10!’ (Picture)

Brent Musberger Katherine Webb poster

Brent Musburger is not shying away from the Katherine Webb situation. In fact, he is embracing it.

Musburger was calling the Kansas-Iowa State basketball game in Ames Monday and was approached by a fan who brought a Katherine Webb poster. The fan, Iowa State freshman Matt Mummelthei, showed Musburger the poster, and the announcer happily signed it with a personalized message.

“She’s a 10!” he wrote.

Mummelthei tells Larry Brown Sports that he got the idea to bring a Webb and Honey Badger poster to the game because Musburger “obsessed over” both of them during the last two BCS National Championship Games. He says he spotted Musburger before the game and approached him with the posters.

Mummelthei says he was nervous and worried about approaching Musburger with the poster, but the announcer was laughing and easygoing about it.

“He just loved it,” Mummelthei says of Musburger. “He gladly signed it.”

Musburger said last month that he didn’t think he did anything wrong when he gushed about the beauty queen’s good looks during the BCS National Championship Game. Webb stated that although she hadn’t spoken to Musburger, she appreciated his compliments about her looks. She also recently said she was thankful to him for launching her career, and she even retweeted a picture of the poster.

Photo credit: Twitter/Matt Mummelthei, a proud representative of the Willow Deuces
H/T Kegs ‘N Eggs

Brent Musburger doesn’t think he did anything wrong with Katherine Webb

Brent-MusburgerAnnouncer Brent Musburger does not think he did anything wrong when he gushed over the looks of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, during the BCS National Championship Game last week.

Musburger and analyst Kirk Herbstreit were practically drooling over Webb when ESPN flashed to her in the stands during the first quarter of the game. The video went viral on the Internet, and it helped Webb gain national notoriety.

Though Webb says she was not offended by the remarks, ESPN apologized because they felt Musburger “went too far.” Musburer apparently disagrees.

The 73-year-old broadcaster answered questions from a TMZ reporter inside a Palm Beach, Fla., airport on Tuesday. When he was asked if he felt like his comments were inappropriate, Musburger took a long pause and answered, “no.”

Musburger says he has not spoken with Webb since the incident. He says he feels like she would have become famous without his comments.

When asked about ESPN’s apology, Musburger indicated he felt it was done to appease critics.

“Individuals say what individuals say, and corporations do what corporations do. Obviously, they felt it was the right thing for them to do.”

Musburger was also part of a mini-controversy on Tuesday when many viewers thought he called a female reporter “smoking” as he was signing off from a telecast Monday night. ESPN denied that’s what he said.

Did Brent Musburger call Holly Rowe ‘smoking’ after game? (Video)

Brent-MusburgerAs you likely know, ESPN broadcaster Brent Musburger has taken a ton of heat over the past week or so for drooling over Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb during the BCS National Championship Game. Some of us thought it was hilarious while others found it to be completely inappropriate, leading to an apology from ESPN.

On Monday night, Musburger may have been at it again after he finished calling a college basketball game between Baylor and Kansas. As you can see from the video above that Awful Announcing passed along, Musburger called Holly Rowe “smoking” as he was signing off for the evening.

“For Fran Fraschilla and Holly Rowe, who was really smokin’ tonight, I want to say so long from Lawrence,” Musburger said.

Wait, what? Did he really just go there? There are a number of reasons Musburger could have decided to slip that little comment in. Was he referring to her looks and simply can’t help himself? Was he trying to say that her reporting was on-point? Could he have been making light of the Webb situation? Or, did Brent simply forget to put on his thinking cap once again. Only he knows, but I’m guessing ESPN is wishing he chose an adjective other than “smoking.”

UPDATE: Via The Big Lead, Josh Krulewitz from ESPN’s PR department pointed out that Musburger said “it was really smoking tonight” in reference to the game itself, not Rowe. After listening to the clip again, that makes sense. Excuse us for thinking Musburger would ever do something like that.