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Monday, March 30, 2020

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Louisville fan burns Brohm jersey over Purdue decision

Jeff Brohm

Many Louisville fans have lost their minds over Jeff Brohm’s decision to stay at Purdue rather than return to the Cardinals.

Brohm played at Louisville and coached there, so he was viewed as the runaway preferred choice to replace Bobby Petrino, who was fired this season. Brohm met with Louisville’s athletic director this week and turned down the position a day later.

Louisville fans who were counting on Brohm returning home were furious over the decision. One even decided to burn a Louisville jersey with the “Brohm” name on the back, even though the jersey was for Jeff’s brother, Brian, who played at the school from 2004-2007.

Other fans shared their angry thoughts via Twitter.

And of course there was the fan whose Twitter threats led to the shutdown of Brohm’s high school, Trinity.

Louisville reportedly has a new favorite in mind for the job.

H/T Hammer and Rails

Packers Send Message to Rodgers, Favre

And that would be … we don’t need you, old man, and … we’re not satisfied with you, young man. The Packers matter of fact passed this message onto Favre a few days ago by placing the QB on the retired/reserve list, even though Favre hinted yet again that he might be interested in coming back. The message was made pretty clear to Aaron Rodgers late in the day on Saturday, when with the 56th overall selection, the Packers made Brian Brohm the third quarterback chosen in the draft. How’s that for a confidence builder if your Rodgers. Nothing says “you’re our franchise quarterback” quite like drafting a “backup” in the 2nd round.

I don’t get the pick for multiple reasons. For the obvious reason, it’s not exactly going to work wonders to Rodgers’ confidence. If you’re Green Bay, you want your former first-round pick to become your franchise guy and to feel secure in the job. He already has the unenviable task of having to replace an irreplaceable legend, and now he has some hot-shot second round pick breathing down his neck. What they eff are they trying to do to Rodgers? Besides that, now they’ll have 2nd round money and 2nd round roster pressure invested into Brohm. You don’t just take a quarterback in the 2nd round and only expect him to be a solid backup; you take a guy in the 2nd because he impresses you enough to be a starter. If you’re just looking for more quarterback depth and a potential backup to Rodgers, you take one on the second day, like in the 5th or 6th round or something. But taking the third quarterback in the draft, in the 2nd round no less, tells me they’re not counting on Rodgers as a long-term answer. I don’t know how you could possibly spin it any other way, Ted Thompson.

(note: that picture really doesn’t have to do too much with the subject of this post, I just couldn’t resist the urge, for obvious reasons.)