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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Articles tagged: Buffalo Bills fans

Dildo-throwing Bills fans receive lifetime ban from team

Buffalo Bills dildo

It turns out there is a rather serious penalty for throwing a sex toy on the field during an NFL game.

The Buffalo Bills fans who were responsible for tossing a dildo onto the field in an Oct. 30 game against New England have been banned for life from attending games, according to Bills vice president of operations Andy Major.

The fact that the plural “fans” was used here is certainly something. Does that mean there was a second perpetrator? Either way, kudos to the organization for tracking them down accordingly, although it did result in an all-time Bills fan moment for all the world to see.

Dildo thrown on field during Bills-Patriots game

Buffalo Bills dildo

Buffalo Bills fans lived up to their reputation during Sunday’s game against the Patriots. In fact, they may have set a new bar.

A dildo was thrown onto the field during a Patriots first and goal play in the third quarter:

This appears to be fan-shot video of the dildo launch:

Maybe the fan who threw it was just trying to help out by setting a marker on the field.

We should expect nothing less from fans who have also had sex in the parking lot.

Image via World of Isaac

Bills fan catches fire during tailgate (Video)

Bills fan fire

One Buffalo Bills tailgate party got a little more pregame entertainment Sunday than they probably planned for.

The fans had a table on fire, and one fan decided to jump onto the pile. Naturally, he caught fire too.

Does anything say drunken tailgate better than a bunch of idiots trying to put out a fan on fire by pouring their beers on him? Bills fans should stick to having sex in parking lots before games — it’s safer.

H/T Deadspin

Bills fans had some sex in the parking lot


At least two Buffalo Bills fans went to Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans with more than just football on the brain.

After the game began, a couple of frisky football lovers were spotted doing the nasty next to a car (hopefully their own) in the parking lot. The public display of affection was captured in a very NSFW video, which you can see here.

Bills fans are known for crazy antics like posterizing people in the parking lot, but this is next level type of stuff. We hope Sunday’s incident wasn’t related to that Craigslist posting from earlier this year.

Tom Brady subject of joke on billboard near Buffalo


The Bills welcome the Patriots to Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday for an AFC East division clash. That means plenty of Deflategate jokes western New York, and that includes a signage.

The above pictured billboard that reads “My Brady is so shady. Deflates balls and acts like a baby” can be seen on the way into Buffalo ahead of Sunday’s matchup. A little closer to the stadium, at the Bills official team store, a display of air pumps and footballs can be found.

Buffalo is clearly ready for the Patriots and Bills head coach Rex Ryan is expecting the atmosphere to be “as loud as any game I’ve even been at in my life.” Marcell Dareus added a little fuel to the fire with his “nobody likes that Patriots” comment. The ingredients are there for what should be a game worth watching on Sunday.

The Patriots have ruled the AFC East in recent memory, but that isn’t stopping Ryan, his team, and the fan base from thinking this year will bring different results. The biggest question surrounding the Bills leading up to the season was the quarterback position. With Tyrod Taylor looking impressive in week 1, confidence around Buffalo is rising, as evidence by the willingness to poke the sleeping bear that is Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Photo via: Twitter/mikerodak

Bills fan looking for guy she cheated on her boyfriend with during game


A Buffalo Bills fan did something very naughty during her team’s exciting win over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, and she is apparently in search of her partner in crime.

According to an ad on Craigslist’s missed connections page that is almost certainly fake but still hilarious, a 19-year-old decided to do a stranger a — ahem — favor at Ralph Wilson Stadium when her boyfriend left his seat to go to the concession stand. Here’s her Penthouse Forum-style letter.

There’s just no way that’s real, right? I suppose stranger things have happened.

We’ve seen Bills fans do some whacky things in the past, but cheating on your boyfriend by giving a dude an HJ and then searching for him on Craigslist after the game would almost certainly top the list.

H/T Bro Bible

Bills fans spent season posterizing opposing fans in parking lot (Video)

Bills-fans-posterize-opponentsBuffalo Bills fans had to endure another losing season in 2013 that was littered with talk about television blackouts and poor ticket sales. But as with any other storied franchise, the diehards still showed up. That group includes the collection of young men who posterized opposing fans in the parking lot all season long.

A group of Bills fans who appear to be in their 20s came up with a unique idea that was pretty hilarious. They’d spot fans who were wearing gear from the opposing team, and one dude would walk up in front of them and hold up a mini basketball hoop. Before the opposing fan realized what was going on, one or two of the Bills fan’s buddies would posterize him.

For whatever reason, I laughed throughout the entire video. We don’t condone bullying opposing fans or fighting during tailgates, but this seemed like good clean fun. A+ for creativity.

Video via It’s Always Sunny in Detroit