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Sunday, February 17, 2019

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Ray Rice speaks out against bullying on behalf of victim Bailey O’Neill

A 12-year-old boy named Bailey O’Neill died at a hospital in Delaware on Sunday, one day after his birthday. O’Neill had been in a coma after suffering several seizures which stemmed from a bullying incident at school. His family says he was jumped by two classmates during recess at Darby Township School back in January and left with a concussion and a broken nose.

On Sunday afternoon, Ray Rice (or one of his publicists) took to Facebook to speak out against bullying on behalf of the O’Neill family.

After learning last Thursday that doctors said Bailey had no longer had any brain activity, I reached out to the family and was able to spend about 45 minutes on the phone with them. I could hear their sadness, worry, frustration and grief. They would be faced with removing their son, cousin, nephew, and best friend from life support.

I don’t think I will ever be able to understand why kids bully each other and how we are all sitting here after yet another “bully death” getting ready to go through this difficult task of picking up the pieces and the even more difficult task of forgiving so we can heal.

The students who beat O’Neill have been suspended for two days, but it’s unclear if they are going to be criminally charged. Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan said investigators are in the process of determining whether or not the injuries Bailey suffered during the bullying incident are what caused his seizures. Rice urged parents and teachers to treat bullying as an illness and give it more attention.


Football players befriend special-needs student, protect her from bullying (Video)

16-year-old high school sophomore Chy Johnson was born with a brain disorder and is a special-needs student at Queen Creek High School in Arizona. She says she’s been bullied throughout her life because she is different, and she says she even had trash thrown at her at school. But Johnson hasn’t been bullied in school anymore thanks to the help of some members of the school’s undefeated football team.

Johnson’s mother contacted Carson Jones, a family friend who also happens to be the starting quarterback on the football team, to ask for names of people bullying her daughter. Jones, a senior who has thrown for 17 touchdowns and four interceptions, took matters a step further and invited Chy to eat lunch with him and his teammates. She’s been eating lunch with Jones and his friends since then, and the new friendships have protected her from bullying.

“They’re not mean to me, because all my boys love me so much,” a smiling Chy told AZFamily.com.

Johnson and Jones will be recognized by the Arizona State Legislature next year for their anti-bullying efforts.

What a great story. No doubt Ray Rice would be proud.

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