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Saturday, February 22, 2020

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Cameron Maybin accuses umpire Ben May of instigating ejections

Three New York Yankees were ejected during the sixth inning of Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Indians, and one player who was somewhat involved believes the home plate umpire was looking for a reason to toss some players.

Cameron Maybin was the batter who struck out looking on a questionable call, resulting in the series of events that got manager Aaron Boone and teammates Brett Gardner and CC Sabathia ejected. After the game, Maybin had his say, accusing plate umpire Ben May of “egging it on” and staring into the dugout. Maybin also decried the lack of accountability, noting that May would not have to answer for his actions to the media like players do.

Umpire accountability has become a frequent talking point for players, who are frustrated with the double standard. Plenty of players probably feel the same way that Maybin does about events like this.

Yankees’ Cameron Maybin strained calf rounding bases after teammate’s home run

New York Yankees

Cameron Maybin had a stroke of rather unfortunate luck during Friday’s game against the Houston Astros.

The New York Yankees outfielder strained his calf in the third inning as he rounded third base following teammate Gary Sanchez’s home run, per Lindsey Adler of The Athletic. Maybin, who had singled and was on first immediately before the homer, said afterwards that he felt a “pop” in the calf.

To add insult to literal injury, Sanchez’s blast was a no-doubter, meaning that Maybin’s injury came on a slow trot around the bases.

The veteran Maybin, who is hitting a stellar .308 with five homers and 14 RBIs in 41 games this season for the Yankees, will now be headed to the IL.

As for his injury, while unlucky, it is actually not unprecedented for baseball.

OF Cameron Maybin reportedly traded to Mariners

Seattle Mariners logo

The Seattle Mariners are the winners of the Cameron Maybin sweepstakes.

The Mariners have acquired Maybin in a trade with the Miami Marlins, according to The Seattle Times’ Ryan Divish.

Maybin was a popular player mentioned in trade deadline talks, with the Yankees also being discussed as a potential suitor.

The 31-year-old is batting .251 this season — almost in line with his career .255 average. He provides versatility and flexibility in the outfield as he can play all three spots. He could be in the mix to split time with Guillermo Heredia in center for Seattle.

The Mariners had to make some changes by moving Dee Gordon back to second base from center field following Robinson Cano’s suspension, and this gives them another option. It’s the second year in a row that Maybin has been traded to an AL West team midseason.

Yankees have reportedly discussed Cameron Maybin trade with Marlins

The New York Yankees are exploring possible avenues to add an outfielder with both Aaron Judge and Clint Frazier on the disabled list, and Cameron Maybin could be a name to watch as Tuesday’s trade deadline approaches.

Mark Feinsand of MLB.com reports that the Yankees have reached out to the Miami Marlins about Maybin.

Maybin is batting just .251 this year after he hit .228 with the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Angels a year ago. The 31-year-old wouldn’t give the Yankees much at the plate, but they’re only looking for a temporary fill-in with Judge expected to miss about a month due to a wrist injury.

There have been reports that the Yankees could be eyeing a much better outfielder, but Maybin would come at a more reasonable price.

Cameron Maybin dubs himself ‘TacoHero’ after stolen base

Cameron Maybin taco

Cameron Maybin may have a new awesome nickname thanks to his play in Game 2 of the World Series.

The Houston Astros outfielder entered Game 2 as a defensive replacement in the 10th inning. In the 11th, Maybin led off the inning with a single. He then stole second and scored on George Springer’s home run.

The important item here is that Maybin’s stolen base was the first of the game and activated a Taco Bell promotion.

Taco Bell has a sponsorship deal running during the World Series where they award free tacos after the first base is stolen during the World Series. This year, Maybin got the first stolen base, ingratiating himself with all of America. He’s now America’s “TacoHero.”

Fans can visit a Taco Bell on Wednesday, Nov. 1 to claim their free Doritos Locos Taco.

George Springer, Cameron Maybin botch handshake after homer

George Springer Cameron Maybe handshake

George Springer belting a 2-run home run to break a 5-5 tie in the top of the 11th inning of Game 2 on Wednesday night was already enough. Asking him to also get his celebratory handshake down was just too much.

Cameron Maybin led off the 11th with a single up the middle off Brandon McCarthy. Springer then followed with a home run to give Houston the lead.

When the two got into the dugout, they didn’t exactly have their handshake working:

At least they decided to end with a hug.

In all fairness, Maybin was only acquired by the Astros in August, so he hasn’t had too many opportunities to get his celebrations down with his teammates. And when you get clutch hits like he and Springer did, nothing else really matters.

Cameron Maybin Walks on Three Balls After Phil Cuzzi, Everyone Loses Count

Padres center fielder Cameron Maybin walked despite only having three balls called on him during a 5th inning at-bat Saturday night, and he ended up scoring the game’s only run. True story.

Here’s how Maybin’s at-bat against pitcher Doug Fister went:

– First pitch: Called strike, 0-1
– Second pitch: Swinging strike, 0-2
– Third pitch: Foul ball, 0-2
– Fourth pitch: Ball, 1-2
– Fifth pitch: Foul ball, 1-2
– Sixth pitch: Ball, 2-2 (scoreboard jumps to 3-2 here)
– Seventh pitch: Ball, 3-2 (Maybin jogs to first base and nobody says anything)

Maybin says he got lost because of the foul balls, and he just followed the scoreboard after it said the count was full. Padres manager Bud Black seemed to have noticed but said “I wasn’t about to argue.”