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Report: Mets looked into bringing ex-manager onto coaching staff

Steve Cohen looks on

Sep 11, 2021; New York City, New York, USA; New York Mets majority owner Steve Cohen and his wife Alexandra Cohen at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Mets tried to beef up their coaching staff with someone who very briefly served as the team’s manager, according to a report.

The Mets asked longtime outfielder Carlos Beltran if he had any interest in joining the team’s staff, according to Mike Puma of the New York Post. Beltran indicated that was not the type of role he was looking for, and the team moved on.

Beltran’s previous history with the Mets makes this quite interesting. Beltran was hired as the team’s manager in November 2019. Just over two months later, however, he was forced to resign over his role in the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal, and never actually managed a game for the team.

Buck Showalter is firmly entrenched as the Mets’ manager, but the organization clearly still has a lot of respect for Beltran, who played for the team from 2005 to 2011. It also suggests that many decision-makers have moved on from the Astros scandal, but there was plenty of evidence for that already.

Did Carlos Beltran reveal a potential Aaron Judge extension with Yankees?

Carlos Beltran smiles

Carlos Beltran may have accidentally let the cat out of the bag regarding a potential Aaron Judge contract extension.

Beltran was debuting as a game analyst with the YES Network during the New York Yankees’ spring training game against the Philadelphia Phillies in Tampa, Fla. on Monday. While providing commentary during one of Judge’s at-bats, Beltran seemed to indicate that the New York Yankees and Judge had already come to an agreement.

“I’m just glad to see him being able to create this new contract with the New York Yankees and being able to extend his stay here in New York,” Beltran said of Judge during the broadcast. “They understand he’s a leader, so I’m glad to see Aaron Judge increasing his stay here with the New York Yankees.”

Beltran’s comments went viral soon after, as it has been reported that the Yankees had already made Judge a multi-year offer earlier this spring.

Beltran later clarified on air that what he meant to say was that he “hoped” that Judge and the Yankees could come to a deal at some point.

According to’s Bryan Hoch, Yankees GM Brian Cashman had not heard Beltran’s comments on YES, and would not comment on whether or not the club had extended an offer to the 29-year-old.

Judge laughed off the apparent Beltran blunder while speaking postgame.

“That’s great,” Judge said, via ESPN’s Marly Rivera. “Carlos is my man, so I think he was just looking out to have my back a little bit there!”

Judge has certainly done his part to show why he deserves a big-time extension from the Yankees. He has made three All-Star teams and led the league with 52 home runs in 2017. In 10 games this spring, he has gone 12-for-29 with four home runs and seven RBIs.

Judge has marked Opening Day as the deadline for the two sides to reach a deal on an extension.

Photo: Dec 10, 2019; San Diego, CA, USA; New York Mets manager Carlos Beltran speaks to the media during the MLB Winter Meetings at Manchester Grand Hyatt. Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sport

Aaron Judge addresses key question about new Yankees TV analyst

Aaron Judge looking on

The New York Yankees have a new TV analyst on YES Network for the 2022 season, and it is a name that could make things awkward for some players.

Carlos Beltran joined YES as a part-time game analyst in the offseason. Beltran is a former Yankee, but was also singled out as one of the key figures behind the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal in 2017. Considering it was those Astros who defeated the Yankees in the ALCS that year, the association raised some awkward questions.

For his part, Aaron Judge shrugged off the awkwardness, saying he did not feel Beltran needed to address his role in the scandal.

“In my opinion, I don’t think he needs to say anything to us,” Judge said Sunday, via the Associated Press. “I’ve got a lot of respect for Beltran, he helped me a lot during his time here as a player. Learned a lot of good lessons. He spent a lot of quality time just kind of talking to me about the game, the mental side of the game, his approaches, how to be a good teammate.”

In some ways, the Yankees are still hung up over 2017, so having Beltran around could be awkward. Judge is downplaying that, and understandably so. Dwelling on the past is not going to help the team in 2022.

Photo: Jul 15, 2019; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge (99) goes to the dugout between innings against the Tampa Bay Rays at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Cashman says Carlos Beltran did not bring sign-stealing to Yankees

Carlos Beltran has been painted as one of the masterminds behind the elaborate cheating scheme that was in place with the Houston Astros during the 2017 season, and many have wondered if he taught some of his methods to the New York Yankees last year. According to Brian Cashman, the Yankees had no involvement in anything like that.

Cashman had high praise for Beltran when speaking with reporters on Friday, calling the former Yankees special advisor a “good person” and a “gentle giant.” When asked about the rumblings that Beltran must have shared his sign-stealing tactics with the Yankees, Cashman said his team “did things right.”

“Well Carlos Beltran was a part of our organization last year and didn’t have any influence … we did things right,” the Yankees GM said, via SNY’s Coby Green. “We asked so many people, Carlos included, because there’s been a lot of suspicion on the Houston Astros and what happened in ’17, and anybody that’s been a part of that and they kind of avoided answering the questions.”

While he stopped short of calling Beltran innocent, Cashman said he has a hard time believing the report about Beltran having “steamrolled” Astros players who did not want to adhere to his illegal system.

“I’m not saying he didn’t do anything wrong,” Cashman admitted. “Obviously the commissioner’s report speaks for itself, but in terms of forcing people to do this that or another thing, I’m having a hard time buying that, because that’s not the person that I knew as a player and not the person that I knew as our special advisor.”

Astros shortstop Carlos Correa enthusiastically defended Beltran this week against talk that Beltran pressured other players to hop aboard his cheating train, so it’s possible that report was exaggerated a bit.

As for the Yankees, many will find it hard to believe that Beltran went from being the mastermind of an elaborate cheating scheme to doing everything by the book in New York. The way Alex Cora spoke about Beltran during a press conference after the Boston Red Sox faced the Yankees last year has also led to some suspicions. Beltran and anyone associated with the 2017 Astros have lost the benefit of the doubt.

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Carlos Correa defends Carlos Beltran, says Astros players made own decisions

Carlos Correa

Many have tried to use Carlos Beltran and Alex Cora as scapegoats in the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scheme, but Carlos Correa did his best to put a stop to that following the team’s big press conference on Thursday.

After the Astros embarrassed themselves with a scripted press conference that included phony statements from Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve, Correa offered a refreshing take on the cheating scandal. The shortstop addressed the recent report that Astros players were heavily influenced by Carlos Beltran, who was with the team in 2017 and painted by Major League Baseball as one of the masterminds behind the sign-stealing operation.

“We didn’t feel scared. We didn’t feel intimidated. He was the nicest guy that we could ever have. He was the best teammate we could ever have,” Correa said. “Beltran was the leader of the clubhouse, but we all had a say in everything that we were doing. Whatever he said, and whatever we were doing, we had the chance to stop it as a team — everybody. Everybody had a chance to say something, and we didn’t.

“Whatever anonymous sources are saying we felt intimidated or felt we were too young to say something, that’s just straight up bulls—. Beltran didn’t intimidate anybody.”

Correa also called Beltran an “unbelievable gentleman” and spoke about the positive influence he had on the team when players were slumping or feeling down on themselves.

The most recent report from The Athletic said Beltran and Cora saw ineffiencies with what the Astros were doing with their infamous codebreaking program and took matters into their own hands. Beltran was supposedly asked to stop by at least one veteran player, but even manager AJ Hinch believed overruling Beltran would hurt his credibility in the clubhouse. If you remember, there were reports that Hinch smashed video monitors in the Astros clubhouse to express his displeasure with the sign-stealing antics.

Correa is only 25, so he was 23 during the 2017 season. Beltran was 40 at the time, and The Athletic report said younger players were “steamrolled” by him with the sign-stealing scheme. Correa obviously feels that is inaccurate.

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Report: Carlos Beltran ‘steamrolled’ Astros players who criticized sign-stealing scheme

Carlos Beltran has been painted as one of the masterminds behind the sign-stealing scheme the Houston Astros deployed during the 2017 season, and new details have emerged over just how much the system was down to him — and how much control he exerted over players who weren’t comfortable with it.

According to Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich of The Athletic, Beltran and then-bench coach Alex Cora were the two masterminds who saw what the Astros were doing with their “Codebreaker” program but found it too inefficient during games.

“What happened was Cora and Beltrán decided that this video room stuff (Astros executive Tom) Koch-Weser was doing was just not working, inefficient, too slow,” one person with direct knowledge of the investigation said. “They just had some lower-level guy put up this monitor and did it themselves.”

Beltran, then 40, was in the final year of a Hall of Fame-worthy career, and commanded immense respect in the Houston clubhouse. MLB clubhouse dynamics dictate that veterans are to receive deferential treatment from younger players, and when Beltran instituted the trash can system, any younger players who felt uncomfortable with it felt they did not have the right to speak up. Even A.J. Hinch, the team’s manager, felt that overruling Beltran would hurt his credibility with the clubhouse.

Two members of the 2017 team said that another veteran, Brian McCann, expressed misgivings about the system and at one point asked Beltran to stop. One 2017 Astro said that McCann, like the rest of the team, was simply overruled.

“He disregarded it and steamrolled everybody,” the team member said. “Where do you go if you’re a young, impressionable player with the Astros and this guy says, ‘We’re doing this’? What do you do?”

To be clear, many Astros did not appear to have any issue with the system, and another member of the team does not remember anyone appealing for it to stop. A few members of the team clearly did feel uncomfortable, though, but felt they could not overrule Beltran.

Beltran appeared proud of the scheme as well. He moved to the New York Yankees as a special advisor in 2018 after his retirement and apparently told some low-level employees about what the Astros had been up to. He also told various members of the organization that the Astros hadn’t done anything that others weren’t doing.

Beltran was hired as the manager of the New York Mets during the offseason, but stepped down before managing a single game after the details of his role in the scandal came out. Originally, Beltran claimed he and his teammates had done nothing illegal, but that defense did not hold up at all.

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Carlos Beltran stepping down as Mets manager

Carlos Beltran is stepping down as the manager of the New York Mets before ever having managed a game for the team.

Beltran informed the Mets on Thursday that he believes it is best if he resigns from his position in the wake of his involvement in the Houston Astros’ sign stealing scheme. Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports was the first to report the news.

Both Beltran and the Mets later confirmed the move with statements.

Beltran is now the third manager to lose his job after Major League Baseball released the findings of its investigation into the Astros stealing signs during their World Series season in 2017. Beltran and former Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora were both with the team at the time, and MLB painted them as the masterminds behind the operation.

Since MLB chose to focus on disciplinary action for managers and general managers rather than players, Beltran was not suspended despite his involvement. He was a player with the Astros during the 2017 season.

Beltran and Cora are close friends, and a video that circulated this week made it seem as though Cora could have hinted that Beltran was helping the New York Yankees steal signs when they hired him as a special adviser last year.

There are now three high-profile managerial positions vacant as spring training draws near. The Mets may regret passing on Joe Girardi, who appeared to want the job but ended up signing with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Did Alex Cora hint that Carlos Beltran was helping Yankees steal signs?

Alex Cora

Some seemingly innocuous remarks Alex Cora made to the media last season following a sweep at the hands of the New York Yankees have been examined closely in the wake of MLB’s sign stealing scandal, and many view them as more bad news for Carlos Beltran.

Beltran, who is close friends with Cora and played for the Houston Astros when Cora was a bench coach with the team, was hired by the Yankees as a special adviser prior to last season. After the Yankees swept the Boston Red Sox in the London Series in June, Cora quipped that New York’s biggest free agent acquisition last year was Beltran and said Beltran had helped the Yankees with their attention to detail. To counter that, Cora said the Red Sox have to “clean our details.”

“It was eye-opening the last few days from top to bottom,” Cora said of the series. “And I’m not saying devices and all that stuff — it’s just stuff that the game will dictate and will scream at people, and (Beltran is) right there. Throughout the evening I was looking and I saw it, and right now they’re a lot better than us.”

Now that we know Cora and Beltran were at the center of the sign stealing scheme that was implemented in Houston during the 2017 season, there’s a belief that Cora was referring to sign stealing tactics when he made those remarks about Beltran. He stopped short of accusing Beltran of any wrongdoing, which would have been incredibly hypocritical. However, Cora seemed to be dancing around the subject for whatever reason, and it’s unclear what he meant by “devices.”

The Red Sox are being investigated for illegally using the video replay room to help steal signs during the 2018 season. The report from The Athletic that led to the investigation said the Yankees and other teams did the same dating back to 2015, though that was before MLB issued a memo emphasizing its rules on using electronics to help steal signs. The Athletic report also said the Astros believed the Yankees were using a YES Network camera in center field in 2018 to zoom in on the catcher’s signs, but MLB had reportedly approved the use of the camera as a coaching tool. The Astros did not push the matter at the time, but they brought it back to MLB’s attention when they were being investigating for sign stealing.

MLB is aware of the video of Cora’s comments about Beltran, but there are no plans to investigate the Yankees at this time.

While the Astros and Red Sox seem to have been particularly arrogant while stealing signs, the practice is prevalent across the league. That is why MLB tried to sweep it under the rug, and it’s the reason comments like the ones CC Sabathia made this week may end up looking bad down the road.

Paul Lo Duca takes ruthless shot at Carlos Beltran over cheating scandal

Many current and former members of the Houston Astros organization are taking a lot of heat over Major League Baseball’s findings in the team’s cheating scandal, but the shot Paul Lo Duca took at former teammate Carlos Beltran will be tough to top.

The New York Mets have not won a World Series since 1986, and one of their most heartbreaking defeats came in the 2006 NLCS when Beltran left the bat on his shoulder for the final out of the game. The strikeout came after Lo Duca walked with two outs to load the bases with the Mets trailing 3-1.

After Beltran was implicated on Monday as being a big part of the Astros’ sign-stealing scheme, Lo Duca tweeted that he wished the former slugger was stealing signs during that infamous at-bat in 2006.


Beltran hit 41 homers and drove in 116 runs — both career highs — during the regular season in 2006, so it goes without saying that he could have sent the Mets to the World Series with one swing. Instead, he was fooled badly on a curveball from St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright. Ironically, Beltran had no idea what pitch was coming.

While he managed to avoid a suspension and may not look quite as bad as Alex Cora, Beltran was clearly involved in the cheating that went on in Houston. He should expect to be mocked a lot more, especially now that he is the manager of the Mets.

Carlos Beltran says Astros stole signs in 2017, but only from second base

One member of the Houston Astros’ 2017 championship team is responding to the allegations that the team illegally stole signs that year.

On Tuesday, New York mets manager Carlos Beltran reacted to the claims made by ex-Houston teammate Mike Fiers, among other unnamed players on that team, that a video camera in the Minute Maid Park outfield was used by the Astros as part of an illegal sign-stealing operation that year.

“I’m not aware of that camera,” he said, per Joel Sherman of the New York Post. “We were studying the opposite team every day … “We took a lot of pride studying pitchers [on] the computer. That is the only technology that I use and understand. It was fun seeing guys get to the ballpark to look for little details.”

The former nine-time All-Star also acknowledged that the Astros did indeed steal signs but only from second base.

“The game of baseball for years, guys have given location and if the catchers get lazy and the pitcher doesn’t cover the signs from second base [then] of course players are going to take advantage,” he added. “I don’t call that cheating. I call that using small details to take advantage. I think baseball is doing a great job adding new technology to make sure the game is even for both teams. It’s easy to blame someone when they win.”

Beltran, who was hired by the Mets earlier this month, was only with the Astros for that 2017 season, not counting his prior stint with them back in 2004. The team won the World Series that year, defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers in seven games, and marking Beltran’s only career championship.

Houston has already launched an investigation into the allegations, and we may be hearing from several other members of that 2017 team before long.