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Carlos Gomez repeatedly tries breaking bat over knee, fails (Video)

Carlos Gomez broken batCarlos Gomez already felt embarrassed enough about striking out with a man in scoring position to end the 5th Saturday, but he managed to embarrass himself even further by failing to take out his frustration.

Gomez punched out against Adam Wainwright and was so upset at fishing for a ball in the dirt that he tried breaking his bat over his knee. He tried once on his left knee, but that didn’t work. So the right-hander moved on to his right knee and tried twice — but that didn’t work either. Realizing that his epic fail would have him on low-light reels, Gomez decided he had to complete the dirty deed.

He slammed the bat to his ground, then his helmet and then he ripped off his batting gloves.

Rather than try to break the bat, Gomez should save it. I mean that piece of lumber is downright indestructible. Think about it — it survived three attempted knee breaks and a slam to the ground. Imagine what it could do against a 95-mph fastball!

Carlos Gomez slide into second upsets Ian Desmond (Video)

Can a man not even slide into second base hard anymore?

Washington Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond was upset with Carlos Gomez for a hard slide the Milwaukee Brewers outfielder made into second base during the bottom of the eighth inning of Wednesday’s game.

The Brewers were up 9-2 and had men on first and second with one out when Lyle Overbay grounded a ball to Desmond at short. Desmond flipped to Kevin Frandsen at second, and Frandsen turned the double play to end the inning. Desmond remained on the field to say something to Gomez, who made a hard slide into second to try breaking up the double play.

Carlos Gomez Ian Desmond

What was Desmond’s problem? Gomez was playing too hard.

“In a World Series game, you slide like that. In a seven-run differential game, there’s no time for that,” Desmond said after the game via’s Adam McCalvy.

Give me a break. Until the losing team decides to concede the game, why should the winning team stop playing hard/properly/the way you’re supposed to? That’s really poor on Desmond’s part.

Carlos Gomez wipes out going down dugout stairs (GIF)

Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Carlos Gomez hasn’t done a whole lot wrong this season. He is hitting .308 with 11 home runs and 32 RBI and has played some great defense. But on Wednesday night, the 28-year-old reminded us that everyone makes mistakes.

This particular mistake is one a 2-year-old would make, but it was a mistake nonetheless. Gomez was heading back to the dugout after he was retired and he slipped down the stairs. He straight up busted his ass and is lucky he didn’t suffer any type of injury.


If you look closely, you can see there was some sort of liquid on the steps. Whoever spilled it deserves a timeout.

H/T Extra Mustard

Carlos Gomez says Ryan Braun wasn’t hustling on baserunning blunder (Video)

Carlos Gomez baserunningCarlos Gomez believes Ryan Braun’s lack of hustle is to blame for a baserunning mistake that cost the Milwaukee Brewers a run in the sixth inning of their 2-1 loss to the Miami Marlins on Saturday.

As seen in the video above, Braun was the runner on second and Gomez was at first when Mark Reynolds singled to left with two outs. Braun should have scored for the tying run, but Gomez was thrown out trying to advance to third before Braun scored, which meant the run didn’t count. Gomez thinks the problem is that Braun wasn’t running hard enough.

“I’m not even running 100% and I make it there before him,” said Gomez after the game via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “If you look at the replay, you’re going to find some answers to this. I run the bases like I do every time. I think he’s supposed to score.

“I think it’s a good play (by Yelich) because I saw him flat-footed and put his head down and hesitated. That’s a tough throw because most of the time that throw hit the runner. That’s why I make the decision to go to third. That’s how you make things happen. They got me this time. If it happened again, I’d go again.”

Given that Gomez is bothered by a back injury, manager Ron Roenicke thinks he was being too aggressive. Me probably was, too, because he ended up being thrown out. Since he ended up out on the play, he should at least assume some of the blame.

H/T Big League Stew

Carlos Gomez found out about kiwis by googling what rich people talk about

carlos-gomez-brewersLike most other MLB players, Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Carlos Gomez is a very wealthy man. The 28-year-old is set to make nearly $25 million over the next three seasons, which puts him comfortably within the upper class of American society. But Gomez hasn’t always been rich, so he had to do some research on how he is supposed to act.

In an upcoming regional issue of Sports Illustrated that features Gomez on the cover, Ryan Braun talks about Gomez’s rise to stardom in Milwaukee. Twitter user @wiscoinferno got his hands on this gem from the article:


What do rich people’s conversations and kiwis have to do with one another? I have no idea, but Google obviously felt that the two subjects are intertwined. In any event, Gomez’s research was clearly worth something.

H/T Hardball Talk

Carlos Gomez dyed his goatee pink for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is one of the more special days on Major League Baseball’s calendar. Throughout the day’s slate of games, an abundance of pink can be found at ballparks across the country to help spread awareness for breast cancer.

Many players sport pink batting gloves and wristbands. Several stepped into the batter’s box with pink baseball bats similar to these. Others wore shoes with pink on them, like Gio Gonzalez of the Washington Nationals, who took the mound for his start against the Oakland A’s wearing these.

Then there was Milwaukee Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez, who, as you can see above, dyed his goatee. For some it’s probably a bit much, but it’s better to see Gomez immersing himself in the spirit of the day rather than sparking dugout-clearing brawls.

Photo via Intagram/c_gomez27

Carlos Gomez makes young girl cry tears of joy with hug (Video)

Carlos-Gomez-fan-criesMilwaukee Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez is not exactly known for his softer side. It was Gomez who exchanged words with Gerrit Cole last weekend, sparking a brawl between the Brewers and Pittsburgh Pirates. Last season, he started another brawl by pimping a home run and infuriating the Atlanta Braves. Don’t tell that to the young girl who wept tears of joy when Gomez gave her a hug on Sunday.

Gomez was signing some autographs before the game when a young fan waved to him. He leaned over to give her a hug, and the girl was so overwhelmed she began to cry. Gomez then gave her another hug before walking away.

So what if the guy once pimped a home run while his team was down 15-0? He just changed that girl’s life.

H/T Hardball Talk

Carlos Gomez and Gerrit Cole exchange words leading to bench-clearing fight (Video)

During Sunday’s game between the Milwaukee Brewers and Pittsburgh Pirates, the scene turned ugly in the top of the third inning.

pirates-brewers-brawlBrewers center fielder Carlos Gomez hit what he apparently thought would be a solo home run. That ended up not being the case as the ball stayed in the field of play, hitting off the wall just out of the reach of Andrew McCutchen. Gomez wound up on third base with a triple.

That’s when Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole had a few words with Gomez and the situation escalated.

Punches were thrown and both Gomez and Travis Snider of the Pirates were ejected for their roles in the brawl.

Carlos Gomez has been known to admire his home runs in the past and on one occasion it led to a confrontation with Brian McCann. This time around, Gomez ended up on the ground thanks to Travis Snider.

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Carlos Gomez sparks Brewers-Braves fight by pimping home run (Video)

Carlos Gomez sparked a major fight between the Milwaukee Brewers and Atlanta Braves on Wednesday after homering off Braves starter Paul Maholm in the top of the first inning.

Gomez admired his home run after crushing the ball to deep left center, leading Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman to yell at him as he passed by on his trot. You could also hear one Braves player, possibly McCann or Maholm, yell “f—ing run, g-d d—it.” More Braves yelled at Gomez, and catcher Brian McCann even confronted Gomez halfway up the third base line.

Brian McCann Carlos Gomez

The benches cleared after McCann confronted Gomez, leading to a full-on fight. Yes, Gomez was ejected without even touching home plate. It looked like at least one punch was thrown during the incident.

Gomez actually has a history of being a jerk after home runs. Three years ago we posted about him pimping a home run with his team down 15-0. Maybe Gomez was pimping his home run because of a beef with Maholm; Maholm hit Gomez with a pitch in June and also hit him in 2010.

One thing we do know for certain is that the Braves really really dislike it when you pimp a home run against them.

Carlos Gomez robs Joey Votto of home run to save game for Brewers (Video)

Carlos-Gomez-robs-home-runFor a few seconds on Monday night, it looked as though Joey Votto may have launched a two-run home run to put the Cincinnati Reds up 5-4 over the Milwaukee Brewers in the top of the ninth inning. Carlos Gomez got in the way.

The Brewers center fielder timed his jump perfectly and robbed Votto of a home run, saving the game for Milwaukee and closer Francisco Rodriguez. Robbing a home run is exhilarating enough, but Gomez said taking one away to save the game is just as great a feeling as a walk-off hit.

“When you save the game like that or when you hit a walk-off home run, it’s amazing,” Gomez said, per the Associated Press. “I never hit one, but I steal home run to win the game. It’s something special, like you can’t wait to get home to see it over and over.”

Votto could do nothing but tip his cap.

“The whole thing is really a random occurrence and it’s what makes baseball so special,” the Reds slugger said. “Carlos has had a fantastic year this year. Today he didn’t have a good game offensively and he goes out and makes a game-changing play on the defensive end. You know, I did everything I could, and he made a great play.”

Gomez’s amazing play wasn’t the first game-saving catch we have seen this year, but it very well could wind up being the best.

H/T Big League Stew