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Sunday, January 20, 2019

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Chip Kelly will be selecting Casey Martin’s outfits at the U.S. Open

Ever hated those eye-assaulting uniform combinations that the Oregon football team are prone to sport on the field? There was a time when you could have directed your complaints to Oregon men’s golf coach Casey Martin, who was responsible for designating what pants, jerseys and helmets the Ducks would wear each week during the 2009 season. Now Chip Kelly has the chance to exact revenge on his good pal for all the preposterous ways Martin made his football team dress.

Martin, who many remember from successfully suing the PGA Tour over 10 years ago under the Americans with Disabilities Act for his right to use a golf cart at tournaments, will be part of the field at the U.S. Open later this week after qualifying last Monday. And Kelly will be responsible for choosing Martin’s look at the tournament.

“Chip texted me that he wants to coordinate all my uniforms,” Martin said on Friday, according to The Register-Guard. “No joke – he did. So I said, all right, you’re on. He sent me pictures with visors and everything.”

Nike provided Martin with a package of Oregon golf gear, and he sent pictures to Kelly for him to make his decisions with. Martin enjoyed picking Oregon’s football threads but also realizes it could now mean trouble for him.

“It was fun until we see what Chip does to me this week, and then maybe payback for the white, green and gray Utah uniforms,” Martin added.

But if Kelly has had anything to do with what Martin’s been wearing in practice rounds this week, Martin might not have anything to worry about. But there’s still at least a few more days left for Kelly to make Martin look like Russell Westbrook or something.

We’d say be prepared to see Martin in the craziest outfits at The Olympic Club this week, but then again Ian Poulter and Rickie Fowler are also in the field.

Photo: Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE