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Monday, April 6, 2020

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Ex-teammate Channing Frye calls out LeBron James for bad breath

LeBron James

There aren’t many bad things you can say about LeBron James, but his ex-teammate Channing Frye knows of one.

Frye is retiring after the season and decided to let loose in an interview with The Athletic’s Joe Vardon on many topics. He was asked by Vardon to share three things about LeBron, and that’s when he shared a detail about The King’s bad breath.

“No. 1, he has smelly breath. Smelly breath,” Frye said. “No. 2, he was a freak of nature. And then No. 3, Kyle Korver and I fixed his jumper for one year. (Funny, Korver takes the credit for that.) I know, but Korver, Channing, it’s all the same. It’s all about Korver.”

That’s not too promising for LeBron. How quickly is he going to reach out to Channing about that? He probably is upset about Frye doing him dirty with that nugget of info, although he’s not the first player accused of such an issue.

Watch: Ex-teammates congratulate LeBron James in funny video

Two of LeBron James’ ex-teammates offered congratulations to the former MVP on his career milestone in a funny video shared on Wednesday night.

James surpassed Michael Jordan for fourth place on the all-time scoring list when he scored his 13th point in the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss to the Denver Nuggets. Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson, both of whom teamed with James in the past, clowned around in a video congratulating their buddy. They jokingly called LeBron a ballhog and told him to pass more, among other things.

The three players were teammates on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Frye remains with the Cavs and congratulated James after Cleveland’s loss at Brooklyn. Jefferson is retired but serves as a broadcaster for the Nets, which is why he was in the locker room. And if you think the chemistry between Frye and Jefferson was great, it’s because the two get along well and have broadcasting experience on their joint podcast.

The jokes are especially appreciated because objective observers know those criticisms of James are the complete opposite of the truth.

Kevin Love has hilarious post welcoming Channing Frye back to Cavs

Kevin Love

Kevin Love sounds pretty thrilled to be reunited with Channing Frye.

On Saturday, the veteran big man Frye agreed to a one-year, $2.4 million deal to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, per Shams Charania of Yahoo! Sports.

Love reacted to the news with a hilarious Instagram post. He posted a meme of LeBron James’ iconic Sports Illustrated “I’m Coming Home” letter with Frye’s head Photoshopped onto it instead. The meme also described Frye as “Kevin Love’s BFF and NBA champ.”

@channingfrye saw this and had to do it…

A post shared by @ kevinlove on

Love and Frye were teammates in Cleveland for three seasons and won the NBA title together in 2016. The latter was then shipped to the Los Angeles Lakers at the trade deadline last February as part of the Isaiah Thomas deal.

Now the two big men will be entering their fourth season as teammates on the Cavs, provided that the team does not decide to trade Love before then (which seems unlikely based on this most recent report).

Ex-Cav took shot at Draymond Green during Game 3

Draymond Green

Draymond Green’s antics appear to be wearing thin on the Cleveland Cavaliers, present and former ones alike.

Ex-Cav Channing Frye took to Twitter during Game 3 of the NBA Finals Wednesday to shade Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green. Without mentioning him by name, Frye hinted that Green got away with excessive outbursts at the refs due to his well-established reputation as a loudmouth.

Frye was acquired by Cleveland in 2016 and remained with them until just this past February when he was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. Thus, he is quite familiar with Green’s shenanigans, having been in the trench with the Cavs for their previous two Finals appearances against the Warriors.

As for Green himself, he did pick up a technical foul (his fifth of the playoffs) during Golden State’s 110-102 victory. But Frye’s greater point remains — just this series alone, Green has already gotten away with his fair share of taunts.

Ten potential NBA buyout candidates

Derrick Rose

The NBA trade deadline has passed, but we are far from the end of the player movement. It has become normal that a robust buyout market emerges after the deadline, as players who weren’t moved — or were moved to match salaries — are set free to sign with contenders for the minimum. These buyout players are valuable weapons for cap-limited teams in need of more depth.

Who will end up on the buyout market this year? Here are ten potential candidates of varying likelihood.

1) Derrick Rose, Jazz

Derrick Rose was sent to Utah as part of a three-way trade the Cavs made on deadline day. Reports have said he is likely to seek a buyout and receive one from the Jazz. If that happens, the Minnesota Timberwolves have been mentioned as a potential landing spot. He has great familiarity with his former coach Tom Thibodeau and ex-teammate Jimmy Butler, and is said to have interest in a reunion.

2) Joe Johnson, Kings


Report: Warriors would have interest in Channing Frye if bought out

As the NBA trade deadline plays itself out, a robust buyout market is slowly taking shape behind it.

Brian Windhorst, appearing on ESPN’s trade deadline edition of The Jump, said that there is some question as to whether the Los Angeles Lakers will buy out newly-acquired big man Channing Frye. If they do, the Golden State Warriors would have interest.

Frye was part of the Cavaliers’ deal with the Lakers that also involved Isaiah Thomas. He’s an expiring contract that the Lakers may keep, but it also wouldn’t be a surprise if they parted ways with him and let him sign with a contender.

With the Warriors’ lack of cap space and roster flexibility, they figure to be a natural player in the buyout market. Frye is a good team player and would add valuable depth to their frontcourt if he becomes available.

Channing Frye posts farewell message to Cleveland after trade

Channing Frye has been an integral part of the Cleveland Cavaliers since his 2016 arrival, but Thursday marked his last day with the organization.

Frye was part of the package the Cavaliers sent to the Los Angeles Lakers, and he posted a farewell message to Cleveland fans on Instagram, ending it with a rather humorous message.

Frye handles this with grace and class, and deserves to be commended for it. Even though this Cavs team is far from the juggernaut they have been in years past, it still can’t be easy to go from a playoff team in Cleveland to a Lakers squad that’s just playing out the string.