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Charles Barkley has blunt answer to question about Sacramento Kings

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley had a blunt answer to a question about the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday.

Barkley was interviewed by ABC10 in Sacramento’s Sean Cunningham. Cunningham asked whether Barkley was encouraged about the Kings’ future. Barkley said no and explained why.

The TNT analyst complimented the Kings’ fanbase for being passionate, but he said the team should already be good.

Barkley is right.

It’s been 15 years since the Kings made the postseason. They were a really strong team before that with Chris Webber, Peja Stojakovic, Bobby Jackson, Mike Bibby and some of their other top players. But they have just failed to rebuild since then.

They took a step forward a few seasons ago when they went 39-43, but they fired Dave Joerger. They have gone backwards since then with consecutive 31-41 seasons. The Kings need to turn things around finally. But Barkley is justified for not having faith in them to do so.

Video: Comedian’s Charles Barkley impression goes viral

Danny Rouhier

A comedian’s tremendous Charles Barkley impression went viral and even made its way onto TNT.

Danny Rouhier, who is a co-host with Grant Paulsen on 106.7 The Fan in Washington D.C., posted a great video on Twitter Thursday. He did an impression of Barkley breaking down the first half of the Nuggets-Blazers game.

The impression was fantastic, and the best part was the way he kept butchering names.

Rouhier’s impression was even played on TNT Saturday night:

In extremely fitting fashion, Chuck of course butchered Rouhier’s name after the bit ended. That was fantastic.

Rouhier is really giving Frank Caliendo some competition for best Charles Barkley impression.

Charles Barkley plays both sides on Anthony Davis injury

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is known for some of his biting analysis, but he whiffed with his commentary regarding Anthony Davis.

Barkley went hard on Davis Tuesday, sharing his disparaging nickname for the Los Angeles Lakers big man. Barkley calls Davis “Street Clothes” as a reference to Davis’ tendency to get injured.

Davis seems like he is dealing with one injury or another on a regular basis, so Barkley isn’t exactly off base. And Barkley is no stranger to making jokes at players’ expenses, so this isn’t new.

But where Barkley went wrong came with his commentary at halftime of Game 6 between the Lakers and Phoenix Suns in their first-round playoff series.

Davis, who missed Game 5 of the series due to a groin injury, tried to play in Game 6 with his Lakers facing elimination. It didn’t go well. Davis was hardly able to move well, clearly did not belong in the game, and only lasted five minutes before exiting.

Commentary like Barkley’s may have made Davis feel pressure to play through an injury when he really had no business playing. But then at halftime, Barkley put the blame on the Lakers’ medical staff for clearing Davis to play.

Given the way he mocked Davis, maybe Barkley should have praised Davis for trying to play.

Charles Barkley coins harsh new nickname for Anthony Davis

Charles Barkley

Anthony Davis is one of the most dominant players in the NBA when healthy, but staying on the court is something he has struggled with throughout his career. Charles Barkley clearly has no sympathy for the Los Angeles Lakers star.

During TNT’s halftime coverage of the Lakers-Suns game on Tuesday night, Barkley declared that L.A. has no chance of winning the series “without Street Clothes.” We capitalized “Street Clothes” because Barkley was using it as a name for Davis.

Barkley, of course, was referring to the fact that Davis is injured so often. The harsh shot at Davis drew a round of awkward laughs from Chuck’s TNT colleagues.

Davis missed 30 consecutive games during the regular season with what the Lakers described as a calf strain. He exited in the first half of Game 3 against the Suns after hyperextending his knee and did not return. The All-Star big man then injured his groin in Game 4 and was unable to play in Game 5 on Tuesday.

Once again, we saw how important Davis is to the Lakers, as they were blown out 115-85 by the Suns. The loss was so bad that LeBron James recreated his infamous playoff stunt from last year.

You never want to question the legitimacy of a player’s injury, but is sounds like Barkley feels Davis is not doing everything he can to suit up.

Charles Barkley shares what NBA rule he would change

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley has one heck of an idea for an NBA rule he would change.

Barkley was talking on TNT Wednesday in response to the Russell Westbrook fan popcorn incident. Barkley said it would be great if players were allowed to beat up fans who cross the line.

“What NBA rule I would change … I think you should be able to go up in the stands and beat the he– out of one person per game,” Barkley said, jokingly.

Ernie Johnson responded sarcastically and said he couldn’t understand why Barkley’s rule wouldn’t be passed.

“So you don’t think that guy deserves to get his a– beat right at center court?” Barkley asked, rhetorically.

Barkley is a people person who loves the fans, but he also had a history of not holding back when pushed to his limit. Barkley has had negative interactions with fans, including when he punched one and tried to spit on another. He can relate to Westbrook’s position better than most. He may be joking about his idea, but his comment makes clear how some players feel about bad fan behavior.

Charles Barkley said NBA didn’t have ‘balls’ to suspend LeBron James

Charles Barkley

LeBron James violated the NBA’s health and safety protocols last week when he attended a promotional event for a tequila brand in which he has invested. The incident initially called into question his availability for Game 1 of the Los Angeles Lakers’ first-round playoff series against the Phoenix Suns, but Charles Barkley was never concerned about that.

Barkley was asked during an interview with LaJethro Jenkins last week if he believed there was a chance LeBron would be forced to sit out Sunday’s game. Barkley laughed and said there is no way that would happen.

“The NBA ain’t got the f—ing balls to suspend LeBron James. Zero (chance),” Barkley said. “Sometimes you read stuff and you just start laughing … if it was a nobody, they would put him in health and safety protocol. Ain’t no f—ing way LeBron James is gonna be sitting out because of health and safety protocols. LeBron James is playing Sunday, guaranteed.”

Barkley, of course, was right. LeBron played and scored 18 points in his team’s 99-90 loss to the Suns.

An NBA spokesperson confirmed to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin on Friday night that LeBron had violated the league’s health and safety protocols. The spokesperson said the issue was addressed with the Lakers and that it was in line with “comparable instances around the league.”

Attendees of the tequila event were supposed to either produce proof that they have received the COVID-19 vaccine or had a recent negative COVID-19 test. James has declined to say whether he has gotten the vaccine or intends to get it.

We can’t say whether LeBron received special treatment, but we know other players have been more heavily scrutinized for violating COVID-19 protocols than he was.

Video: Charles Barkley hilariously roasts Rudy Gobert for pregame outfit

Rudy Gobert

It’s fair to say Charles Barkley’s old-school sensibilities and some of the modern fashion choices of NBA players don’t really go together.

Barkley hilariously roasted Rudy Gobert when the Utah Jazz center was pictured arriving for Sunday’s game against Memphis in a unique-looking matching patterned combo. Barkley couldn’t help but comment — and he did not approve.

“What the hell is Rudy Gobert wearing?” Barkley asked incredulously. “You can’t wear pajamas to the game. What is that?”

Chuck doesn’t need to get modern fashion. On the other hand, he might want to reach out to Gobert, because it seems like he needs the pajamas more than Gobert does.

Shaq hilariously exposes Charles Barkley for sleeping during 76ers-Wizards game

Charles Barkley sleeping

The Washington Wizards and Philadelphia 76ers played an extremely close first half in Game 1 of their playoff series on Sunday, but it apparently was not exciting enough to keep Charles Barkley awake.

During TNT’s halftime coverage of the game, Barkley was about to give his first-half analysis when Shaquille O’Neal interrupted. Shaq said he knows “snitches get stitches” but he wanted to let everyone know that Chuck fell asleep at one point during the first half. And in case Barkley tried to deny it, Shaq shared video evidence.

Very few NBA analysts would be able to get away with falling asleep during a game they’re covering, but Barkley and the TNT guys play by their own rules. That’s what makes the show so great and why fans love it.

We’re not surprised Shaq didn’t pass up an opportunity to embarrass Sir Charles. Perhaps it was payback for when Barkley shared the funny nickname that the TNT crew has for Shaq.

‘Cake walk’ – Shaq thinks Nets will dominate Celtics

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq and Charles Barkley do not think the Boston Celtics will pose much of a challenge for the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA playoffs.

The Celtics beat the Washington Wizards 118-110 on Tuesday night to clinch the No. 7 spot in the Eastern Conference. They will face the No. 2 seeded Nets in the first round. The Wizards will face the Indiana Pacers to determine who will get the No. 8 spot and face the Philadelphia 76ers.

As for the 2-7 matchup, Shaq and Chuck don’t think it will be too close.

“I’m going to agree with Chuck: cake walk,” Shaq said on TNT’s postgame show Tuesday.

The Nets went 3-0 against the Celtics in the regular season. They did so despite not having their top three players (James Harden, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving) for any of those games. Brooklyn will have all three available in the playoffs, which will make it a tougher series.

Charles Barkley nailed his bold playoff prediction

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley has never shied away from making bold predictions, and the Hall of Famer looks pretty good now after one of the ones he made at the start of the 2020-21 season.

During TNT’s NBA tip-off show back in December, Barkley decided to go out on a limb and guarantee that two of the Eastern Conference’s worst teams last season — the Atlanta Hawks and Washington Wizards — would make the playoffs this year.

“The Hawks and the Wizards are going to make the playoffs, guaranteed,” Barkley said, via Matt Weyrich of

The Wizards, of course, had just acquired Russell Westbrook in a trade with the Houston Rockets. They finished ninth in the East last season without Westbrook, so that prediction wasn’t all that wild. It was more bold of Barkley to express confidence in the Hawks, who won just 20 games last year and finished 14th in the East.

The Hawks had a huge turnaround this year and finished 41-31, which secured the No. 5 seed in the East. Washington went 34-38 and will travel to Boston as the No. 8 seed to face the No. 7 seed Celtics in a play-in game.

We have to give Chuck credit there. He has also made a somewhat surprising prediction about which team will win the East, so time will tell if he stays hot.