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Friday, July 10, 2020

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Why Jamal Murray is wearing a Charles Barkley T-shirt

Jamal Murray Charles Barkley

Jamal Murray showed up to the AT&T Center in San Antonio for Game 3 of the Denver Nuggets’ first round playoff series against the Spurs wearing a Charles Barkley T-shirt, and there is a very good reason for that.

After the Nuggets’ Game 2 win over the Spurs, Murray wore a T-shirt that featured his face on it. The shirt, made by Homage, displays a mock NBA Jam screen that shows Murray and Nikola Jokic as teammates in the video game.

Barkley saw the shirt and commented on it during TNT’s postgame show, saying that was poor form by Murray because you can’t wear a shirt with your face on it.

So how did Murray respond? Never one to shy from a confrontation, he wore a T-shirt with Barkley’s face on it.

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You have to appreciate Murray’s sense of humor and quick-thinking in wearing that shirt.

LeBron James may take Charles Barkley up on analyst offer

LeBron James

LeBron James as a TNT playoff analyst? It could happen.

After Charles Barkley made a public plea for James to join the rest of the “Inside the NBA” crew for the playoffs, James issued a response on Twitter, and he sounds quite open to it.

James is a busy man, and if he wants to do it, TNT would have to work something out with his people. They’d probably do it, though, since James doing any type of TV work for the playoffs would be a huge draw for the network and would attract a lot of hype. This probably bears watching.

Watch: Charles Barkley invites LeBron James to be TNT analyst

LeBron James

Charles Barkley made his plea on Sunday night for LeBron James to join the TNT crew as a studio analyst during the playoffs, and he did so in a way that only he can.

Appealing to James after the Houston Rockets’ Game 1 win over the Utah Jazz in the first round of the playoffs on Sunday night, Barkley said James should join them because he doesn’t have anything to do with the Los Angeles Lakers eliminated from the postseason.

Of course Barkley joked about LeBron needing to hire a coach and GM for the Lakers, which was a reference to James’ power within the organization.

Surprisingly, Rob Pelinka is running the team’s coaching search, which means James should have even more free time. He’ll probably be spending it working on his movie career. He should drop into TNT for a show or two and give the fans a thrill.

Charles Barkley takes another shot at San Antonio women

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley vs the women of San Antonio remains one of the best rivalries in the NBA.

Barkley zinged San Antonio women yet again with a line he threw out during halftime of Game 1 of the Western Conference first round playoff series between the Houston Rockets and Utah Jazz on Sunday night. The TNT crew was watching the halftime show, which included some incredible acrobatics, leading to Barkley’s line.

Barkley has been taking shots at San Antonio women for years. In 2014, he had some obesity and fat groups upset with him. How do you think the Chuckster responded? Of course he said he was not going to apologize.

Auburn fan Charles Barkley agrees with controversial foul call

Charles Barkley

Auburn fans will not soon get over the controversial foul call at the end of their Final Four game against Virginia on Saturday, but one person not blaming the referees is Charles Barkley.

Barkley, who is the program’s most famous alum, said on CBS’ postgame show that he agreed with the foul call.

“I want to say this: it might have been a good call. You can’t put yourself in that situation. I think it was a foul. It’s just a tough loss. It hurts, that hurt,” Barkley said.

With around 1.5 seconds left, Auburn’s Samir Doughty bumped into Kyle Guy as the Virginia guard attempted a 3-point shot that fell short. Doughty was called for a foul, which put Guy at the free throw line. He made all three shots and Virginia won.

Though some will question a referee making such an important call in such a critical situation, it’s hard to disagree about that not being a foul. Doughty made clear, indisputable contact that seemed to affect the shot.

Watch: Charles Barkley addresses Auburn players ahead of Final Four

Charles Barkley

Former Auburn star Charles Barkley was invited into the team’s locker room ahead of their Final Four game against Virginia to impart some wisdom on the team.

This is Auburn’s first Final Four in program history, a goal they failed to achieve during Barkley’s time playing there. He notes it during his speech, reminding everyone that he has never won a championship, and this year’s group has the opportunity to do what he couldn’t.

Barkley’s lack of titles, which he’s been trolled over, is no secret. It’s interesting that he draws upon it here, but it makes his message more poignant and meaningful.

Charles Barkley not a fan of Lonzo Ball’s ‘big mouth’ dad LaVar

LaVar Ball Crying Jordan

Charles Barkley is not a fan of LaVar Ball and made that clear once again.

Barkley appeared as a guest on ESPN’s “Get Up” show Wednesday morning and talked about Lonzo Ball breaking ties from Big Baller Brand, the apparel company started by Lonzo’s father, LaVar.

Barkley praised Lonzo for finally breaking free from his dad’s influence and threw a couple jabs at LaVar, calling him a “big mouth jacka–.”

“He should have been his own man from the beginning,” Barkley said of Lonzo. “You can’t let your family members piggy back off your success. This thing has been a disaster from day one. It was never going to work, and I feel bad. His big mouth, jacka– dad has put his kid in an awkward situation all year. I don’t want to see anything bad happen to the kid, but I don’t like his dad at all, and this thing has been a joke from the beginning.”

There are some things I agree with Barkley on and some I disagree with him.

Yes, Lonzo should have been making his own choices from the beginning, but the Big Baller Brand concept has not been a disaster, and certainly wasn’t a bad idea. LaVar and his family achieved extreme awareness for their brand and also seemed to have pretty good sales. The problem is they just never had sufficient infrastructure in place for delivering merchandise, managing customers, and handling orders. That’s why they ended up with an F rating from the Better Business Bureau.

LaVar’s big mistake was overplaying his hand when Lonzo entered the league. They would have been better off cutting some sort of deal with a sneaker company to license the brand and logo, which would have allowed the difficult work to fall with the experts — the shoe companies — while still allowing for growth of their personal brand.